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Ski Review 2017

Men's high-end


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Dynastar Speed Zone 10 Ti (Konect) [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Speed Zone 10 ti is perfectly at home in this "Men's top-of-the-range" category where the main criteria is consistency. In effect, it's a highly versatile model, which will cover all snow conditions, all terrains, and all types of ride, with the reviewers unanimously expressing their enthusiasm: "A super versatile ski!", "A great ski for all snows and all terrains!" However, it's the ski's overall performance and very strong character also got the reviewers' raving. Its liveliness, helped by the highly responsive initiation and impulsion, gave a great deal of pleasure. It was especially comfortable carving. Turn hold is remarkable, and the ski is grippy and stable, with solid pressure even at high speed on hard pack and steeps. A ski with character, the Speed Zone 10 is a bit more technically demanding than most of its rivals. In particular, riders need to be well positioned, slightly forward, to get the most out of it.

Liked: Lively, energetic behaviour Good overall performance Extremely versatile Excellent behaviour in carved turns and carving Good stability and tur...

Disliked: Slight drop in performance at very high speed Requires a certain degree of technical prowess ...

Stöckli Spirit EVO [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

One reviewer summed it up perfectly as "simple, agreeable and fun". Simple: The Spirit EVO from Stöckli instantly gives riders confidence. It's immediately user-friendly a few rides downhill confirm the ski's docile and tolerant character, easily forgiving any pressure or positioning mistakes. It is extremely comfortable thanks to the quality of the ski/snow contact. Agreeable: the ski's overall behaviour is excellent, offering riders a lot of enjoyment. Overall performance is at the top of the category and the reviewers particularly appreciated the quality of turn hold. The model is grippy and incisive, with solid pressure. Fun: stiff, energetic, the Spirit EVO is lively and playful, mainly due to its responsive initiation and fast turn entry. Very lively and endearing, the Spirit EVO is truly enjoyable. It's the ideal mix between performance and accessibility for good to very good skiers.

Liked: An intuitive and user-friendly ski Good versatility Sound behaviour, forgiving A playful, lively and fun ski Very good stability Considerable s...

Disliked: Nothing special...

Elan Amphibio16 ti2 Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

Once you've understood that this model, like many of Elan's skis, is asymmetric (you need to remember that there's a right ski and a left ski), the Amphibio 16 has many qualities. It's first and foremost a very user-friendly ski, including for riders who don't yet master carving techniques. In effect, the ski enters turns very easily, skids very well and is smooth and comfortable in skid and slide turns (between the carve and the skid), and it forgives potential positioning faults coming out of turns. Carving is fine. The ski is well placed on the snow and holds the turn remarkably well, mainly due to its very good grip. It's especially efficient in long-radius turns when its stability is astonishing. It can go fast as long as you don't push it too far. To conclude, it's a very enjoyable ski, ideal for intermediate to good riders looking, above all, for facility and smoothness.

Liked: Very user-friendly Good turn performance Stable Good ski/snow contact Does well in long-radius turns ...

Disliked: More limited at high speeds on hard pack...

Head Premium [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

As soon as you hit the piste, you know that Head's "Premium" is designed for carving. Its well-distributed stiffness helps it to excel in this domain. Turn entry is fast and incisive, grip is excellent and rebound is full of punch. It has no complexes attacking the turn, and edge hold is incredibly stable, linking turns extremely smoothly, even at considerable angles. Its shape, the quality of turn initiation and the energetic rebound all add up to a ski that which performs exceptionally well and is fun in short-radius turns. Like most skis designed for ultimate carving performance, it is distinctly shaped (with a wasp waist) and a stiff tail. On the other hand, skid turns are a challenge. When edging, the tail tries to anchor, hampering the ski's rotation. Not versatile enough to do well in this category, the Head Premium is nonetheless an excellent ski for good to expert carving fans.

Liked: Excellent carving qualities Exceptional performance in short-radius carved turns Dynamic impulsion Great stability in turns Good grip ...

Disliked: Less comfortable in skid turns Requires a certain degree of technical prowess Behaviour deteriorates at high speeds ...

Nordica GT 80 TI EVO + N PRO X-Cell EVO [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The Nordica GT 80 ti EVO is a great all-mountain ski, largely due to its width underfoot (80 mm) which makes it comfortable on all types of snow. Turn initiation is very easy and edge hold in turns is excellent. It's remarkably easy, predictable, tolerant and enjoyable. The smooth transition between carves and skids makes cruising especially satisfying. The ski is quite heavy and lacks the stiffness needed for top performance. Its behaviour starts to deteriorate in aggressive carving at high speed on hard pack when the reviewers regretted the lack of energy and a certain degree of inertia. The pleasure riders get from this ski comes more from its user-friendliness and smooth performance than its responsiveness. The GT 80 Ti EVO is a good ski for riders looking for a tool that is comfortable on all types of snow for smooth transitions from gentle skid turns to carved turns and carving initiation.

Liked: Tolerant and accessible Comfortable and stable Smooth transition between carved /slide/skid turns Great fun ...

Disliked: A heavy ski Limited when carving Lacks character and responsiveness ...

Fischer Curve DTX [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

Sometimes the PROSKILAB™ reviewers disagree about a model, which was what happened with the Curve DTX from Fisher. Some found it "playful and exceptional" with excellent handling qualities. Others found it unstable with slippery pressure, making carving difficult. This makes us think that there was a specific problem with the model supplied, especially as we didn't notice this issue with the model we pre-tested in January and that left a very good impression overall, leading to its selection for the PROSKILAB™ review. In view of our doubts, we decided not to give this ski a score and to review it again next year.

Liked: Great skid turns Easy turn initiation ...

Disliked: Unstable and unpredictable behaviour Difficult to enter and maintain the rail Lacks pep ...

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