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Ski Review 2017

Black Crows


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Black Crows Corvus [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 30/70

Based in Chamonix and reviewed by PROSKILAB™, this new brand made an excellent impression with the Corvus sent in. We may as well say it straight off: the Corvus is a very powerful ski that's not recommended for the faint of heart or the poets among you who want to ride the powder while admiring the landscape. It's a genuine freeride ski for genuine freeriders (preferably very virile!). The ski has fiendish stability and grip and just loves to go fast ...and if possible even faster. Stiff, tolerant, we might even say masochist, this is a ski that needs taking charge of with no messing about. It will take the most radical, adrenalin-pumping rides in its stride, while giving an incredible feeling of reassurance and security. Helped along to some extent by a 109mm waist, it will breeze through deep or challenging snow with excellent flotation. Its stiffness means it can rip through choppy and hard snow without a murmur. Elitist and stiff, it's logically less happy in smooth, slide or skid turns at medium speeds... It also requires excellent technical skills and should not be put in the hands of just any old rider. A genuine freeride machine, it's also less at ease on the groomed slopes than the Enforcer and far less so than a Cochise. However, we repeat, this is not a ski for gliding your way across blue runs: it's a real heavy weapon for experienced freeriders who want to hit the snow running.

Liked: Excellent freeride qualities Great stability and excellent grip A ski that loves to go fast ...

Disliked: Requires physical engagement and good technical skills Requires a certain amount of adaptation time Not so happy on the manicured slopes ...

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