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Ski Review 2018



Type of ski: standard ski derived from competition skis
Type of user: competition skiers, good-to-excellent skiers
Main evaluation criteria: performance, suitability for non-competition skiers

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Nordica Dobermann SLR EVO [click]
Type of ski : Slalom
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
In our selection of the best skis currently on the market, Nordica’s Dobermann SLR Evo rates high for its extremely athletic qualities. It's a true slalom ski, very incisive and able to kick back a lot of energy at the end of a turn. Well handled, you can link turns at devilish speed... as long as you’re careful to dose the pressure, otherwise you’ll find yourself coming a cropper from the powerful momentum. This very stiff ski, with good flex distribution, really delivers, planting itself naturally in the turn without ever losing grip, even on packed snow. A real treat. An excellent choice for good to expert riders (with strong thighs!) who love very energetic skis that kick back a lot of energy. Less athletic riders will probably prefer the SLX Fusion, Hero Elite ST ti or the Speedzone 16 Ti.

Liked: Outstanding performance Fast turn initiation Powerful momentum Exceptional grip, can manage wide-angled turns Incredibly efficient in short turns...

Disliked: A very athletic ski, technically and physically demanding The powerful rebound means you need to dose pressure carefully ...

Elan SLX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Slalom

We’ve been reviewing Elan's SLX and GSX for several years now and each time it’s always just as enjoyable. That’s because the brand has managed to get not only the right dose of sportiness and performance in its products, but also enough friskiness to make the skis great fun to use. Like the GSX in the Giant category, the SLX stands out for its incisive and playful character. You’ll get great performance, with fast turn initiation, excellent hold in turns, good grip and powerful momentum. A short-turn ski, it’s still very happy in longer turns. The SLX Fusion requires some technical skill but doesn’t need the physical power of an Austrian woodcutter... It’s remarkably comfortable for a ski in this category. A great ski for good to expert riders looking for a responsive and sprightly tool that's still very accessible.

Liked: Playful Excellent hold in turns Completes turns with ease Versatile in short and long turns Comfortable User-friendly Stable Generally enjoy...

Disliked: A relatively technical ski...

Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti [click]
Type of ski : Slalom
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
Tested this year with the "general public" "Konect" plates rather than the R21 competition plates, the Hero Elite ST Ti from Rossignol did very well. True, it lost the "Best ski" distinction it got last year with the competition plate due to a decline in performance, but it made up for this with its remarkable user-friendliness and exceptional comfort for a slalom ski. The ski is very consistent, quite flexible (but relatively energetic) and very docile. One reviewer summed it all up: "It does what we ask it to do.” Much of the pleasure you get from the Elite ST Ti comes from the fact that you can take it easy during smooth long slide turns or, if you prefer, let rip down the slopes when you’re raring to go. Which makes it a very good learning ski that will help riders to make technical progress. We recommend it for intermediary to good skiers who want to take their performance to the next level, or very good to excellent riders who’re looking for an everyday ski that doesn’t call for non-stop physical engagement.

Liked: Overall performance Remarkably user-friendly Comfortable Smoothly pleasant rides without needing too much energy A very well-balanced ski Overa...

Disliked: While turn initiation is easy, it's less punchy than the SLX Fusion or the Dobermann SLR Evo. Slightly less convincing performance-wise on packed s...

Dynastar Speed Zone 16 Ti [click]
Type of ski : Slalom

Reviewed this year without its R21 racing plate (which it had last year), the Speedzone 16 Ti from Dynastar, like the Rossignol, lost some of its performance whilst gaining in user-friendliness and comfort. The ski has nonetheless retained its slalom qualities with excellent overall performance, fantastic grip and strong character. The Speedzone 16 will bend easily and anchors turns extremely well. On the other hand, you need to put some pressure on the tongue as the tail is fairly flexible, not an issue for good riders in this category. We recommend this ski for good to expert riders who want a sporty, playful and easy to handle ski that's still incredibly versatile.

Liked: Overall performance Consistent Good grip Energetic A flexible ski which bends easily even at low speeds A ski for all turns ...

Disliked: Needs to be skied in a slightly forward position A relatively flexible tail that won’t forgive positioning too far back ...

Head WC rebels i.SL [click]
Type of ski : Slalom

A good ski overall, but the WC Rebels i.SL suffers from a slight lack of performance compared to its more race-oriented rivals. The ski is very flexible for this category and has real qualities in terms of comfort and accessibility. While it's globally efficient, it struggles a little when pushed to its limits. At very high speed on hard pack, it's difficult to anchor correctly and hard to keep up the pressure. The reviewers were a bit disappointed by an overall lack of energy, especially the lack of momentum coming out of turns. However, despite its positioning, we should keep in mind that this ski was selected from among the top skis currently on the market in a particularly demanding category. Overall, it’s a good slalom type leisure ski that we recommend for intermediary to good skiers looking for comfort rather than pure performance.

Liked: Good overall performance Easy turn initiation Generally user-friendly for this category Easy to understand and quick to get to grips with Comforta...

Disliked: A flexible ski with limited speed, especially on hard pack Loses pressure in very dynamic turns Less punchy turn initiation Lacks impetus coming ...

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