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Ski Review 2017

Men's recreational groomers


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Dynastar Speed Zone 7 (Xpress) [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Speed Zone 7 from Dynastar offers a perfect match for the demands of the PROSKILAB "Intermediate cruisers" programme. Riders with the weakest technical skills will enjoy this ski. Its easy rotation and turn entry, the consistency of skid turns, and its forgiveness of mistakes in positioning or pressure make it a particularly reassuring model for beginners. In addition, it can help skiers to make technical progress. There's a natural transition to slide turns and then carving. Grip and turn hold remain good when the pace is stepped up. The quality of the snow contact and its docile behaviour make it an extremely agreeable ski that will give a lot of enjoyment. A flexible ski, designed for accessibility, it obviously fares less well in more radical rides, on hard pack, at high speed and steep slopes. On the other hand, that's not its programme. The Speed Zone 7 is an excellent ski for this category. It's definitely one of the best skis on the market for beginner to intermediate riders who want to make technical progress, in particular riders who'd like to perfect their parallel turns and want to begin carving.

Liked: Ski gives confidence, accessible to the weakest technical levels Versatile Good quality skid turns Excellent ski/snow contact, very gentle touch ...

Disliked: A flexible ski for light to medium frames Limited performance ...

Rossignol Pursuit 600 basalt [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers
Best performance!Best performance!
In this category, we're looking for skis that will help riders make progress from their early steps (snowplough and skid turns) to more technical rides. The skis therefore need to be very accessible, with easy rotation, reassuring and consistent in skid turns, and requiring little physical engagement. They should also be able to retain their grip and stability at a faster pace, end ensure the transition to carving or even carved turns. The Pursuit 600 Basalt unfortunately does not have what it takes to fulfill the first part of the contract. A very (too) good performer and relatively stiff for this category, it's not accessible enough for less technically skilled riders. In particular, the ski is a bit wobbly in skid turns at high speed. Judged by the reviewers as an "excellent ski", designed for performance, and with remarkable punch and grip, it requires good technical skills and some carving experience. Although the Pursuit 600 Basalt is not really adapted to the "Intermediate cruisers" category, we recommend it for intermediary to very good riders who're already well at ease at carving.

Liked: Good overall performance Ski with character, good grip for this category Happy and stable when carving Global versatility Excellent turn perfor...

Disliked: Tends to float in skid/slide turns at high speed Requires a certain degree of technical prowess, especially for carving ...

Elan Amphibio 80 ti [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Amphibio 80 ti is notable for its overall facility and consistent performance, judged excellent by the reviewers. The ski is very versatile and is happy in all types of ride and turn. It's very user-friendly, even if it performs less well than the Speed Zone 7... The ski is intuitive and requires little technical prowess; it's extremely reassuring for intermediate riders. Turn entry is very easy, and rides at medium speed are particularly consistent and agreeable. Some reviewers felt that the relatively noticeable tail was a bit too grippy in skid turns, but it wasn't a major problem. The transition from skid turns to carves was fluid and one of the major features of this model. It's extremely adaptive and the ski's performance remains globally efficient at higher speeds in tighter trajectories. However, we noted (logically in view of the programme) weaker performance on hard pack at high speeds. Halfway between the Dynastar (very easy to handle) and the Rossignol (with a focus on performance), the Amphibio 80 ti offers an interesting compromise. It's a perfect ski for relatively fair riders who love parallel turns and skid turns and want to improve their carving skills.

Liked: Good accessibility overall Tolerant Versatile Sound and reassuring, no-surprise behaviour ...

Disliked: Lacks accessibility compared to other models in the selection Lacks character Performance limited on hard pack at high speed ...

Head Strong Instinct Ti [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Strong Instinct Ti from Head immediately stands out as a ski adapted to the weakest levels. The ski enters turns easily, skid turns are very consistent and reassuring and its tail helps produce successful parallel turns after a snowplough opening. It's brilliant for beginners and fair to middling riders. In addition, the ski is extremely comfortable and requires little physical engagement. Highly versatile, with 83 mm underfoot, the ski is happy on all types of snow and is especially agreeable on soft snow. Very user-friendly and reassuring, the String Instinct Ti nonetheless performs well overall. Carves and grip are especially good for the category. The ski is adaptive and will allow fair riders to advance to more technical moves. However, the reviewers also noted a lack of punch. Globally docile and reassuring, the ski does not kick back much energy, to the detriment of riding enjoyment. In addition, stability becomes increasingly haphazard at high speeds. The Strong Instinct Ti is an excellent choice for a wide public from beginners to good skiers (medium to heavy frames) who're looking for a versatile and consistent model.

Liked: Stable when cruising Overall versatility, comfortable in all snow conditions Easy turn initiation and entry Excellent comfort An enjoyable ski ...

Disliked: Clumsy, lacks punch Lacks stability ...

Blizzard RC Ca [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

A good ski, the Rc Ca from Blizzard significantly lacks the accessibility required to do well in this category. The model is effectively far more demanding than its rivals. The reviewers particularly regretted the stiff tail that hampered the ski's rotation in skids at slower speeds, and had a strong impact on the ski's accessibility for beginners and average riders. The ski is globally efficient when carving at high speed. It was certainly at its best in this area, showcasing all of its qualities. Behaviour was sound and without surprise. The tail's stiffness gave it strong grip and acceleration coming out of turns. It made you want to go full throttle and carve out long-radius turns. On the other hand, it requires good repositioning at the end of the turn if you don't want to lose balance to the rear. A stiff ski that performs well, the Rc Ca is not a ski we would recommend to beginners as it's a demanding tool, designed for good riders who already have excellent technical skills, especially when it comes to carving.

Liked: Good overall carving performance Good grip and stability in long-radius turns Sound behaviour A fast ski that loves to step up the pace ...

Disliked: A demanding ski, too zippy for the programme A hard tail that hampers skid turns at slower speeds Demanding in short-radius turns ...

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