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Ski Review 2017

All Mountain 70/30


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Blizzard Brahma [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
A true benchmark for this market, and already rated "Best Ski" in 2015 (the ski was not reviewed last year due to a technical glitch on the model provided), the Brahma by Blizzard confirms its superiority in this market segment. It's the little brother of the larger Bonafide, which has won many awards and unfortunately was not reviewed this year. We're always amazed at the ski's easy handling and overall user-friendliness. You have a light and easy ski under foot that instantly does what the skier wants in an extremely manageable way. Whether on hard pack or soft snow, in carves or skid turns, short or long turns... it doesn't matter, the ski performs on all types of slope and surface and its performance is highly reassuring. When you step up the pace, the ski continues to perform well. At high speed on hard pack and steep slopes, its performance remains remarkable and cannot be faulted. Off-piste, the ski remains true to itself. Its agility is exceptional as is the experience of rides through crud. Highly versatile and consistent, comfortable in all situations, the Brahma is the ideal ski for this category where we're looking for extreme versatility. It's a remarkable ski that, as one of the reviewers said, could be put "in anyone’s hands", from the rough and ready skier who wants to make progress and try off-piste skiing to the experienced freerider who's looking for a high-performing ski to ride the pistes.

Liked: Easy to handle and tolerant Reassuring for greater confidence Versatile and consistent A one-quiver ski Ploughs through difficult crud snow ...

Disliked: Nothing special...

Stöckli Stormrider 88 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30

As is often the case, Stöckli has given us an excellent product with all the quality of Swiss manufacturing as an added boon. The first impression is one of great comfort... probably due to its Swiss origins too. The ski cuts across the terrain and requires little engagement. It links turns smoothly and easily. Docile and tolerant (as long as you don't put too much pressure on the front), it responds to the tip of the finger. And even more, because you’ll find that if you want to play about a bit, the ski loves to join in. This mix of comfort and liveliness is extremely enjoyable. It's really great, especially in short-radius turns on soft snow. The very flexible tip and the front of the ski nonetheless means that the rider needs to get a central positioning and should avoid putting pressure on the tongue. For the same reasons, the ski becomes less stable at high speeds when the tip begins to knock and vibrate. The Stormrider 88 well deserves its place in the PROSKILAB™ review as one of the best skis on the market. It's the ideal ski for what one of the reviewers called "all mountain cruising". So it's an excellent choice for middle-of-the-road to good skiers who want a ski that's both engaging and playful, for funky rides on all types of terrain. Keen speed freaks and lovers of steep corridors will probably prefer a stiffer ski like the Kendo or the Brahma

Liked: Excellent accessibility, tolerant, Good overall efficiency Dynamic and playful behaviour Excellent comfort Great grip in short-radius turns High...

Disliked: A flexible tip that tends to vibrate and knock at high speeds Lacks stability at high speeds Rider needs to be well-centred due to the ski's flexib...

Völk Kendo [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30
Best performance!Best performance!
Like the Brahma, the Kendo has become a solid market reference. After getting a "Best ski" distinction last year, it continued to do extremely well this year. It's still a stiff, predictable, extremely stable and grippy ski, that behaves incredibly well and loves to go fast. We reviewed a 22m radius waist model, which obviously prefers long-radius turns, if possible at very high speeds. However, it's happy on all terrains, both on piste and off the beaten track. The ski is "solid" in all conditions and won't let you down, even on steep slopes and hard pack. Its stiffness is also an advantage in difficult snow, especially in the crud where it won't let a few mounds of snow distort it. On the other hand, the ski requires engagement and concentration as well as good technical skills. Some reviewers also noted the "German car" comfort: you feel safe but it’s firm under foot! You've got it: the Kendo was not designed for riders who like to float along enjoying the view. It's not really for learner freeriders either. This is heavy stuff, and in this category, it's probably one of the best skis on the market for good to expert athletic riders looking above all for performance.

Liked: Good overall performance Stability and turn hold at high speeds Solidity in difficult snow A gutsy and energetic ski that loves speed ...

Disliked: A relatively demanding ski that requires physical engagement and good technical skills Lacks comfort ...

Rossignol Experience 88 HD (Konect) [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30

The reviewers agreed that the Experience 88 HD's performance had made great strides compared to its predecessors. The ski is enjoyable, reassuring and instantly manageable. The first rides are smooth and stress-free thanks to its well-balanced and healthy behaviour. The Experience 88 HD responds well and is docile. It's especially happy when carving, and on soft snow it's a real treat! Off-piste, it will take riders wherever they want to go, although it fails to excel because of the shape which is too sharply carved (extremely narrow waist). However, its overall behaviour and, above all, performance in the crud had improved significantly compared to previous models. In more demanding conditions, the ski's flexibility holds it back. At very high speeds, on hard pack and steep slopes, the ski shows its limits. Grip could be better and the ride becomes less precise. Up against the best skis on the market, Rossignol's Experience 88 HD does well, despite its obviously more piste-oriented behaviour. We recommend this ski for average to good skiers who want to make progress on the manicured slopes and, above all, improve their carving or ride in the powder when the conditions are right.

Liked: Sound, well-balanced behaviour An accessible and tolerant ski Overall enjoyment, especially on soft snow Good performance on the piste Good carvi...

Disliked: Shape still too strongly carved for freeride, tail hampers rotation Performance slightly under par, especially on hard pack and steep slopes or at hi...

Scott The Ski [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30

"The Ski" by Scott is a model that the PROSKILAB™ team know very well. Over the last few seasons it has held its own in this selection of the best skis in the category, without ever quite managing to get to the top. It doesn't seem to have changed much compared to last season and continues to please for its handling qualities and the enjoyment it gives. It's instantly manageable. First rides down at medium speeds both on and off piste show it to be a consistent, gentle and fun ski to use, docile as long as you don't ask too much. Turn initiation is intuitive, it's very happy in skid turns and slide turns, and especially enjoyable on soft snow when riders will enjoy really good vibes. On the other hand, when you step up the pace, the lacks of rigidity and grip becomes very obvious. The very flexible tip tends to shake at high speeds. Riders needs to remain very central to avoid the front of the ski from losing grip. Grip and turn hold also deteriorates on hard pack and steep slopes. Like the 88HD, The Ski is recommended for middle-of-the-road riders (who represent the vast majority of the market). It's perfect for skiers looking for an easy and playful ski for the pistes, that's incredibly enjoyable on soft snow and will take you off the beaten track.

Liked: A playful, enjoyable ski Well-balanced Healthy and consistent performance at intermediary speeds Tolerant Great on soft snow ...

Disliked: A flexible ski Tip tends to shake at high speeds Performance less powerful, ski less at ease Grip and performance found wanting on hard pack and ...

Fischer Pro Mtn 86 ti [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30

The Pro Mtn ti (for "Pro Mountain") was pre-tested in January 2016, and was given the go-ahead to join the PROSKILAB™ review. The model sent in for the review appeared to have a preparation problem however, which affected its performance. The reviewers effectively found its grip was uneven and varied depending on the pressure, making the ski difficult to manage, especially at high speeds, with far stronger grip at the front of the ski. When riders pushed on the tongue, the ski tended to go into overdrive. With pressure to the rear, the grip weakened and the ski began to swing. However, we noted that the ski's sharply carved shape is designed for a mainly piste-oriented programme. We therefore keep an open mind and would like to review the model again next year.

Liked: A very nice ski in short-radius turns Good grip Good kick ...

Disliked: Some reviewers were bothered by the uneven grip along the edge, probably due to a problem of preparation or finish in the model we were given to revie...

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