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Ski Review 2017

All Mountain 50/50


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Völk Mantra [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
With several "Best ski" awards under its belt in recent years, Völkl's Mantra is one of the best skis on the market in this category. It remains top again this year, despite the increasingly strong competition in this highly lucrative segment. The ski doesn't seem to have changed since last year, and confirms its main quality: its totally amazing on/off-piste versatility! On piste, the Mantra has a lively and playful character. Initiation is remarkably fast and easy, giving the impression of real lightness under foot. Turn performance is excellent from every angle. The excellent grip means you can engage in hard, steep terrain with no worries. Easy turn initiation, tolerant (as long as you don’t ski too far forward), shifting very easily from carves to skid turns, it's a very user-friendly and comfortable ski that demands little physical or technical engagement. Whether you're out for audacious tricks or skiing "cool", this ski can do it... The ski reiterates its excellent performance and easy handling off-piste, where the ski remains stable even in the crud or on uneven surfaces. Flotation in deep snow is excellent and rotation remains very easy, even in transformed snow. We recommend the Mantra to a wide range of riders, first because of its great accessibility, which means intermediary to good skiers will be able to make progress both on and off-piste. Second, more experienced skiers looking for a sharp tool to cut a dash on all terrains will love its fantastic versatility.

Liked: Lively and playful An easy and tolerant ski, light under foot Grippy and stable Easy carve/slide/skid transition Cushions the terrain and rides t...

Disliked: Lacks stability at very high speeds...

Zag H95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
PROSKILAB™'s aim is to make a comparative test of a limited selection of the best skis available on the market. We've been watching the ZAG for several years now and, after some discussions with the brand, decided to include the H95 in the 2017 review. Well, it was definitely a good move as the reviewers absolutely raved about the model. It's very rare that the brands' marketing spiel really matches up to a ski's performance. The H95, Zag presumptuously announced; "Enjoy the luxury of not having to choose: link a series of parallel turns down a steep slope, float in the forest powder or carve up the manicured pistes... the H95 can do anything!" Well, for once, the ski lived up to the talk! The H95 is incredibly versatile and high-performing, perfect for what we look for in this "All Mountain 50/50" category, in other words, a ski that's as happy on the piste as off the beaten track. Overall performance is very good, with strong emphasis on performance. The reviewers were especially impressed with its stiffness, which meant it was happy carving fast on the piste, tackling steep corridors or maximizing rides through the crud. The ski is designed to go fast, to grip hard and to stay unflappable in turn performance. It's fantastic in long-radius turns both on and off piste. While the ski is accessible and gives confidence, it should be noted that the H95 focuses on efficiency; designed to go fast, it's happier carving than in skid turns. Accessibility is not its strong point and it's not the ideal model for relaxed rides where fans of the latter would do better to choose a Mantra or a Stormrider. The reviewers did not hold back on their praise, describing the ski as "awesome", "a very good ski", "a super ski"... the superlatives flew around in all directions. For us, this is a great choice for athletic freeriders with good technical skills who want a tool that's truly efficient on all terrains.

Liked: Excellent overall performance Grippy Excellent performance in long turns Good flotation in the powder ...

Disliked: A stiff ski that just wants to fast, less happy at lower speeds and in skid turns More demanding in short turns ...

Stöckli Stormrider 97 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

High-performing, comfortable, versatile and well balanced, the ski stands out for its all-round qualities. A real Swiss knife, it will take you anywhere, on all terrains and snow conditions and in all types of ride, without shining in any particular area. It requires little engagement, even if initiation is a little slow. However, once into the turn, the performance is smooth and the grip excellent thanks to its stiff tail. Off-piste, it planes well and pivots easily in deep snow, while rides through crud and difficult snow are consistent with this category. When you step up the adrenalin at high speeds or on steep slopes, the ski remains highly efficient, even if it's not quite up to the standard of the H95 or the Mantra. Once again, the reviewers were full of praise for this ski, ranging from "a good ski" to "a very good ski". Versatile, accessible and adaptive, the Stormrider invites intermediary riders to improve their technique. We recommend this model for good skiers who want to make progress both on and off piste and for very good skiers who're looking for versatility on all terrains.

Liked: A well-balanced, consistent ski Comfortable and generally agreeable Tolerant and smooth Excellent piste/off-piste versatility ...

Disliked: Some reviewers regretted a certain lack of character...

Nordica Enforcer 93 (flat) [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Although the Italian market is more focused on racing than freeride Nordica's Enforcer gave the PROSKILAB™ reviewers a good surprise last year. The Enforcer is fast becoming a benchmark ski in the All Mountain Fat category (or All mountain 30/70 at PROSKILAB™). The ski got a "Best ski" distinction in the All Mountain 30/70 category, and did just as well this year! We tested a 93-mm waist version (as opposed to 100 mm for its big brother) that puts it in the 50/50 category. The model was pre-tested in January 2016 and accepted for the PROSKILAB™ 2017 review. The Enforcer 93 has kept most o the qualities of its big brother, notably its exceptional accessibility, with instant ease of use, and performance that is efficient, docile and reliable. The snow/ski contact is exceptional. The ski is very gentle and well-balanced, offering a lot of enjoyment, especially on soft snow. However, the reviewers felt that it lacked character and punch, partly because the tail lacked impetus. Performance falls off and becomes less concise at high speeds. Off-piste, the ski is globally competent and efficient, despite its small waist size compared to its rivals. Riders will love the overall efficiency, the comfort it offers in all snow conditions, and its docility and smooth performance. The Enforcer 93 is an excellent ski that we recommend for average to good skiers who enjoy both smooth and very aggressive rides. They'll be pleasantly surprised by this model, which handles well and is extremely reassuring on all terrains. It doesn't have its big brother's character, however; the latter is a better option for expert freeriders.

Liked: Sound and docile performance Extremely accessible A gentle, comfortable ski Reassuring ...

Disliked: Lacks character and impulsion Performances less convincing at high speeds ...

Scott Sage [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Sage from Scott is the new name of the Sagebrush, reviewed last year by PROSKILAB. The ski does not seem to have changed much and its performance is very similar to the model already tested. The Sage will instantly reassure the least experienced skiers. Its behaviour is sound and intuitive and the ski is stable and quickly gives confidence. Tolerant, it's very forgiving in errors of positioning or pressure. Its performance is good as long as you don't push it too hard. You'll be comfortable taking the Sage anywhere thanks to the excellent cushioning qualities, and it requires very little physical engagement. Despite its sound performance and the enjoyment it gives the rider, the reviewers nonetheless regretted a slight lack of liveliness and grip. The ski's flex, which makes it so accessible, can be felt at high speeds, when we noted a drop in performance, especially on hard pack. The Sage was designed for accessibility and comfort. It's the ideal ski to discover off-piste skiing, an area in which its well at ease and excels. More experienced skiers will probably prefer a stiffer and livelier ski like the H95 or the Mantra.

Liked: Versatile both on and off piste Accessible All-mountain qualities Good rotation Well-balanced ...

Disliked: Lacks character and quickness A heavy ski Lacks grip ...

Dynastar Cham 2.0 97 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

The Cham 2.0 97 by Dynastar is a ski that will surprise by its exceptionally user-friendly handling that performs intuitively both on and off piste. On the piste, it behaves extremely well. The ski is agreeable, agile and very simple to use. Initiation is easy and the ski has a natural inclination to round off turns. In addition, boasts a good kick (despite a light back rocker), it's particularly lively and happy in short-radius turns. However, it’s performance deteriorates when you step up the pace, reducing stability and precision. Its freeride performance is OK, but not quite up to the high standard of this sector. While flotation in powder is not exceptional, the ski is saved by its excellent handling qualities. The Cham 97 deserves its a place in this PROSKILAB™ selection. We recommend it for intermediate to good skiers who want a tool that handles well and is fun at average speeds.

Liked: Easy handling Enjoyable and user-friendly for on-piste rides Good rotation Lively, with good kick ...

Disliked: Performance limited at high speeds Off-piste performance less convincing Flotation in deep snow ...

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