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Ski Review 2017



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Dynastar Speed Zone 10 Ti (Konect) [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Speed Zone 10 ti is perfectly at home in this "Men's top-of-the-range" category where the main criteria is consistency. In effect, it's a highly versatile model, which will cover all snow conditions, all terrains, and all types of ride, with the reviewers unanimously expressing their enthusiasm: "A super versatile ski!", "A great ski for all snows and all terrains!" However, it's the ski's overall performance and very strong character also got the reviewers' raving. Its liveliness, helped by the highly responsive initiation and impulsion, gave a great deal of pleasure. It was especially comfortable carving. Turn hold is remarkable, and the ski is grippy and stable, with solid pressure even at high speed on hard pack and steeps. A ski with character, the Speed Zone 10 is a bit more technically demanding than most of its rivals. In particular, riders need to be well positioned, slightly forward, to get the most out of it.

Liked: Lively, energetic behaviour Good overall performance Extremely versatile Excellent behaviour in carved turns and carving Good stability and tur...

Disliked: Slight drop in performance at very high speed Requires a certain degree of technical prowess ...

Dynastar Speed WC Master (R21 WC) [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

The Speed Course Master, with the same aluminium plate as its cousin at Rossignol, is a true mainstream Giant slalom ski. It gives riders not only the performance they expect from this type of ski, but also exceptional accessibility, which means it can be used by (almost) everyone! In effect, overall performance is extremely high. The ski is lively, precise, incisive, stable and grippy, even if its grip and stability are not quite up to the standard of its cousin at Rossignol. Highly versatile and adaptive, it will fit in with every riders' whims. Riders can happily progress at all speeds for all types of ride and terrain. It handles well when riding cool and smooth, in very dynamic long-radius turns at high speeds, or on steep slopes with shorter-radius turns. However, above all, it's a remarkably tolerant, intuitive and simple to use ski for this category that is often very technical and demanding. The ski requires little adaptation time. "You're very soon on top of it" one of the reviewers remarked. It's the ideal ski for good to very good riders looking for a (very) high performance ski without sacrificing enjoyment.

Liked: Very good overall performance An incisive, precise ski Excellent accessibility Sound, consistent behaviour, easy to handle Versatile and able to ...

Disliked: Grip and performance slightly lacking compared to some other models in this category...

Dynastar Speed Zone Ti 16 (R21 Racing) [click]
Type of ski : Slalom

A worthy successor to the Omeglass Pro that ranked top last year, the Speed Zone 16, with the group's famous R21 racing plate, got a good score again this year. The new model is stiffer and more athletic than its predecessor... but also far more demanding. The level of overall performance is extremely high and the reviewers were particularly impressed with the precision and stability of turn performance, even in relatively longer turns. Once the turn has been initiated, the ski's a marvel... "a rail" as one reviewer put it. It has excellent grip is and is also very responsive, mainly because of the fast edge change and the lively kick. On the other hand, the extra dose of stiffness added by Dynastar impacts on its accessibility and requires real engagement by the skier for to get the most out of it. "You have to be on top of it" one reviewer explained. Turn initiation is less intuitive and requires good positioning, while you need to get exactly the right dose of pressure coming out of a turn, otherwise you may find yourself taking a tumble. The Zone 16 Ti is a true slalom ski, more performance-oriented than its predecessor. We recommend it for highly engaged, very good to competitive skiers with a relatively heavy frame. Skiers looking for a less demanding ski or with a lighter frame would probably do better with Rossignol's Hero Elite or Völkl's Racetiger.

Liked: Good overall performance Ski with grip, particularly efficient for turn performance Very stable once it's anchored An energetic, responsive ski V...

Disliked: A bit less responsive in initiation than some other models in this category, requires the right positioning A stiff ski that needs engagement for co...

Dynastar Speed Zone 7 (Xpress) [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Speed Zone 7 from Dynastar offers a perfect match for the demands of the PROSKILAB "Intermediate cruisers" programme. Riders with the weakest technical skills will enjoy this ski. Its easy rotation and turn entry, the consistency of skid turns, and its forgiveness of mistakes in positioning or pressure make it a particularly reassuring model for beginners. In addition, it can help skiers to make technical progress. There's a natural transition to slide turns and then carving. Grip and turn hold remain good when the pace is stepped up. The quality of the snow contact and its docile behaviour make it an extremely agreeable ski that will give a lot of enjoyment. A flexible ski, designed for accessibility, it obviously fares less well in more radical rides, on hard pack, at high speed and steep slopes. On the other hand, that's not its programme. The Speed Zone 7 is an excellent ski for this category. It's definitely one of the best skis on the market for beginner to intermediate riders who want to make technical progress, in particular riders who'd like to perfect their parallel turns and want to begin carving.

Liked: Ski gives confidence, accessible to the weakest technical levels Versatile Good quality skid turns Excellent ski/snow contact, very gentle touch ...

Disliked: A flexible ski for light to medium frames Limited performance ...

Dynastar Cham 2.0 97 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

The Cham 2.0 97 by Dynastar is a ski that will surprise by its exceptionally user-friendly handling that performs intuitively both on and off piste. On the piste, it behaves extremely well. The ski is agreeable, agile and very simple to use. Initiation is easy and the ski has a natural inclination to round off turns. In addition, boasts a good kick (despite a light back rocker), it's particularly lively and happy in short-radius turns. However, it’s performance deteriorates when you step up the pace, reducing stability and precision. Its freeride performance is OK, but not quite up to the high standard of this sector. While flotation in powder is not exceptional, the ski is saved by its excellent handling qualities. The Cham 97 deserves its a place in this PROSKILAB™ selection. We recommend it for intermediate to good skiers who want a tool that handles well and is fun at average speeds.

Liked: Easy handling Enjoyable and user-friendly for on-piste rides Good rotation Lively, with good kick ...

Disliked: Performance limited at high speeds Off-piste performance less convincing Flotation in deep snow ...

Dynastar Intense 10 (Xpress) [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

Defined as a "ski that inspires confidence" by the PROSKILAB™ reviewers, the Intense 10 from Dynastar was described as a consistent, all-mountain and very user-friendly ski. It's extremely comfortable thanks to the excellent cushioning of uneven piste. It adapts to the terrain and is comfortable in all situations, resulting in a feeling of security. Our reviewers regretted a certain lack of character, however. The rocker appears to hamper turn entry which lacks dynamism, and the fairly flexible tail kicks back little energy. The Intense 10 is a 'cruiser'; it's very comfortable cruising at medium speeds. It's a very good ski for average to good riders looking for a versatile model that's efficient on all terrains, comfortable and provides a lot of reassurance. Athletic riders who want to let rip will prefer a more dynamic model like the Super Joy or the Flair 73.

Liked: Inspires confidence A consistent 'go anywhere' ski Sound behaviour Tolerant and without surprises ...

Disliked: Inertia in turn initiation Relatively neutral performance, lacks character ...

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 ti (Konect) [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The PROSKILAB™ team is mainly made up of experienced professionals who are expected to push the skis to their absolute limits and to dissect their performance in detail. The rest of the team is made up of non-professional 'experts' whose role is to give a less technical impression that's closer to that of the end user. While the two types of review generally converge, we sometimes get models where the professionals point of view is very different to that of the 'experts'. This is what happened with the Zone 12 ti from Dynastar (featuring the group's Konect plate). The professional skiers found its behaviour atypical and globally under-performing, requiring positioning to the aft of the ski, while the 'expert' skiers found it generally easy and fun, especially when carving out long turns. The ski's flex distribution is original with a flexible tip and a certain degree of stiffness in the tail. In dynamic turns, this means you have to find the grip towards the back of the ski, which is not a problem in carve turns at medium speed. In these conditions, the ski is even really easy and great fun, eliciting praise from the non-professional reviewers. But at high speed, as the G-force and the need for anchoring increases, the whole length of the edge is needed. The lack of grip at the front of the Zone 12 Ti then becomes a handicap, resulting in "the ski becoming unbalanced, impairing its performance according to the professional reviewers. While the Speed Zone 12 ti is not a real 'performance' ski, it remains an excellent choice for intermediary skiers who want to discover carving and carved turns.

Liked: A very easy and accessible ski Good carving qualities Generally comfortable and fun to use ...

Disliked: Lacks performance overall Requires correct positioning, is unhappy with too much distribution to the fore, ski needs slight tail pressure. ...

Dynastar Intense 8 (Xpress) [click]
Type of ski : Women's recreational groomers

The Intense 8 (Xpress) from Dynastar is a globally enjoyable ski that's happy on all terrains and remarkably versatile. You'll ride everywhere without problem on a ski boosts confidence. However, the reviewers felt it lacked character to some extent. Initiation is not very responsive (partially due to the front rocker) and the ski gives little energy kick-back. Some reviewers felt it lacked stability when pressure was added in skid turns, reducing the ski’s accessibility. Although the Intense 8 came last in this very elite selection, it's nonetheless a good ski that will suit intermediary riders looking for a model that's at ease in all types of snow.

Liked: Inspires confidence Accessible Versatile Offers overall enjoyment ...

Disliked: A heavy ski that lacks agility Requires some technical prowess, especially when entering turns ...

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