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Ski Review 2019

All Mountain 50/50


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Head Kore 93 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Already scoring well last year, the Kore 93 came first this year in softer spring snow conditions, which means it's made a well-deserved entry among the top-performing benchmarks in this All Mountain freeride segment like the Stormrider 95, the Mantra or the Enforcer 100. The ski is extremely versatile. It’s a true all-mountain ski that's as happy on freshly groomed runs as on deep or crusty snow. It's remarkably accessible, including on tricky terrain and is particularly docile. You'll get to grips with it immediately. Forgiving and intuitive, it asks for very little from the rider. It's extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun, especially on soft snow where snow/ski contact is remarkable. However, it remains solid when you put on the pressure and up the pace. The ski is responsive and grippy and is "very consistent in turns" according to the reviewers. The Kore 93 is a very successful ski, displaying a combination of user-friendliness, really easy handling and a playful character. We recommend it for a wide range of riders, from intermediate looking to take their first steps off piste to experts who want a good combination of comfort and performance.

Liked: Excellent off-piste behaviour Versatile Handles well Good grip Light Accessible and intuitive Good fun ...

Disliked: Needs some speed for best results...

Völk M5 Mantra [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Best performance!Best performance!
The new (5th) generation Mantra from Völkl has been entirely redesigned. The structure has changed with the inclusion of a Titanal frame all round the ski instead of the traditional plates inserted in the core. Given the large number of questions we get about this, we'd like to remind you that Titanal is the trade name given to an aluminium based alloy with excellent mechanical properties. It has nothing to do with titanium, which is in fact completely absent from its composition. The size of the waist has been drastically reduced, losing 4 cm (from 100 mm to 96 mm) and making turn radius more reasonable. The ski is easier to handle but has still kept most of its character. Our reviewers noted the ski's potential both on and off piste. The use of Titanal around the skis contour does not affect its rigidity and the M5 remains a stiff ski. Its grip and stability are impressive, and the reviewers particularly liked the fact that the ski was "hooked once in the turn." Despite its relative shortness (177 cm), the ski's grip and stability "make you want to go fast". Its off-piste behaviour is good and it's especially comfortable in the crud. However, it does need a certain amount of physical engagement and technical skill, and is not particularly forgiving. The new M5 from Mantra has inherited many of its predecessors' qualities. We found the ski easier to handle but not necessarily more supportive than previous versions. We recommend this ski for good to expert riders looking for a high-performance tool that's as happy on the piste as in freeride.

Liked: A fast and high-performing ski Stable at high speed Good grip Holds well in turns Passage in the crud Enjoys short turns ...

Disliked: Far more agile than its predecessors, the Mantra M5 remains a technically and physically demanding ski, which needs time to adapt to. ...

Stöckli Stormrider 95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Voted "Best ski" last year, the Stormrider 95 lost a few slots this season in the milder snow conditions. It nonetheless remains a reference in this market segment. The ski has effectively retained all of its qualities. Its behaviour is remarkably reassuring both on and off the runs, and it is predictable and surprise free. It's incredibly easy to control and extremely simple to use. Relatively stiff, the reviewers also noted its remarkable stability and its capacity to absorb uneven terrain. Its capacity to adapt to choppy snow and crud are impressive: the ski ploughs through deep snow without losing any of its stiffness. The Stormrider 95 is a great ski for anyone looking for a high-performing tool to take both on and off the marked runs, and will please all good to expert riders (with a nice thick wallet).

Liked: Consistent Versatile both on and off piste Stable Rides well in the crud and spring snow Reassuring, predictable behaviour ...

Disliked: In softer snow conditions, the reviewers regretted a slight lack of punch, especially compared to the more playful Kore 93 ...

Rossignol Experience 94 TI [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

We've been reviewing Rossignol's Experience for many years now... Our reviewers have frequently criticized the skis for being too focused on the world of the groomers, with strongly shaped designs and radical tips. In January 2018, Rossignol told us it had taken our comments into account (and no doubt those of other reviews too) when it presented us with the new Experience line with straighter shapes and more adaptive tips and rockers. The result of these changes is extremely positive. The Experience 94 Ti has pulled itself up to the top level thanks to the ski's performance both on and off piste as well as its impressive accessibility. It's effectively an "easy ski", "reassuring", "accessible to everyone"... Easy to get to grips with, it's consistent and reassuring, especially for riders taking their first steps off the groomed runs. An "excellent piste ski", the Experience 94 performs well, is grippy, reassuring and can easily switch turns. Unexpectedly (given the size of the model tested), the ski is "very playful" and lots of fun for the rider. The reviewers noted a considerable improvement in the off-piste behaviour of this new generation. The ski is now a real all-mountain freeride ski that's comfortable in all snow conditions, including tricky snow. The reviewers tested the 187cm ski on relatively soft snow (like all the other models in this category). It's therefore logical to expect less performance on hard pack with shorter skis. But the ski's qualities and the progress the brand has made are undeniable. The Experience 94 Ti is a must for all riders looking for a genuine one-ski quiver with a focus on agility and a good deal of performance. We recommend it for all good to excellent skiers of small to average size who're looking above all for simplicity and pleasure. The 187cm that we reviewed would be best for heavier or extremely athletic riders, while the others would probably be better off with the 180cm.

Liked: Versatile both on and off piste Reassuring Very stable Ploughs through the crud Great curve control Great long and short turn control ...

Disliked: Less convincing at high speeds ...

Nordica Enforcer 100 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Another legendary ski, the PROSKILAB 2016 reviewers were extremely impressed by the Enforcer 100 from Nordica which has won a "Best ski" distinction in the past. The ski is frequently selected in the PROSKILAB review and continually does well but it lost a few places this year due to the arrival of new rivals (especially the Expérience 94 Ti) and softer snow conditions. The piste/off-piste mix is still very well-balanced. The ski performs well on the groomers. With good flex distribution, the reviewers noted its easy turn initiation, its turn performance and stability at high speed. In long turns, the ski grips hard and is "smooth and comfortable." Off-piste, the comfortable underfoot width (100 mm) boosts its float and capacity to ride through tricky snow. This relatively stiff ski performs well in the crud, apart from the tip that's a bit too soft and at times tends to brake (we already noted this behaviour last year). Some reviewers regretted a lack of agility due to its weight (around 2.2kg per ski) and noted some fishtail behaviour. The Enforcer 100 is a great choice for intermediary to excellent riders who love long stretched-out turns on both the piste and in freeride.

Liked: Versatile both on and off piste Competent Stable Excellent behaviour on groomed runs Fluid in long turns ...

Disliked: Not so hot in short turns A bit too much flex in the tip which hampers rides through the crud Inertia ...

Zag H-95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Selected for the PROSKILAB review for several seasons now, the H-95 from ZAG is one of the best skis in this market segment. Unfortunately, the reviewers detected erratic behaviour that was probably due to a technical preparation problem: unpredictable initiation, temperamental turn control, unreliable pressure... As a result, we decided not to review the ski this year and to try again next year. As far as we know, the ski hasn't changed, and we suggest that our readers check out the PROSKILAB 2018 review and other 2019 reviews on the GEARSCORE platform.

Liked: Not reviewed...

Disliked: Not reviewed...

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