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Ski Review 2019

Men's high-end


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MX84 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
We pre-reviewed some of the Kästle line in January 2018 and decided to include the most promising models in our PROSKILAB review (2 months later). The MX84 was among the skis selected and, like its big brother the MX 67 in the Carvers category, generated real enthusiasm among the professional reviewers. The ski perfectly matches the category requirements. PROSKILAB's guidelines effectively require a consistent ski that combines performance, comfort and versatility. It features an extremely successful blend of (reasonable) performance, comfort and accessibility. The ski stood out in particular for its comfort and quality of snow contact: The reviewers noted above all "An ultra-comfortable ski with extraordinary snow contact", and its "incredible smoothness." Performance is good, even if it's not quite at the level of the Rossignol Pursuit 800 Ti. Turn control is very good, and the ski is grippy, stable and very reassuring. However, it reaches its limits at high speed and in very aggressive turns. The MX84 from Kästle is a non-technical ski that's very consistent, designed for pleasure on the slopes, thanks to its exceptional comfort and ski/snow contact. A real leisure ski that we recommend for all intermediate to very good riders looking for cruising enjoyment rather than speed.

Liked: Accommodating, requires little technique or engagement Good quality turn control Accessible and forgiving Versatile Exceptional snow contact, rea...

Disliked: Lacks performance and energy at very high speed compared to Rossignol's Pursuit 800 TI ...

Nordica GT Speed Machine 80 FDT [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The Speed Machine 80 FDT from Nordica is packed with energy. "A fabulous, responsive and incisive ski" according to our reviewers, it’s clearly designed for performance. The grip, stability and turn hold quality were especially noticeable. The ski nonetheless corresponds to the requirement for versatility for this category. It can cover every eventuality, and will alternate carving and skid turns, short and long turns depending on the rider’s mood. One reviewer summed up the ski’s qualities perfectly: "Fantastic! Easy and effective carving and smooth and forgiving carving". The reviewers were full of praise for its carving performance with aggressively edgy angles in turns. They’re very easy and smooth, making the ski really playful and great fun. We recommend the GT Speed Machine 80 FDT for good to excellent riders, especially carving fans.

Liked: Good overall performance Incisive Easy carving Loves long turns Versatile Grip and turn hold ...

Disliked: The ski needs more engagement in short turns although it still performs very well Slight lack of comfort and accessibility for this category ...

Rossignol Pursuit 800 TI [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Best performance!Best performance!
The Pursuit 800 Ti from Rossignol is a very versatile ski. When cruising (as long as it stays in carving mode since it’s a tad less at ease in skid turns), the ski is easy to handle, comfortable, enjoyable and versatile. But it's when you step up the pace that the ski shows its real character… and what character! As you pile on the pressure, the ski seems to just want more. The reviewers were clear: "A super performer and raring to go", "energetic and grippy", "made to carve", "incisive", "just wants to play"... The reviewers couldn't praise it enough. The ski's grip, turn control and ability to take the edge in carving were particularly appreciated. We highly recommend the Pursuit 800 Ti for good to expert riders who want a good one-ski quiver. The ski will also help good riders achieve more technical and more radical turns. Riders who haven't yet mastered carved turns would probably be better off with an MX84 from Kästle.

Liked: Top flight performance Incisive Good grip Great carving qualities Versatile ...

Disliked: Demanding, not as accessible as some other skis Less convincing in skid turns ...

K2 iKonic 84 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The iKonic 84 from K2 exists in two relatively different versions: the iKonic 84 and the iKonic 84 Ti, which is stiffer. We reviewed the first version and were not disappointed. The ski does exactly what it's supposed to for this category where the PROSKILAB guidelines demand consistent skis that combine performance, comfort and user-friendliness. The iKonic 84 matches the criteria perfectly. While it doesn't necessarily shine in every area, it "does the job" in all situations. The reviewers noted its accessibility above all. Despite its slightly less convincing skid turns, it's a docile ski that's easy to ride and forgiving. We recommend the iKonic 84 for good to very good riders who know how to carve and are looking for an easy, consistent ski.

Liked: Stability Long turns Grip Generally versatile Easy turn initiation User-friendly ...

Disliked: Less convincing in skid turns More demanding in short turns Less comfortable at high speed ...

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti (Konect) [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

Dazzling holder of a PROSKILAB "Best ski" award last year and scoring very well in many other reviews, the Speed Zone 12 Ti remains well placed in this selection of the best skis on the market. However, it lost a few places on the scoreboard, probably due to the arrival of new competitors, softer snow conditions and slight changes to the ski's structure (the Active Air Core wood core is lighter). The ski has excellent qualities overall. It's very well-balanced and offers good performance and comfort overall. Its character is consistent and it's extremely reassuring. The ski is globally efficient and enjoyable. However, the reviewers felt that its behaviour was less intuitive than last year and while it's very comfortable in its carving radius, it appears to find it difficult to adapt to other types of ride and needs careful positioning. The Speed Zone 12 Ti is now a benchmark in this programme and we recommend it for good to very good riders looking for an easy carving ski.

Liked: Accessible Versatile Good carving performance Grippy ...

Disliked: Finds it difficult to move away from its radius Skid turns fall short Needs good positioning ...

Head V-Shape 8 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

Relatively flexible, the V-Shape 8 is closer to an adaptive ski, lacking some of the agility needed for this category. The ski is really enjoyable as long as you don't try to go too fast. Light, smooth, gentle and accommodating, it will forgive errors and deliver great sensations. However, when you step up the pace on hard pack and steep slopes, the ski quickly shows its limits. Grip is less solid and turns start to wobble. The V-Shape 8 is a good ski with the accent on accessibility and comfort at moderate speed. We recommend it for average to good, light to medium-size riders looking for pleasure and effortless performance mainly for leisure use.

Liked: A light ski Accessible Enjoyable Enjoys carving at cruising speeds Easy to handle ...

Disliked: Flexible Performance more limited at high speed, on hard pack and steep slopes Not suitable for heavier riders ...

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