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Ski Review 2018

All Mountain 50/50


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Stöckli Stormrider 95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
This year, the Stormrider 95 by Stöckli topped the podium in this very competitive category. The reviewers were unanimous about the features of this particularly versatile model. The basic qualities are certainly there: good grip, turn performance, flotation in deep powder... But it’s the ski’s stability and its capacity to adapt easily on all terrains, even the most difficult, that really carried the day. The way it cuts through choppy snow and lumps of crud is mind-blowing. You just need to position yourself and push off, and the ski will do all the work whatever the conditions. It’s fantastic for good riders who'll zip down the slopes like champions... Shaped for long turns and speed, it features a relatively long radius (+17m in the size tested), but is less intuitive and easy to handle at slower speeds and in short turns. On the piste, it does pretty well in all turns, but lacks playfulness. The Stormrider 95 is becoming a benchmark in this highly competitive segment. It’s a remarkable ski that we recommend for good to expert riders looking for a tool that’s both nimble and versatile, particularly in freeride.

Liked: Incredible stability Good turn performance Cuts through the crud Good grip/anchoring Flotation in powder Happy on all terrains Easy to use and...

Disliked: Less playful on the piste A bit more demanding in short turns and at slower speeds ...

Nordica Enforcer 100 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
Nordica’s Enforcer 100 was tested last year in an All Mountain/freeride category where it brilliantly scored a "Best Ski" distinction. Tested this year in the more versatile All Mountain category, it remains a benchmark for the market and has kept an excellent position. Off-piste, the ski is easy to use, remarkable, docile, easy to handle, with great float in powder and happy in crud. It's extremely versatile, even in crud, displaying extraordinary stability and confidence. A joy...! On the slopes, it does what’s it's told and is efficient, lively and grippy. However, some reviewers regretted the stiff tail that made it swing but it won’t take too much edge off your pleasure. This year the Enforcer 100 consolidates its growing reputation and its place as one of the top all mountain/freeride skis on the market. We recommend it for intermediary to excellent skiers, especially good riders who’re keen to discover the joys of freeride.

Liked: Accessible Flotation in powder Very stable, even in the crud and choppy snow Comfortable ...

Disliked: Not so happy on the piste: tends to swing, and ski tip a bit damp...

Zag H-95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Tested a bit short this year (179 cm), the H-95 lost a few points but is still one of the best skis on the market in the All Mountain/freeride category. Its overall behaviour is excellent. Off-piste, its agility, performance in crud and floatation in powder are remarkable. It’s an easy and enjoyable ski that steers with ease and requires little engagement. An "everyday ski" as one of the reviewers pointed out. On piste, its behaviour is generally good. However, the reviewers felt that its performance was not quite up to last year's, probably explained by the difference in size. Intermediary to very good riders looking for facility in freeride will love this model. Heavier riders should definitely choose a larger size.

Liked: An easy, user-friendly ski Good grip Great agility and rotation Floatation in the powder Excellent behaviour off-piste Cuts through the crud ...

Disliked: Needs to be well positioned on the piste as the tail is a bit stiff...

Head Kore 93 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

An excellent surprise in the 2018 review, the Kore 93 designed by Head impressed the PROSKILAB reviewers and deserves its place among the top skis on the market. The model has no qualms about concentrating on accessibility in an area in which it's very popular. Overall behaviour both on and off piste is good, and it also has a playful nature that’s great fun. The ski is globally easy-going, and doesn’t need too much physical effort to be steered, whether on piste or in freeride. Off-piste, its tolerance, agility and transition to crud was impressive. In our view, the Kore 93 is the ideal ski for intermediary to very good, light to medium build riders, who want to discover the fun of off-piste. More experienced or heavier riders will probably prefer a different model.

Liked: A highly accessible ski Reassuring and no surprises behaviour Manages all snow conditions Versatile Agile off-piste Dynamic and playful Easy...

Disliked: Performance falls short A relatively flexible ski for light to medium riders ...

Völk Mantra [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Generally getting high praise from the reviewers and taking home a "Best ski" award last year, this year the Mantra lost a few places, probably because of the softer snow conditions and the arrival of new high-flying contenders like the Stormrider 95. The ski is still an excellent model and a market benchmark, but the reviewers found it more demanding than in previous years. The Mantra is still a stiff ski, grippy, high-strung, and very efficient on hard pack, happy sweeping through big turns at top speed. On the other hand, it's less happy than its rivals at slower speeds, in short turns and on softer snow. It’s the ideal ski for riders who love to engage, slicing big loops at full throttle on the groomed trails and charging through snowy fields of powder off the beaten track.

Liked: Carving long turns on the piste Well-balanced ski Very strong character Excellent grip Stability Speed ...

Disliked: A stiff ski Inertia and heaviness Physically demanding ...

Scott Slight 93 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Let’s be honest; the Slight 93 proposed by Scott is not a true All Mountain ski and, despite its qualities, it struggles in this category. Its shape and behaviour betray its piste DNA. So it’s no surprise that the ski is very happy on the groomed runs where it’s great at everything: turn initiation, turn performance, bite, etc. It really excels in short turns. Sheer bliss. On the other hand, because of the small waist (93 mm), the short size of the model tested (175 cm for 180-185 cm requested) and its highly carved shape, its behaviour in freeride fell far short of the champions in this category. In other words, it’s a pleasant, easy ski, with a playful nature that deserves a very good place in the All Mountain/freeride category... and it’s just amazing when there are a few centimetres of fresh powder on the slopes.

Liked: Excellent performance on the piste User-friendly Good grip A light ski Nimble ...

Disliked: The highly carved shape hampers performance in freeride, Tendency to oversteer ...

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