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Ski Review 2018



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Elan GSX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

The GSX Fusion from Elan, out-distanced by the Speedzone Master, Hero Master and Dobermann in terms of pure performance, is not the most efficient ski in our review. However, a clever combination of responsiveness, fluidity and user-friendliness makes it a very engaging and enjoyable ski. It's easy to handle and intuitive, and you only need a few minutes to get to grips with it. The ski is great in all types of turn. While it’s not a true racing ski, it does the job and reassures at high speed, with consistent turns and good stability. Compared to more performance-oriented skis in this review, it requires less physical engagement and you don’t need Rambo’s thighs! The GSX Fusion bends quite easily and you can steer it in all types of turn and radius. The reviewers loved the exhilarating sensations released by its energetic and playful character. Very versatile for this category, it can also be skied cruising at more moderate speeds and is happy in skid turns and sideslips. Less convincing performance-wise, but very user-friendly and progressive, intermediary to good riders who want to improve their performance will love the GSX Fusion. It’s also perfect for riders with very good technical skills who're looking for pleasure and comfort over pure performance.

Liked: A very user-friendly ski for this programme Extremely versatile Long and short turns Carving and skid turn performance Ski requires little physic...

Disliked: Lacks punch in really dynamic turns compared to more race-inspired skis ...

Elan SLX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Slalom

We’ve been reviewing Elan's SLX and GSX for several years now and each time it’s always just as enjoyable. That’s because the brand has managed to get not only the right dose of sportiness and performance in its products, but also enough friskiness to make the skis great fun to use. Like the GSX in the Giant category, the SLX stands out for its incisive and playful character. You’ll get great performance, with fast turn initiation, excellent hold in turns, good grip and powerful momentum. A short-turn ski, it’s still very happy in longer turns. The SLX Fusion requires some technical skill but doesn’t need the physical power of an Austrian woodcutter... It’s remarkably comfortable for a ski in this category. A great ski for good to expert riders looking for a responsive and sprightly tool that's still very accessible.

Liked: Playful Excellent hold in turns Completes turns with ease Versatile in short and long turns Comfortable User-friendly Stable Generally enjoy...

Disliked: A relatively technical ski...

Elan Ripstick 96 [click]
Type of ski :
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
Elan’s Ripstick 96 is very impressive in this "All Mountain light/Freeride" category, and just missed the top of the podium. Good (no more, no less) weight distribution, versatile, happy on all terrains, it scored well for its great responsiveness that makes it incredibly playful underfoot and great fun in the powder and soft snow. The ski is remarkably accessible, especially off-piste where its flotation, responsiveness and capacity to pivot in heavy snow and crud make the rider’s work so much easier. Its flexibility is a handicap on the groomed slopes though, especially on hard pack where precision and grip may fall short. A good ski for intermediary to very good riders looking for an easy and playful freeride ski. Measured weight of the model reviewed (ski only): 1595 gr

Liked: A light, responsive ski Good overall behaviour in all snow conditions Extremely user-friendly Flotation in powder Rotation in difficult snow ...

Disliked: Limited performance Less grip on packed snow Behaviour on piste falls short ...

Elan Amphibio 16 TI2 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

Elan's Amphibio 16 Ti2 compensates for a slight lack of performance by its great consistency and remarkable user-friendliness. The reviewers liked the fact that they were instantly in control and that the ski was so docile. "It’s simple, the ski does everything very easily" one of the reviewers said during the PROSKILAB feedback meeting. Its behaviour is very consistent at all times, including at high speeds when the Amphibio is extremely reassuring. The testers also appreciated the ski’s consistency which was "enjoyable underfoot", and alternates carves, sideslips and skid turns at will. The Amphibio shows a slight preference for long loops but is still nimble in short turns. It’s a good ski, with slightly more focus on user-friendliness and comfort than the Stöckli, Dynastar or Rossignol. An excellent choice for intermediary to good riders who want to quietly polish their performance.

Liked: A very well-balanced ski Reassuring and without surprise Very accessible Good grip Skid and slide turns Overall fun ...

Disliked: Not quite up to the performance of the Laser SC or the Hero Elite Slightly challenging coming out of turns ...

Elan Amphibio 80 Ti [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Amphibio 80 Ti deserves its place in this selection of the best skis on the market. The reviewers came back enthusiastic, particularly impressed by the model’s overall accessibility and easy rotation. The ski is simple to use, enjoyable and its overdrive feature is reassuring for less experienced riders. Behaviour is globally good and consistent with really smooth carves that are very easy to initiate. There was just one small criticism; some reviewers felt that it lacked comfort and consistency in skid turns. The Amphibio 80 Ti is a ski that makes you want to improve and allows riders who can already manage traverse rides and the snowplough (ESF class 1) to advance to turn initiation and carving (ESF class 3).

Liked: A highly user-friendly ski Easy rotation Versatile Facilitates carving A very progressive ski that makes you want to improve ...

Disliked: Skid turns Lacks grip and stability in dynamic turns ...

Elan Insomnia [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

Elan’s Insomnia is certainly not a model you’ll fall asleep on. The ski is globally efficient, especially in long turns, where its lively and precise. The reviewers loved its strong and relatively high-strung character. In terms of comfort, there’s nothing more to say: the ski cushions the terrain well and doesn’t need much physical effort. The stiff tail makes it quite demanding though and requires careful positioning, which makes it less accessible and stopped it from getting to the top of the podium. The Insomnia well deserves its place in this selection of the top skis on the market. Good to very good riders will really love it (already positioned for forward pressure) if they’re looking for a sporty and comfortable ski, especially happy in long turns.

Liked: Overall performance Stable with good big turn potential Comfortable overall Lively and responsive behaviour ...

Disliked: A stiff and grippy tail that hampers skid turns Requires good positioning ...

Elan Ripstick 86 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30

Elan’s Ripstick 86 puts the focus on accessibility. Overall behaviour is consistent and reassuring. The ski behaves well on the piste, is happy in both skid turns and carving until you reach intermediary speeds. It's easy, user-friendly and extremely forgiving. Off-piste, the Ripstick 86 will go anywhere and adores soft snow and powder. However, it's a little too flexible, hampering behaviour at high speed on groomed runs and through choppy snow off-piste. This model is recommended for intermediary to good riders looking for an easy, versatile model.

Liked: Consistent, reassuring behaviour A tolerant and user-friendly ski All mountain ...

Disliked: Lacks character Stability and grip are less convincing More challenging in crud ...

Elan Ripstick 86W [click]
Type of ski :

Incredibly accessible, easy to handle and to enter turns, very happy in skid turns, the Ripstick 86 W is a model that requires little physical engagement or technical prowess. Its behaviour off-piste is very good. The ski is docile and easy to manage, even in choppy snow. On piste, it’s a bit more challenging at high speed as the stiff tail tends to hamper it to some extent. It’s the ideal ski to discover the joys of virgin slopes with little experience and to begin exploring off-piste.

Liked: Very good behaviour overall off-piste Smooth on soft snow and in powder Easy turn initiation Smooth in skid turns Accessible to less experience...

Disliked: The somewhat stiff tail hampers turns which are slightly less intuitive Less happy carving and at high speed ...

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