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Ski Review 2019


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K2 Alluvit 88 TI [click]
Type of ski :
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The PROSKILAB reviewers were surprised by the excellent all-mountain skis in K2's Pinnacle series, which stood out for their great compromise between facility and performance. In this "women's all mountain" category, the All-LUvit 88 shines in the same way thanks to its balance and adaptability. The ski is happy on all terrains. On the piste, it's remarkable for its overall performance and the enjoyment it gives its riders. Carve turns are consistent and the Alluvit 88 Ti is particularly comfortable in long turns where the ski is quite simply majestic. It's extremely stable and grippy, although its light weight does appear to affect its precision to some extent. Its lightness and the fact that it doesn't require too much physical engagement were frequently highlighted. Off-piste, its lightness is an advantage due to the more vertical effort needed. It doesn't affect the passage through uneven snow, which is excellent. The ski can handle anything with the greatest of ease. The Alluvit 88 Ti is a good all-mountain ski that we warmly recommend for intermediate to excellent riders looking for a versatile, very user-friendly ski, that's comfortable and will give its riders a lot of pleasure. It's also a good ski to begin your first steps off-piste.

Liked: Light Good overall performance Grippy Excellent adaptability Versatile Fun Smooth in long turns Performs well in the crud Comfortable ...

Disliked: Less happy in short turns Lacks precision ...

Völk Yumi [click]
Type of ski :

Völkl's reputation for all mountain skis is well established. The brand has been at the forefront of the market for several years with products that are benchmarks, like the Mantra or the Kendo for men. Unlike the brand's best sellers for men, which are geared more towards performance, the Yumi is extremely user-friendly. The ski is especially happy on the piste. With smooth turn entry, it's stable, grippy and has good rebound coming out of turns. It's a lively ski that will give a lot of pleasure... More of an all-rounder than a true all-mountain tool, it shows its limits off-piste. The reviewers were disappointed with the narrow size at the waist (84 mm) which reduces float in powder. An excellent all-round ski (85% piste/15% off-piste), the Yumi is a great choice for all intermediate to very good riders looking for an easy and enjoyable piste ski for all snow conditions and a few off-piste rides when the conditions are right.

Liked: Behaves well on the piste User-friendly Playful Consistent and reassuring ...

Disliked: Not quite as convincing off-piste ...

Stöckli Stormrider 85 Motion [click]
Type of ski :

"Best ski" last year, the Stormrider 85 from Stöckli remains at the top of the market like its big brothers in the men's categories. The Stormrider 85 stands out on the piste for its excellent grip and outstanding stability. The ski responds powerfully and fast and is comfortable in all areas, especially in long turns. Off-piste, the reviewers liked the ski's ability to cut through tricky snow, to ride happily over the powder, and its easy handling qualities. The ski is exceptionally versatile and it's difficult to find conditions in which it doesn't feel comfortable. Its behaviour is also very solid, whether on the piste or in freeride. The Stormrider 85 is remarkably predictable and reassuring, particularly stable at high speed. On the other hand, even though it is easy to figure out how to use this ski, it is a little more demanding than the other models in this test, and you will need to drive the ski, especially in short turns. The Stormrider 85 is unquestionably one of the best skis on the market and will enchant all good to expert riders who want a ski that's extremely efficient on the piste and yet displays great freeride potential at the same time.

Liked: Excellent behaviour on the piste Very good grip Smooth in long turns Stable Very reassuring Good in the crud Float in powder Easy to handl...

Disliked: Sluggish return from pressure off-piste A bit more demanding ...

Black Crows Vertis Birdie [click]
Type of ski :

The Vertis Birdie, with its Freeride DNA, is a perfect match for the PROSKILAB guidelines for this category. Despite its 85 mm at the waist, the ski can't hide its origins and is particularly comfortable off-piste. The reviewers were full of praise for its fantastic accessibility. Riders who want to discover the joys of the powder without having a stick that's too wide underfoot will simply love it. It behaves well in the crud and float is very good for the size underfoot. On the groomed runs, the ski is not very incisive and lacks punch, but it does its job perfectly as long as you're not too aggressive. We recommend the Vertis Birdie for intermediate to very good riders who want a consistent and enjoyable ski for the piste and an easy tool for off-piste.

Liked: User-friendly, especially off-piste A good all mountain ski Great in the crud Consistent Accessible for all publics ...

Disliked: A bit less comfortable on the groomers Lacks rebound ...

Head Great Joy [click]
Type of ski :

With an impressive 98 mm underfoot, the Great Joy goes way beyond the PROSKILAB guidelines for this category. This no-surprise freeride-style ski behaves well off-piste and has excellent float in powder. Its behaviour on the groomed runs is fine, and the PROSKILAB reviewers especially liked the easy turn initiation and stability in long turns at high speed. On the other hand, the reviewers regretted a lack of agility and a certain inertia. The ski turns well but kicks back little energy. It's demanding and needs to be steered. The Great joy is a good ski for physically empowered riders for all mountain freeride outings. Heavier, more athletic riders will probably prefer the excellent Kore 93 (in the right size), reviewed for men and best ski 2019 in the All Mountain freeride category.

Liked: Great in powder, good float Behaves well on soft snow Stable, reassuring Smooth long turn carves ...

Disliked: Less exciting on the piste Displays inertia Demanding Lacks rebound ...

Nordica Santa Ana 93 [click]
Type of ski :

The Santa Ana 93 is the narrowest in the Santa Ana all-mountain and freeski line. On the groomed runs, the ski was notable for its liveliness and the grip provided by the ski's tail as long as you don't ride it too far forward. The ski is relatively snappy for this category and super fun in short turns. Off-piste, it floats easily in powder and cuts through chopped-up snow because it has a relatively wide waist, for this category. The reviewers found the ski soft at the tip and stiff in the tail, which meant that riders need time to adapt to it, and need to find the right positioning. While the stiff tail boosts grip, the softer tip means rides are less incisive on hard pack. The Santa Ana 93 is a great solution for good riders who want a very versatile all-mountain ski.

Liked: Versatile Great piste/off-piste compromise Manoeuvrable, easy turn initiation Comfortable in short turns Good skid/carving transition Incisiv...

Disliked: Inconsistent flex, soft at the tip and stiff in the tail Needs time to adapt and good positioning Floats at high speed on hard pack ...

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