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Ski Review 2017



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Nordica Enforcer (flat) [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 30/70
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Italian ski culture is more racing-oriented than freeride. When Nordica suggested we review the Enforcer last year, we have to admit that we were a bit wary, not to say downright sceptical. But our role is to unearth the best skis on the market, which we sometimes find where we least expect! The 2016 ski was therefore pre-tested with success, and so was selected for the PROSKILAB™ review with the same results and a "Best ski" distinction to boot. The ski is entirely in keeping with the All Mountain 30/70 programme, in other words, it's a ski designed for freeride and yet able to perform extremely well on the groomed runs. The ski is truly incredible off-piste, with enormous scope in terms of use. It cuts like a Swiss knife, and adapts to all terrains and all types of ride. Rides smoothly through crud, good flotation in deep snow despite the somewhat slim waist (100mm), easy rotation... You'll love it. What's more, the stable, unflappable Enforcer requires little engagement, and amazed the reviewers by the feeling of security and comfort it gave. It's just as astonishing on the groomed runs... it has less grip and less performance than a Cochise, but it's lively, handles better, is more versatile and requires less physical engagement. The Enforcer is fast becoming a true reference in this market segment, and we would like to send this message to Nordica "Please don't change anything!". There's no doubt about it, it's the ideal ski for riders who want a real freeride ski that will also let them rip down the pistes.

Liked: Perfect for the 70% off-piste, 30% piste programme Overall comfort and accessibility Easy turn initiation Great impulsion Good overall stability...

Disliked: Nothing special...

Nordica Enforcer 93 (flat) [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Although the Italian market is more focused on racing than freeride Nordica's Enforcer gave the PROSKILAB™ reviewers a good surprise last year. The Enforcer is fast becoming a benchmark ski in the All Mountain Fat category (or All mountain 30/70 at PROSKILAB™). The ski got a "Best ski" distinction in the All Mountain 30/70 category, and did just as well this year! We tested a 93-mm waist version (as opposed to 100 mm for its big brother) that puts it in the 50/50 category. The model was pre-tested in January 2016 and accepted for the PROSKILAB™ 2017 review. The Enforcer 93 has kept most o the qualities of its big brother, notably its exceptional accessibility, with instant ease of use, and performance that is efficient, docile and reliable. The snow/ski contact is exceptional. The ski is very gentle and well-balanced, offering a lot of enjoyment, especially on soft snow. However, the reviewers felt that it lacked character and punch, partly because the tail lacked impetus. Performance falls off and becomes less concise at high speeds. Off-piste, the ski is globally competent and efficient, despite its small waist size compared to its rivals. Riders will love the overall efficiency, the comfort it offers in all snow conditions, and its docility and smooth performance. The Enforcer 93 is an excellent ski that we recommend for average to good skiers who enjoy both smooth and very aggressive rides. They'll be pleasantly surprised by this model, which handles well and is extremely reassuring on all terrains. It doesn't have its big brother's character, however; the latter is a better option for expert freeriders.

Liked: Sound and docile performance Extremely accessible A gentle, comfortable ski Reassuring ...

Disliked: Lacks character and impulsion Performances less convincing at high speeds ...

Nordica Dobermann GSR RB EVO + N POWER X-Cell EVO [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

Usually selected and tested with success, the Dobermann GSR EDT was awarded the "Best ski" distinction in this category last year, and was a ski that the reviewers really loved. The model got special praise for its performance, while remaining accessible for a non-competition public. The version reviewed this year (Dobermann GSR RB EVO) has been fitted with carbon inserts ("Racing Bridge" which explains the "RB" initials) that have considerably increased the ski's stiffness, enhancing its performance in radical turns to the detriment of accessibility and comfort. While the ski is extremely stable, grippy and solid in turn performance and globally very efficient, this year it has gone one better in terms of liveliness, accessibility and versatility. Since it is very stiff, getting some flex on this new version of the Dobermann is particularly difficult. This gives an impression of inertia on turn initiation, with limited short turn options and a lot of physical and technical work required from the skier in general. The Dobermann GSR RB Evo has become too elitist for the "Giant" programme as defined by PROSKILAB, where accessibility for a non-competition public is an important criteria. It's still a very good Giant slalom ski, close to an FIS ski, and awesomely effective when cruising long turns at high speeds. We recommend it for relatively well-built, extremely athletic and competition skiers.

Liked: A ski that's fast and stable at high speeds, 'on a rail' at high speeds Remarkable grip Consistent behaviour, sound and reassuring, even at top sp...

Disliked: A very stiff ski, both technically and physically demanding Handling needs some time to adapt to Some inertia when entering turns, lacks punch comin...

Nordica GT 80 TI EVO + N PRO X-Cell EVO [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The Nordica GT 80 ti EVO is a great all-mountain ski, largely due to its width underfoot (80 mm) which makes it comfortable on all types of snow. Turn initiation is very easy and edge hold in turns is excellent. It's remarkably easy, predictable, tolerant and enjoyable. The smooth transition between carves and skids makes cruising especially satisfying. The ski is quite heavy and lacks the stiffness needed for top performance. Its behaviour starts to deteriorate in aggressive carving at high speed on hard pack when the reviewers regretted the lack of energy and a certain degree of inertia. The pleasure riders get from this ski comes more from its user-friendliness and smooth performance than its responsiveness. The GT 80 Ti EVO is a good ski for riders looking for a tool that is comfortable on all types of snow for smooth transitions from gentle skid turns to carved turns and carving initiation.

Liked: Tolerant and accessible Comfortable and stable Smooth transition between carved /slide/skid turns Great fun ...

Disliked: A heavy ski Limited when carving Lacks character and responsiveness ...

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