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Ski Review 2017



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Elan SLX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Slalom
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
The SLX Fusion from Elan has continually done well in the PROSKILAB™ selection over the years. Although it hasn't changed much, it still gets good ratings from the reviewers for its responsiveness and its playful performance. In effect, with a rocker and a radius of 12.4m in the size reviewed, the ski stands out for its incredible agility combined with top-flight performance. It's a real jewel of a toy, able to carve out short turns with a surgeon's precision. The reviewers also loved the excellent ski/snow contact, the fluid ride and the excellent overall performance. Even better, the ski is generous, tolerant and extremely forgiving for less technical skiers who don't get their positioning quite right. Designed for short turns, this model consequently finds long turns more awkward and the ski tires more quickly at high speeds than some of its illustrious rivals. Easy to use, agile and playful, the SLX Fusion is a genuinely pleasure-oriented ski, packed with vitamins, and recommended for intermediary to good skiers looking for a particularly enjoyable and responsive model.

Liked: Good overall performance User-friendly and comfortable model Good ski/snow contact Accessible and forgiving A very playful ski Excellent turn pre...

Disliked: Classic ski for short turns, less at ease in long turns Tires more easily at high speeds...

Elan Delight Supreme [click]
Type of ski : Women's recreational groomers

The Delight Supreme well deserves its name: riders with few technical skills will love it. The easy rotation and stability of pressure in skid turns make it particularly reassuring. The reviewers noted the ski's superb comfort and the fact that it glided the terrain smoothly, requiring little physical engagement. On the other hand, like the Flair SC, the model is not very adaptive. It's less happy when carving and at high speed when its limitations become pretty obvious. Rides become fuzzier and there is far less stability. The Delight Supreme is an excellent initiation ski that we recommend for beginners to intermediate skiers.

Liked: Exceptional accessibility Easy rotation Happy making skid turns Reassuring Needs a little physical engagement ...

Disliked: Less at ease in carved turns Lacks stability when the pace steps up ...

Elan Amphibio16 ti2 Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

Once you've understood that this model, like many of Elan's skis, is asymmetric (you need to remember that there's a right ski and a left ski), the Amphibio 16 has many qualities. It's first and foremost a very user-friendly ski, including for riders who don't yet master carving techniques. In effect, the ski enters turns very easily, skids very well and is smooth and comfortable in skid and slide turns (between the carve and the skid), and it forgives potential positioning faults coming out of turns. Carving is fine. The ski is well placed on the snow and holds the turn remarkably well, mainly due to its very good grip. It's especially efficient in long-radius turns when its stability is astonishing. It can go fast as long as you don't push it too far. To conclude, it's a very enjoyable ski, ideal for intermediate to good riders looking, above all, for facility and smoothness.

Liked: Very user-friendly Good turn performance Stable Good ski/snow contact Does well in long-radius turns ...

Disliked: More limited at high speeds on hard pack...

Elan Amphibio 80 ti [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Amphibio 80 ti is notable for its overall facility and consistent performance, judged excellent by the reviewers. The ski is very versatile and is happy in all types of ride and turn. It's very user-friendly, even if it performs less well than the Speed Zone 7... The ski is intuitive and requires little technical prowess; it's extremely reassuring for intermediate riders. Turn entry is very easy, and rides at medium speed are particularly consistent and agreeable. Some reviewers felt that the relatively noticeable tail was a bit too grippy in skid turns, but it wasn't a major problem. The transition from skid turns to carves was fluid and one of the major features of this model. It's extremely adaptive and the ski's performance remains globally efficient at higher speeds in tighter trajectories. However, we noted (logically in view of the programme) weaker performance on hard pack at high speeds. Halfway between the Dynastar (very easy to handle) and the Rossignol (with a focus on performance), the Amphibio 80 ti offers an interesting compromise. It's a perfect ski for relatively fair riders who love parallel turns and skid turns and want to improve their carving skills.

Liked: Good accessibility overall Tolerant Versatile Sound and reassuring, no-surprise behaviour ...

Disliked: Lacks accessibility compared to other models in the selection Lacks character Performance limited on hard pack at high speed ...

Elan Ripstick 106 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 30/70

The Ripstick ski makes freeride accessible to even the least skilled riders thanks to its exceptional handling qualities. Off-piste, the ski is immediately reassuring. It covers all terrains and its exceptional agility will reassure less experienced skiers, always anxious about braking when rotating. You don't need to have the technical skills of Candide Thovex: the ski rotates without effort, even in crud and wet snow. You just need to steer left and then right and you'll find yourself effortlessly riding the slopes in a cloud of pow, just like a champion! On the pistes, the ski's comfort and its facility on soft snow is astonishing. Turns may not be the most precise and we're certainly not talking about a Cochise, but the easy initiation, the ski's playful character and the quality of the snow/ski contact guarantees plenty of pleasure. On the other hand, on hard pack, on the slopes and at high speeds the ski quickly loses its composure. The tip's flexibility makes the ride less consistent, even imprecise, and the lack of grip is unfortunately all too noticeable. The Ripstick is a playful and enjoyable model for skiers with very few technical skills who want to discover the joys of off-piste rides in the best conditions. This model will let them enjoy themselves instantly, with very little technical investment. Experienced freeriders will probably prefer an Enforcer or a Corvus

Liked: A playful and user-friendly ski Extremely easy rotation and overall handling Requires little physical engagement, tolerant ...

Disliked: Lacks grip and stability on hard pack and at high speeds ...

Elan Insomnia [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Insomnia from Elan is pretty well placed in this PROSKILAB™ selection. The reviewers liked the ski for the overall enjoyment it gave and its user-friendliness. Overall behaviour is very good when carving and in skid turns. Grip is strong and the ski is remarkably stable for such a light model. Accessibility is excellent, helped in particular by easy and intuitive turn entrance. Its overall behaviour is efficient and reassuring at higher speeds. The ski appears globally tolerant, but like the Flair 73 (to a lesser degree), it requires repositioning when coming out of turns, which involves some technical prowess. We recommend it for intermediate riders looking for an enjoyable ski that is not only very light, but is also efficient and extremely agile.

Liked: Globally enjoyable Light and stable Highly responsive initiation Easy, instant handling Agile, happy in short-radius turns ...

Disliked: Requires some technical skills, especially on exiting turns Poorer performance on hard pack at high speeds ...

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