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Ski Review 2018



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Zag H-95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Tested a bit short this year (179 cm), the H-95 lost a few points but is still one of the best skis on the market in the All Mountain/freeride category. Its overall behaviour is excellent. Off-piste, its agility, performance in crud and floatation in powder are remarkable. It’s an easy and enjoyable ski that steers with ease and requires little engagement. An "everyday ski" as one of the reviewers pointed out. On piste, its behaviour is generally good. However, the reviewers felt that its performance was not quite up to last year's, probably explained by the difference in size. Intermediary to very good riders looking for facility in freeride will love this model. Heavier riders should definitely choose a larger size.

Liked: An easy, user-friendly ski Good grip Great agility and rotation Floatation in the powder Excellent behaviour off-piste Cuts through the crud ...

Disliked: Needs to be well positioned on the piste as the tail is a bit stiff...

Zag Ubac 95 [click]
Type of ski :

The UBAC 95 scored high for its lightness and great accessibility. It's really very easy to steer and handle, and great fun for its rider. With 1413 grams underfoot (ski only), it's easy to take uphill and is a joy to ride down. However, it lacks the stiffness and character needed for the "all mountain" segment. Its behaviour on piste and through choppy snow falls a little short due to the ski tip's flex. Recommended for all riders looking for a versatile ski that enjoys ski touring. Measured weight of the model reviewed (ski only) by PROSKILAB: 1413 g

Liked: Extremely accessible A very light ski, the lightest in our review Planes in deep snow Easy rotation Overall fun ...

Disliked: Lacks stiffness, especially at the tip, hampering performance at high speed and in the crud Limited performance Lacks stability ...

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