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Ski Review 2019

Best Skis 2019


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Elan SLX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Slalom
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Selected as one of the best skis on the market and reviewed for several years by PROSKILAB, the SLX Fusion from Elan has frequently got close to the top spot on the podium without ever winning it. This year, the ski finally got a well-deserved "Best ski" award thanks to its balanced combination of performance, consistency and pleasure. You'll get plenty of performance. The ski is truly efficient in every area, from turn entry to exit with powerful rebound. "Well-balanced, it hugs the turn perfectly" one professional reviewer noted. The ski is "very precise and grippy", carving out turns with a scalpel. We reviewed a size slightly bigger than requested (170 cm) and the stick proved extremely frisky, especially comfortable in short turns, while still happy carving out great "S" shaped swoops. The SLX Fusion is "playful and not too technical", "enjoyable and surprise-free", and particularly tolerant so it will forgive minor errors and is remarkably accessible for this category. The reviewers particularly noted its "consistent, predictable and well-balanced" behaviour. The quality of snow contact, the ski's consistency and the moderate engagement required make it a "comfortable" ski. The SLX Fusion is lively, precise and smooth, in short, a great adrenalin booster, and our reviewers came back with their test sheet full and a smile on their face. The SLX Fusion once again confirmed all the qualities already noted in the past. It's the ideal ski for anyone looking for a dynamic, agile and precise slalom ski without the drawbacks of one that's too demanding.

Liked: A lively and playful ski Reassuring, forgiving and consistent Top flight performance Performance and precision in turns Good grip Versatile ...

Disliked: Less dynamic than the Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti with its R22 race plate....

Völk Kendo [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Kendo from Völkl, which (just) missed out on the "Best Ski" medal last year in harder snow conditions, got it back this year. This year, we reviewed a longer model (184 cm against 176 last year) which improved its stability and flotation in powder. The ski has once again consolidated its excellent reputation and the professional reviewers gave it rave reviews: "Super ski", "Perfection!", "Excellent ski", "Perfect"... Its behaviour on the groomers is excellent and the Kendo could teach many piste skis a thing or two. The ski will amaze you not just for its performance and the quality of rides as by its grip and stability that are simply magic. It's quite stiff, significantly reinforced by two Titanal plates. Here, we'd just like to remind our readers that Titanal (whose presence is generally signalled by the "Ti" added to the models' name) is not the same as "titanium", contrary to what most people think, but is the commercial name given to an alloy with an aluminum base. Despite its 22-metre radius, this "very well-balanced" ski is still remarkably versatile. Obviously, it prefers long turns and speed, but it proved quite capable of rapidly changing radius despite the size of the model reviewed. It smoothly alternates between skid and carve turns, and the latter are especially instinctive. Its consistent behavior and fantastic stability make it a great ski for intermediate riders who can up the pace with confidence and relatively few technical skills. Off-piste, the reviewers felt the ski had "great potential." It's especially good in powder where it glides very well, and its stiffness allows it to cut a path through the crud with ease. The Kendo is one of those skis that's become a real benchmark in its segment. "Very good trail ski with great off-trail potential", it will please a wide range of riders from intermediate to expert. The size reviewed is perfect for heavier riders.

Liked: Good on piste behaviour Great skid turns Intuitive carving Consistent behaviour, reassuring, remains accessible Good off-piste behaviour Float...

Disliked: Needs some technical skills Not so comfortable in short turns ...

Dynastar Speed Master GS R22 [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Already a winner last year, the Speed Master GS with its R22 "racing" plate has reaffirmed its incredible performance this year. Along with its twin, the Rossignol Hero Master, this ski out-paced all the competitors in the "Giant Slalom" category where we're looking, above all, for high-performing skis that nonetheless remain accessible to a non-racing public. The skis mainly stand out for their exceptional performance, including on hard pack at very high speed. Edge grip is faultless. The intuitive nature and smoothness of this super-charged, high-performing Speed Master is astonishing. The ski absolutely "rolls out turns" with no particular steering effort. The ski is also very reassuring, edge hold never seems to falter and the speeds it can reach are unbelievable. Obviously, it's a bit more demanding in shorter radius turns but it's still globally efficient. Featuring the group's R22 plate, the Speed Master from Dynastar and the Hero Master from Rossignol are exceptional skis that we recommend for a wide array of riders. Good and very good riders will love this very efficient and forgiving ski that will help them to up their performance and improve their technique. Expert and competition riders will get a great deal of pleasure out of it as it's more versatile and intuitive than a pure FIS competition ski.

Liked: A pure adrenalin-boosting machine Outstanding performance Incredible grip and stability Consistent, forgiving and relatively accessible Lively ...

Disliked: It's only logical, the ski is less comfortable and more demanding (but still good) in short turns...

Völk Deacon 74 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
While Völkl skis regularly stand at the top of the podium in the PROSKILAB™ All mountain category, piste skis have found it more difficult to feature among the world's top skis. Things change. The reviewers loved the Deacon 74 in this Carvers category where we select high-performing skis that are less demanding than race-inspired skis, but will still boost your adrenalin levels. The ski was a perfect match for the programme. It offers plenty of enjoyment, mainly due to its liveliness and “very consistent" behaviour according to the reviewers. Initiation is fast and intuitive. In turns, the ski is excellent thanks to its immense grip and great stability. The Deacon 74's docile nature and high performance encourages riders to "lay on the pressure", increase their angle and stretch their limits that little bit further. The tool offers lots of room for improvement and riders who want to perfect their technique will love it. The ski loves long turns but requires a bit more effort in short turns. The Völkl Deacon 74 is a highly successful ski that we strongly recommend for a wide public. Good riders will find that it adapts to their needs and will help them to improve their performance. Very good to expert riders will love its consistency and versatility.

Liked: Lively and incisive Great grip Fast and easy turn initiation Versatility and quality in all types of ride: carving, stem, slide... Awesome long tu...

Disliked: More demanding in short turns Slight lack of rebound in turn exit according to some reviewers ...

MX84 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
We pre-reviewed some of the Kästle line in January 2018 and decided to include the most promising models in our PROSKILAB review (2 months later). The MX84 was among the skis selected and, like its big brother the MX 67 in the Carvers category, generated real enthusiasm among the professional reviewers. The ski perfectly matches the category requirements. PROSKILAB's guidelines effectively require a consistent ski that combines performance, comfort and versatility. It features an extremely successful blend of (reasonable) performance, comfort and accessibility. The ski stood out in particular for its comfort and quality of snow contact: The reviewers noted above all "An ultra-comfortable ski with extraordinary snow contact", and its "incredible smoothness." Performance is good, even if it's not quite at the level of the Rossignol Pursuit 800 Ti. Turn control is very good, and the ski is grippy, stable and very reassuring. However, it reaches its limits at high speed and in very aggressive turns. The MX84 from Kästle is a non-technical ski that's very consistent, designed for pleasure on the slopes, thanks to its exceptional comfort and ski/snow contact. A real leisure ski that we recommend for all intermediate to very good riders looking for cruising enjoyment rather than speed.

Liked: Accommodating, requires little technique or engagement Good quality turn control Accessible and forgiving Versatile Exceptional snow contact, rea...

Disliked: Lacks performance and energy at very high speed compared to Rossignol's Pursuit 800 TI ...

Rossignol Hero Master R22 [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The ski is identical to Dynastar’s Speed Master GS R22: Already a medal winner last year, the Hero Master with the R22 race plate confirms its superior performance this year. This ski, along with the Speed Master GS R22 which is its twin, is head and shoulders above its rivals in this "Giant Slalom" category where we're mainly looking for high-performing but accessible skis for a non-race public. The skis stand out above all for their exceptional performance including at high speed on hard pack. In addition, they grip like glue. Incredibly efficient, the Hero Master R22’s intuitive performance and smoothness is awesome. The ski effortlessly "rolls out the turn" without any special steering needed. It's also very reassuring, grip is faultless and riders are amazed at the speeds they can hit. Obviously, it's a bit more demanding in shorter radius turns, but it's still globally efficient. Featuring the group's R22 plate, Rossignol’s Hero Master R22 and Dynastar’s Speed Master GS R22 are exceptional skis that we recommend for a wide range of skiers. Good and very good riders will discover a superbly efficient and forgiving ski that will help them to improve their performance and hone their technique. Expert riders and athletes will find that this ski gives them a great deal of pleasure, but is more versatile and intuitive than a true "FIS" race ski.

Liked: An adrenalin-boosting machine Exceptional performance Phenomenal stability and grip Reassuring, forgiving and relatively accessible Feisty rebo...

Disliked: It’s only natural, the ski is less comfortable and more demanding (but competent) in tight turns...

MX67 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
We pre-tested all of the skis to select the best for the PROSKILAB™ review. In this way, we obtained a limited number of skis with the best possible qualities to meet the PROSKILAB™ guidelines. In January 2018, we tried a few skis from the Kästle line and decided to include some of the models in our 2019 review, including the MX67. It was an excellent decision as the reviewers absolutely loved the ski. A good performer and versatile, it's a truly energetic slalom ski without ever being brutal, encouraging riders to play with it. It gives enormous pleasure as well as being efficient and agile. Snow contact is remarkable and the MX67 is a dream on soft snow. It's not very demanding, although it's not quite so happy in skid turns. Easy, reassuring and adaptable, it will help a good rider move on to very dynamic turns. The reviewers' comments speak for themselves: "Pure bliss", "An awesome ski", "Ultra accessible and ultra playful, I'm going to buy it!" "Best ski" 2019, the MX67 is unquestionably a great success story for Kästle, perfectly matching the criteria for PROSKILAB's "Carvers" category. We recommend this ski for good to expert riders looking for the perfect blend between performance, agility and pleasure.

Liked: Great edge hold and grip Good all round performance Extremely energetic Enjoyable Excellent ski/snow contact, smooth on soft snow Versatile For...

Disliked: Performance less convincing than the Völkl Deacon 74 or the Dynastar Speed Master The ski reaches its limits at very high speed in very dynamic turn...

Black Crows Camox Freebird [click]
Type of ski :
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Already selected and reviewed last year, the Camox Freebird from Black Crows did incredibly well this year with a new version and a new design featuring a "modernised" core. The result is amazing. Its behaviour on the groomed slopes is very adaptive with particularly good grip and outstanding stability. The ski is well-balanced, determined, easy to handle and playful. Off-piste, the ski is faultless, cutting through the crud and the powder with remarkable ease. The weight announced is 1.6 Kg per ski for 171cm, which puts it at the higher end of the spectrum in our comparative review. "The ultimate freeride touring ski", the Camox Freebird is certainly a bit heavier but makes up for this handicap by its perfect behaviour in the descent. We recommend it for all riders looking for a brilliant piste/touring/freeride one-ski quiver. Most of the reviewers felt that 178 cm was a bit short and recommended the longer version (183 cm) for average size riders.

Liked: Overall performance Versatile Consistent, reassuring Good grip Behaves well off piste Performs well in the crud Skid turns ...

Disliked: Slight lack of punch...

Dynastar Speed Zone 7 (Xpress) [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
In this category, we're looking for accessible skis for the weakest riders that will nonetheless help them to progress towards carving. The Speed Zone 7 from Dynastar is a perfect match for the programme. The ski is very accessible, intuitive, easy to handle ("it turns on its own"). Very little physical engagement is needed and the ski responds to the rider's slightest request. With easy rotation (despite a relatively large size: 175 cm) and consistency in skid turns, it's very reassuring for the least experienced riders. For our reviewers, the Speed Zone 7 is a "very good ski to begin with." The reviewers also noted its extremely forgiving nature. In effect, the ski is very forgiving, especially with edge mistakes. But, above all, the Speed Zone 7 is a very adaptable tool. Riders can transition very naturally and smoothly from slow skid turns to carving at medium speed. You'll be surprised how easy carving turns is when you engage a stronger edge angle. "It carves in every position" one reviewer noted. Very stable (true, this was helped by the size of the model reviewed), the Speed Zone 7 can accelerate again and again to reach higher (but still reasonable) speeds. The ski's easy handling and smooth turns, especially on soft snow, make it extremely enjoyable. The Speed Zone 7 is a perfect ski for this programme. It will help riders to master the snow plough or the stem and to make easy progress to parallel skid turns, followed by clean arcs and carving, while gradually stepping up their speed. In short, it's one of the best skis on the market for riders who want to make technical progress.

Liked: Accessible Consistent and reassuring Forgiving Easy rotation Happy in long and short turns Comfortable in skid turns Stable ...

Disliked: Slightly more demanding in short turns...

Head Kore 93 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Already scoring well last year, the Kore 93 came first this year in softer spring snow conditions, which means it's made a well-deserved entry among the top-performing benchmarks in this All Mountain freeride segment like the Stormrider 95, the Mantra or the Enforcer 100. The ski is extremely versatile. It’s a true all-mountain ski that's as happy on freshly groomed runs as on deep or crusty snow. It's remarkably accessible, including on tricky terrain and is particularly docile. You'll get to grips with it immediately. Forgiving and intuitive, it asks for very little from the rider. It's extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun, especially on soft snow where snow/ski contact is remarkable. However, it remains solid when you put on the pressure and up the pace. The ski is responsive and grippy and is "very consistent in turns" according to the reviewers. The Kore 93 is a very successful ski, displaying a combination of user-friendliness, really easy handling and a playful character. We recommend it for a wide range of riders, from intermediate looking to take their first steps off piste to experts who want a good combination of comfort and performance.

Liked: Excellent off-piste behaviour Versatile Handles well Good grip Light Accessible and intuitive Good fun ...

Disliked: Needs some speed for best results...

Dynastar Speed Elite [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Speed Elite from Dynastar got this year's "Best ski 2019" award for this category. The ski is clearly designed for performance and its short radius (13m) makes it hard to hide its slalom origins. It's great in all areas, including at high speed. Turn initiation is incisive, with rapid edge to edge, great stability in turns and fantastic punch at the end of turns, making it a very energetic model that will give a lot of pleasure. The ski is not excessively demanding. Its overall behaviour is very consistent and reassuring and experienced riders will get the hang of it very fast. The ski needs to be driven however, with well-dosed pressure (especially at the end of turns where the rebound may be destabilising) and it needs a little engagement. It's perfect for riders that already master carved turns well. Very adaptable, it can help riders move on to more technical turns. The Speed Elite is an excellent ski for sporty riders looking for a very dynamic ski but that's not as demanding as a competition ski.

Liked: Good overall performance Stable and reassuring Responsive Lively and dynamic Great rebound on turn exit An adaptable ski, will help riders to...

Disliked: Requires some technical know-how...

K2 Alluvit 88 TI [click]
Type of ski :
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The PROSKILAB reviewers were surprised by the excellent all-mountain skis in K2's Pinnacle series, which stood out for their great compromise between facility and performance. In this "women's all mountain" category, the All-LUvit 88 shines in the same way thanks to its balance and adaptability. The ski is happy on all terrains. On the piste, it's remarkable for its overall performance and the enjoyment it gives its riders. Carve turns are consistent and the Alluvit 88 Ti is particularly comfortable in long turns where the ski is quite simply majestic. It's extremely stable and grippy, although its light weight does appear to affect its precision to some extent. Its lightness and the fact that it doesn't require too much physical engagement were frequently highlighted. Off-piste, its lightness is an advantage due to the more vertical effort needed. It doesn't affect the passage through uneven snow, which is excellent. The ski can handle anything with the greatest of ease. The Alluvit 88 Ti is a good all-mountain ski that we warmly recommend for intermediate to excellent riders looking for a versatile, very user-friendly ski, that's comfortable and will give its riders a lot of pleasure. It's also a good ski to begin your first steps off-piste.

Liked: Light Good overall performance Grippy Excellent adaptability Versatile Fun Smooth in long turns Performs well in the crud Comfortable ...

Disliked: Less happy in short turns Lacks precision ...

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