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Ski Review 2018

Men's high-end


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Dynastar Speed Zone 10 Ti [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Following some difficult years, Dynastar is back in the spotlight with its excellent "Speedzone" products. After scoring very well last year in the ProSkiLab review, this year the Speedzone 10 Ti got a "Best ski" distinction. It offers a combination of especially interesting features. First and foremost, it's a high-performance ski that has serious sporting qualities: fast turn initiation, good grip, great pressure at high speed including on hard pack, not to mention stability. It’s not long before we realise that we’re on a very, very fast ski. It’s happy in all situations: stable and well-planted in long turns, incredibly lively and energetic in short turns, fluid on soft snow... In short, it’s a great one-quiver ski, perfectly adapted to this category where we’re looking for versatility and consistency. The Speedzone 10 Ti also has a playful temperament that really impressed the reviewers. Less user-friendly than its cousin from Rossignol, it’s the ideal ski for good to expert riders looking for an athletic ski that’s still very versatile.

Liked: Overall performance User-friendly Fast turn initiation Agile and playful, slight oversteering Fun in all snow conditions Quality of pressure...

Disliked: Nothing special...

Stöckli Scale Delta [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
With 83 mm underfoot, Stöckli's Scale Delta is extremely versatile. Its progressive flex and width at the waist mean that it performs well on all terrains. Snow contact is excellent. The ski couldn’t care less about choppy snow and cuts through irregular terrain like butter. After a few turns, you quickly realise that the Scale Delta responds to a touch and is incredibly tolerant and docile. Turn initiation is intuitive, and steering is reliable and reassuring. Pushed to its limits at high speed, the ski remains calm, holding perfectly tight to its trajectory. "Pure bliss!" one of the reviewers beamed. On the other hand, it falls a little short on hard pack where pressure is less incisive, especially compared to the Dynastar or the Nordica. Compared to an ordinary ski, the Scale Delta is a bit like a luxury 4-wheel drive in relation to a standard car: easy to drive, versatile, fast, comfortable ...and expensive! At €900 euros the pair of skis alone, it’s certainly not for everyone. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent product that we recommend for riders looking for both the versatility of an all mountain ski and the performance of a piste ski.

Liked: Versatile Very accessible Good in all snow conditions and on all terrains Smooth in long turns Stable Comfortable, cushions the terrain Enjoy...

Disliked: Behaviour falls short on hard pack...

Rossignol Pursuit 800 ti [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

It's less efficient and has less character, but is more accessible than its cousin, the Speedzone 10 Ti. The Pursuit 800 Ti deserves its place among this selection of best skis on the market. In a category where we’re looking above all for consistency, the ski certainly fulfills its contract. Its accessibility, performance, comfort and versatility result in a well-balanced blend that will give a lot of enjoyment. It’s a one-quiver ski, incredibly tolerant and docile. The reviewers loved the easy, very intuitive carving that will help average riders to make technical progress. It’s slightly less happy in very dynamic turns at high speed on hard pack, but that's not included in this programme. The model is designed for intermediary to very good riders. It will help class 2 riders to make skid turns easily, and quickly progress to carving. More experienced riders will love its consistency and comfort.

Liked: Accessible Versatile Comfortable Very accessible Consistent Simple, intuitive carving ...

Disliked: Less responsive and less rebound than the Speedzone 10 ti Vibrates on hard pack at high speed ...

Nordica GT 80 Ti [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

Nordica's GT 80 Ti really deserves its name. The ski scores high for its excellent sports qualities, especially for carving/slideslips, but unfortunately lacks the versatility needed to get to the top of this category where we’re looking, above all, for consistency. It's well behaved overall with great stability, including at high speed and on hard pack, with solid pressure for big looping curves. Turn performance is excellent and exiting turns is a doddle, with great rebound. On the other hand, the ski is less happy in short turns where it requires more effort. For the reviewers, this is a stiff and efficient carving ski, so not the ideal companion to cruise through sideslips or for skid turns. Basically, it’s an excellent performance ski that requires engagement but is not consistent enough for the Top-of-the-Range category. However, we recommend the GT 80 Ti for good to very good carving fiends who’ll find it a truly incisive model.

Liked: Stability at high speeds Loves long turns Reliable pressure Carving An energetic and incisive ski ...

Disliked: A technically and physically demanding ski Smoothness less apparent in short turns ...

Völk RTM 81 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

Völkl‘s RTM 81 puts the focus squarely on performance, especially high speed and long turns where it excels. It’s an energetic, even aggressive ski, which requires engagement and a forward position to be handled correctly. It’s slightly less happy in short turns where the rider has to show some stamina, not helped by a rather flexible tail, and rebound that lacks energy. The RTM 81 is great for good to very good sporty riders who love long turns and riding fast without necessarily wanting to invest in a ski that’s too demanding or technical.

Liked: Versatile All mountain Great stability Energetic Responsive ski tip for incisive turn initiation Good behaviour at high speed Smooth long tur...

Disliked: A big radius ski, far more demanding in short turns Needs to be well positioned (forward) Requires physical engagement ...

K2 iKonic 80ti [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

Not far from the tenors in the category in our selection of the best skis on the market, the iKonic 80ti from K2 comes away with honours. The reviewers were impressed by its agility and accessibility. lt’s remarkably easy to use and riders will get a handle on it immediately. The ski scores well for its comfort. The way it cushions the terrain is astonishing and the ski can be steered with very little physical engagement. Very docile, it responds to a touch, and turn entry in particular is very easy. The reviewers regretted a certain lack of character and responsiveness, however, especially noticeable in short turns. We recommend this model for intermediary to very good riders for cruising the pistes rather than carving out dashing big turns.

Liked: Easy turn entry Agile User-friendly Comfortable Cushions the terrain Requires little physical effort Great performance in long turns ...

Disliked: A flexible ski, but with limited performance, especially in short turns Lacks character ...

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