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The only professional ski review to refuse all advertising contracts with the ski manufacturers

53 skis tested by professionals

The best 2016 skis reviewed by professionals


Giant slalom
Versatile Freeride
All Mountain 50/50
All Mountain 70/30

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The 2016 Ski Review
Snow and weather conditions
The downhill ski reviews were performed in soft and hard pack snow conditions, with some thawing around the middle of the day.

The lack of powder meant we had to add an extra session for the all mountain 50/50 and 30/70 categories (a first at ProSkilab™). Unfortunately, although there was a little snowfall, the freeride conditions were pretty bad on the whole, and the poor snow and weather conditions made it really hard to give the skis their full due.
Test site 2015/2016
La Clusaz
Testers 2015/2016
The majority of reviewers are top level professionals that include ski instructors, alpine mountain guides, and discipline specialists that often have a competition background and plenty of experience testing ski equipment. The team also includes non-professional skiers whose opinion is closer to that of the end consumer.

Ski review methodology
We draw up a check list for each category, defining the ski's use in each review test programme All the skis are reviewed and compared by a team of top-flight professionals
We ask the manufacturers to send us their very best ski for each category To guarantee our independence, we refuse to sign any advertising contract with ski brands

The 2016 Ski Review photos
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