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Ski Review 2017



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Blizzard Cochise [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 30/70
Best performance!Best performance!
Already tested with success last year, the Cochise once again confirms its high standard and its strong character. On piste, the ski is amazingly efficient and precise, almost trenchant... unique in this category! From the very first rides down, you know that this ski is just itching to get into long-radius turns and speed up. The grip and turn control are astonishing for a freeride ski, and the Cochise stays glued to the curve. At high speeds, stability is mind-boggling. But on the flip side, the ski is demanding and requires engagement: you have to be "on top of it". A stiff ski with a 27m radius (!), you understand fast that short-radius turns are not its thing and that it requires a good deal of engagement. In freeride, the ski displays the same qualities. Helped by its stiffness and a large waist, it zips through the crud and difficult snow conditions. Flotation in the powder is excellent, helped along by its wide waist (108 mm). This is a truly high-powered machine with outstanding grip and stability, but it's relatively demanding. The Cochise is perfect for very fit, experienced freeriders who prefer long turns and extreme speeds on all types of terrain, including the manicured slopes!

Liked: Awesome performance Fiendish stability and grip A ski that can go extremely fast Excellent piste performance Great precision and turn control ...

Disliked: A rigid ski, the Cochise requires engagement and technical skills, particularly in turn initiation Performance designed for long-radius turns, more ...

Blizzard Brahma [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
A true benchmark for this market, and already rated "Best Ski" in 2015 (the ski was not reviewed last year due to a technical glitch on the model provided), the Brahma by Blizzard confirms its superiority in this market segment. It's the little brother of the larger Bonafide, which has won many awards and unfortunately was not reviewed this year. We're always amazed at the ski's easy handling and overall user-friendliness. You have a light and easy ski under foot that instantly does what the skier wants in an extremely manageable way. Whether on hard pack or soft snow, in carves or skid turns, short or long turns... it doesn't matter, the ski performs on all types of slope and surface and its performance is highly reassuring. When you step up the pace, the ski continues to perform well. At high speed on hard pack and steep slopes, its performance remains remarkable and cannot be faulted. Off-piste, the ski remains true to itself. Its agility is exceptional as is the experience of rides through crud. Highly versatile and consistent, comfortable in all situations, the Brahma is the ideal ski for this category where we're looking for extreme versatility. It's a remarkable ski that, as one of the reviewers said, could be put "in anyone’s hands", from the rough and ready skier who wants to make progress and try off-piste skiing to the experienced freerider who's looking for a high-performing ski to ride the pistes.

Liked: Easy to handle and tolerant Reassuring for greater confidence Versatile and consistent A one-quiver ski Ploughs through difficult crud snow ...

Disliked: Nothing special...

Blizzard Quattro W 7.4 Ca [click]
Type of ski : Women's recreational groomers
Best performance!Best performance!
Stiffer than its rivals, Blizzard's Quattro W 7.4 Ca is a performance-oriented ski. The ski is indeed extremely energetic, almost incisive, for this category. It enters turns easily with great precision and has strong grip; it's also very stable and happy in carved turns, even at high speed when it retains all of its qualities. A truly sporty ski, a little bit out of step with this category. Despite its excellent performance in skid turns, the reviewers regretted the challenging snowplough and stem, which made it a hard ski for beginners and false beginners who need these two techniques. It's a shame because except for this small problem, the ski would probably have got a "Best ski" distinction. Not accessible enough to get to the top in this category, the Quattro W 7.4 Ca is nonetheless an excellent ski for intermediary riders who enjoy parallel turns and would like to make technical progress to carving or carved turns.

Liked: Good performance overall Good carving aptitude Good grip and turn performance Heaps of character ...

Disliked: General lack of accessibility Hard to handle in the snowplough and stem, interior edge grips ...

Blizzard RC Ca [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

A good ski, the Rc Ca from Blizzard significantly lacks the accessibility required to do well in this category. The model is effectively far more demanding than its rivals. The reviewers particularly regretted the stiff tail that hampered the ski's rotation in skids at slower speeds, and had a strong impact on the ski's accessibility for beginners and average riders. The ski is globally efficient when carving at high speed. It was certainly at its best in this area, showcasing all of its qualities. Behaviour was sound and without surprise. The tail's stiffness gave it strong grip and acceleration coming out of turns. It made you want to go full throttle and carve out long-radius turns. On the other hand, it requires good repositioning at the end of the turn if you don't want to lose balance to the rear. A stiff ski that performs well, the Rc Ca is not a ski we would recommend to beginners as it's a demanding tool, designed for good riders who already have excellent technical skills, especially when it comes to carving.

Liked: Good overall carving performance Good grip and stability in long-radius turns Sound behaviour A fast ski that loves to step up the pace ...

Disliked: A demanding ski, too zippy for the programme A hard tail that hampers skid turns at slower speeds Demanding in short-radius turns ...

Blizzard Quattro RX [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The Quattro RX could not be reviewed due to a faulty binding. The ski will be included in the 2018 selection.

Liked: ...

Disliked: ...

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