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Ski Review 2014



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Elan Ripstick Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
Elan's Ripstick Fusion ranks reasonably well in this giant Slalom category - a demanding one - and was singled out for special mention for its accessibility and the pleasure it affords. Convincing in terms of performance, its most outstanding features are its ease-of-handling and versatility. It's an excellent ski, intended for a very broad range of users, from intermediate-level skiers to first-time competitors.

Liked: For a ski in this category, the Ripstick Fusion is capable of handling a remarkably wide range of uses. It handles well when carving long-radius turns...

Disliked: While its overall performance if good, it falls short on this criterion compared to some of the other models that we tested in this category. Being a ...

Elan SLX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Slalom
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
The Elan SLX Fusion is an excellent choice for good to very good skiers - and for beginner-level slalomers - who want to begin performing more advanced manoeuvres on a ski that can hold its own in short-radius turns, without sacrificing its accessibility and comfort.

Liked: The Elan SLX Fusion is a sprightly, lightweight and playful ski that delivers good performance on the whole. It displays good rebound on exiting turns...

Disliked: Being more flexible and accessible, it comes as no surprise that, performance-wise, the Elan Fusion falls short of the other products tested in the Sl...

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