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Ski Review 2018

On-piste cruisers


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Stöckli Laser SC [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
In this Carvers category, we ask the suppliers to send us skis designed for speed and slicing clean arcs, but less technical and specialised than race-oriented skis. Perfectly happy in this category, Stöckli's Laser SC is one of the best on the market. The model stood out for its overall performance and its consistent, reassuring behaviour. However, it got top marks mainly for its progressive qualities and its capacity to push the boundaries performance-wise. It’s a ski you can use every day, but it can also challenge riders’ limits. It’s retained its extremely high-speed qualities in very dynamic turns and has exceptional stability for this size (170 cm) as well as excellent turn performance that allows skiers to carve truly dynamic turns at hair-raising speeds. In addition to this highly positive list of qualities, we would add its amazing energy that makes the ski particularly lively and playful, especially in short turns, where it’s outstanding. A ski that "puts a smile on your face" according to the reviewers. We recommend the Laser SC for good to expert skiers who want a reasonably demanding and very athletic ski.

Liked: Overall performance Amazing in short turns A progressive ski that you can push a long way Remains user-friendly Exceptional stability for the si...

Disliked: Slightly less at ease in skid turns...

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Less energetic than the Laser SC and less precise than the Elite LT Ti, the Zone 12 from Dynastar stands out for its exhilarating performance and consistent behaviour. Very happy in all types of turn, the ski is well balanced, with flex distribution that requires a certain degree of physical engagement and technical know-how. The ski enters turns with ease, grip is excellent, pressure solid and reliable and the ski can be effortlessly controlled in turns. Only the rebound is slightly under par due to a somewhat over-flexible tail. A thoroughly enjoyable and fun to use ski, riders will quickly gain confidence, helping to maximise their performance. Like other models in the series, the Speedzone 12 is a great success for Dynastar. The model is recommended for a wide range of riders, from intermediary to expert, who’re looking for a ski that’s nimble, versatile and playful and will give them a lot of enjoyment.

Liked: Good overall performance Good turn stability Great carved turns Excellent compromise between accessibility/performance Will help the rider make...

Disliked: Slightly bendy tail means it lacks a bit of rebound Performance slightly less convincing at very high speed ...

Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers
Best performance!Best performance!
Voted "Best Ski" in 2017, the Rossignol Elite LT Ti continues to stand out, this year taking third place as well as the "Best performance" medal. Like last year, it’s the perfect ski for this programme, distinctive for its overall behaviour and, above all, its precision turns, sliced with a scalpel. In long turns, its behaviour is similar to a giant ski, and we have the impression we’re "on a railway track" according to the reviewers. Turns can be steered to the nearest millimetre, pressure is rock solid and the ski is like a high-strung racehorse just raring to go. It’s awesome. With its general public "Konect" plate, the Hero Elite LT Ti is an excellent choice for good to expert athletic riders who’re looking for speed and long turns above all.

Liked: Overall performance Stability, especially in long turns Precise turn performance A ski that’s just raring to speed up Loves long turns ...

Disliked: The Elite LT Ti is a touch more physical, especially in short turns...

K2 Speed Charger [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

Slightly disappointing performance-wise (unfortunately tested too short), the K2 Speed Charger is still a ski that the PROSKILAB™ reviewers enjoyed immensely, as it's both extremely consistent and accessible. It’s happy in all circumstances at reasonable speeds, easily alternating between skids and carves in all types of turn. Turn initiation is simple and you just need to lean a little for effortless carving. Unfortunately, the ski loses its qualities when pushed to its limits at very high speed and on hard pack, where tail pressure is less incisive. The Speed Charger is an excellent choice for intermediary to good riders who want like a ski that’s nimble, user-friendly and versatile, without necessarily wanting an ultra-athletic ski. We advise medium-build riders to go for the next size up.

Liked: Very accessible and user-friendly overall Easy and intuitive turn initiation Can handle all radius turns Good skid turn performance Good overal...

Disliked: Tested a bit short (168 cm) Slight lack of performance Lacks tail grip at high speed on hard pack ...

Elan Amphibio 16 TI2 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

Elan's Amphibio 16 Ti2 compensates for a slight lack of performance by its great consistency and remarkable user-friendliness. The reviewers liked the fact that they were instantly in control and that the ski was so docile. "It’s simple, the ski does everything very easily" one of the reviewers said during the PROSKILAB feedback meeting. Its behaviour is very consistent at all times, including at high speeds when the Amphibio is extremely reassuring. The testers also appreciated the ski’s consistency which was "enjoyable underfoot", and alternates carves, sideslips and skid turns at will. The Amphibio shows a slight preference for long loops but is still nimble in short turns. It’s a good ski, with slightly more focus on user-friendliness and comfort than the Stöckli, Dynastar or Rossignol. An excellent choice for intermediary to good riders who want to quietly polish their performance.

Liked: A very well-balanced ski Reassuring and without surprise Very accessible Good grip Skid and slide turns Overall fun ...

Disliked: Not quite up to the performance of the Laser SC or the Hero Elite Slightly challenging coming out of turns ...

Head Supershape i.Magnum [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The Supershape i.Magnum is very much a short turn ski, an area it excels in thanks to the fast edge to edge transfer, easy turn initiation, good bite and lively rebound. However, the ski is far less happy when we try to extend the turns. It’s a good tool for riders looking for a slalom ski that will rip down the slopes in very dynamic short turns.

Liked: Responsive in short turns Easy turn initiation Fast edge to edge transfer Great grip...

Disliked: A specialised short turn ski, it's noticeably less happy in long turns...

Völk RaceTiger RC [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

Don’t forget that ProSkiLab reviews a selection of the best skis on the market. This means that excellent skis can sometimes finish last. That's what happened to the Racetiger RC from Völkl, that has great qualities but was somewhat too "underpowered" to do well in this category. Despite its consistent and reassuring behaviour, the ski is flexible and lacks responsiveness and bite. It’s still an excellent ski that would probably have done better in the "Top-of-the-Range" category. It’s a good choice for average to good riders looking for a ski that performs well, is consistent, easy and enjoyable to ride.

Liked: User-friendly Consistent Good compromise between comfort/accessible/versatility Smooth in soft snow Skid and slide turns ...

Disliked: Performance falls a bit short Lacks character and energy for this category ...

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