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Ski Review 2017



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Zag H95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
PROSKILAB™'s aim is to make a comparative test of a limited selection of the best skis available on the market. We've been watching the ZAG for several years now and, after some discussions with the brand, decided to include the H95 in the 2017 review. Well, it was definitely a good move as the reviewers absolutely raved about the model. It's very rare that the brands' marketing spiel really matches up to a ski's performance. The H95, Zag presumptuously announced; "Enjoy the luxury of not having to choose: link a series of parallel turns down a steep slope, float in the forest powder or carve up the manicured pistes... the H95 can do anything!" Well, for once, the ski lived up to the talk! The H95 is incredibly versatile and high-performing, perfect for what we look for in this "All Mountain 50/50" category, in other words, a ski that's as happy on the piste as off the beaten track. Overall performance is very good, with strong emphasis on performance. The reviewers were especially impressed with its stiffness, which meant it was happy carving fast on the piste, tackling steep corridors or maximizing rides through the crud. The ski is designed to go fast, to grip hard and to stay unflappable in turn performance. It's fantastic in long-radius turns both on and off piste. While the ski is accessible and gives confidence, it should be noted that the H95 focuses on efficiency; designed to go fast, it's happier carving than in skid turns. Accessibility is not its strong point and it's not the ideal model for relaxed rides where fans of the latter would do better to choose a Mantra or a Stormrider. The reviewers did not hold back on their praise, describing the ski as "awesome", "a very good ski", "a super ski"... the superlatives flew around in all directions. For us, this is a great choice for athletic freeriders with good technical skills who want a tool that's truly efficient on all terrains.

Liked: Excellent overall performance Grippy Excellent performance in long turns Good flotation in the powder ...

Disliked: A stiff ski that just wants to fast, less happy at lower speeds and in skid turns More demanding in short turns ...

Zag H105 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 30/70

Like the Ripstick and the Soul7, the H105 is designed for accessibility. The first rides down the pistes are great. The ski behaves well, is docile and reassuring. Rotation and initiation are fast and intuitive. The ski is relatively responsive and happy in short turns. Its behaviour becomes more erratic at high speeds. It lacks stability and the tail lacks impulsion and grip, forcing the ride to ski up front. In fast turns, the ski finds it hard to stick to its path and unfortunately tends to drift. Off-piste, its behaviour is generally good, but the ski has more difficulty in tricky snow. While the PROSKILAB™ team loved the H95, the H105, presented by the brand as a toned-down version of the H112, is probably... just a bit too demure, which explains its weaker performances compared to the other references on this category. Mmmmm... does that mean that the H112 is the H105 with an extra dose of vitamins? There’s no doubt, it’s a very good candidate for the 2018 review. Meanwhile, the H105 is still a very good ski for freeride newbies. We recommend it for a wide range of riders apart from experienced freeriders for all-mountain and all-snow performance.

Liked: Exceptional accessibility Sensation of lightness under foot Enjoyable at intermediary speeds Easy rotation and turn initiation Good in skid turn...

Disliked: Performance less convincing at high speeds when the ski lacks grip and tends to drift Lack of overall stability, especially on hard pack...

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