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Ski Review 2019



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K2 Konic 78 [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

K2 regularly treats the reviewers to skis that offer a well-balanced compromise, with a clever combination of access, comfort and performance. The Konic 78 is just such a tool and was judged one of the best skis in this category. We're looking for user-friendly skis for technically weak riders, but that also offer good potential for progress, helping riders to develop more technical turns, especially carving. The ski is remarkably accessible. In the reviewers' words, the ski is "simple to get to grips with" and you “immediately feel good." Rotation and turn initiation are easy and intuitive. Behaviour is consistent and predictable in all situations. Skid turns are enjoyable and consistent as long as you don't lean too far and/or you're positioned slightly back, as the ski tail tends to grip, great for slicing clean turns. Carving initiation is certainly very easy... According to the reviewers, you just need to bend slightly forward to effortlessly get the ski into a carve ("you lean forward and it carves"). The ski flexes and slides through the turn with unerring ease. Like the Speed Zone 7, the Konic 78 clearly meets the PROSKILAB guidelines for this category by its user-friendliness and its potential to help riders progress to carving. It's a bit more technical than the Dynastar though, especially in skid turns. It's an excellent choice for relatively good riders who enjoy parallel and skid turns and also want to move on to carving.

Liked: Rotation, turn initiation Consistent and adaptable behaviour Stability Happy in long turns Easy carve turn initiation ...

Disliked: Not quite so happy in short turns Tail could hamper skid turns if you're not well positioned ...

K2 Pinnacle 85 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
Our professional reviewers loved the Pinnacle 85 from K2: "a ski with a soul", and "has a real personality". "Very versatile and closer to an all mountain/freeride", the ski displays excellent off-piste behaviour, helped by a large rocker. Accessibility is excellent. Its behaviour is consistent, forgiving and it remains docile in all circumstances, while the rocker assists turn entry. The ski is very lively and playful, especially at medium speeds. Its short radius (15 m at 177 cm), fast and intuitive turn initiation and good grip make it a particularly dynamic tool. Playful and agile, riders will get a lot of enjoyment from it. The Pinnacle 85 is an excellent choice for intermediate to very good riders who want an agile, lively ski for all snow conditions and all terrains.

Liked: Good fun Lively and playful Good grip Versatile Great off-piste behaviour Enjoyable up to medium speeds ...

Disliked: Limited at high speed...

K2 Wayback 96 [click]
Type of ski :

Selected again for the PROSKILAB review this year, the Wayback 96 from K2 confirms its excellent behaviour (already noted last year). The ski boasts a very progressive flex that makes it remarkably smooth and fun to ski. The Wayback 96 is happy in all relatively soft snow conditions, including groomed runs. Despite being easily accessible, the ski has punch and offers first-rate performance. The very well-balanced flex provides solid grip that is useful on steep slopes and helps it to soar through the crud. At 1.4 kg per ski (announced by K2) for 177cm, the Wayback 96 is among the lightest skis in this section. Judged "perfect for this Freerando programme" (Freeride touring) where we're mainly looking for lightness for the uphill climb and performance in the descent, the Wayback 96 is a good choice for intermediary to very good skiers.

Liked: Accessible, consistent, reassuring Versatile, happy in all snow conditions Happy on the groomers Progressive flex ...

Disliked: Limited at high speed ...

K2 Endless Luv [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Endless Luv is a great surprise from K2. "Easy, simple and comfortable", the ski won over several of the PROSKILAB reviewers. As is often the case with K2, the ski stands out for its balanced flex, its very adaptable character and the judicious balance between smoothness, comfort and user-friendliness. This "very easy to handle" ski is especially docile and reassuring, and accessible to riders with very few technical skills. The ski's comfort and capacity to absorb the terrain with very little engagement required are remarkable. Icing on the cake, the ski is really smooth and fun on soft snow. The Endless Luv is also perfectly capable of stepping up the pace when riders want to put on the pressure. Performance is very good for this category and its turn initiation, grip and turn behaviour is excellent, although not quite up to the standard of the Dynastar. On the other hand, its rebound coming out of turns tends to lack a bit of punch. The combination of performance and user-friendliness makes it an especially enjoyable ski, that's adaptable and will help riders move on to the next level. The Endless Luv is the perfect tool for all intermediary riders who want to progress with confidence, or good riders looking for a particularly docile and comfortable ski.

Liked: Very comfortable Accessible Good performance Needs little engagement Consistent Grippy Highly adaptable ...

Disliked: Timid rebound at the end of turns Slight lack of character compared to some of its rivals ...

K2 iKonic 84 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The iKonic 84 from K2 exists in two relatively different versions: the iKonic 84 and the iKonic 84 Ti, which is stiffer. We reviewed the first version and were not disappointed. The ski does exactly what it's supposed to for this category where the PROSKILAB guidelines demand consistent skis that combine performance, comfort and user-friendliness. The iKonic 84 matches the criteria perfectly. While it doesn't necessarily shine in every area, it "does the job" in all situations. The reviewers noted its accessibility above all. Despite its slightly less convincing skid turns, it's a docile ski that's easy to ride and forgiving. We recommend the iKonic 84 for good to very good riders who know how to carve and are looking for an easy, consistent ski.

Liked: Stability Long turns Grip Generally versatile Easy turn initiation User-friendly ...

Disliked: Less convincing in skid turns More demanding in short turns Less comfortable at high speed ...

K2 Alluvit 88 TI [click]
Type of ski :
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The PROSKILAB reviewers were surprised by the excellent all-mountain skis in K2's Pinnacle series, which stood out for their great compromise between facility and performance. In this "women's all mountain" category, the All-LUvit 88 shines in the same way thanks to its balance and adaptability. The ski is happy on all terrains. On the piste, it's remarkable for its overall performance and the enjoyment it gives its riders. Carve turns are consistent and the Alluvit 88 Ti is particularly comfortable in long turns where the ski is quite simply majestic. It's extremely stable and grippy, although its light weight does appear to affect its precision to some extent. Its lightness and the fact that it doesn't require too much physical engagement were frequently highlighted. Off-piste, its lightness is an advantage due to the more vertical effort needed. It doesn't affect the passage through uneven snow, which is excellent. The ski can handle anything with the greatest of ease. The Alluvit 88 Ti is a good all-mountain ski that we warmly recommend for intermediate to excellent riders looking for a versatile, very user-friendly ski, that's comfortable and will give its riders a lot of pleasure. It's also a good ski to begin your first steps off-piste.

Liked: Light Good overall performance Grippy Excellent adaptability Versatile Fun Smooth in long turns Performs well in the crud Comfortable ...

Disliked: Less happy in short turns Lacks precision ...

K2 Speed Charger [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

It really lives up to its name... and well deserves its place among the best skis on the market. Reviewed too short (168 cm) last year, K2's Speed Charger is back this year at 175 cm, a size that's far better adapted to its programme. The extra length significantly improved its long turn performance, as well as its grip and cutting-edge pace that are the tool's strong points. The Speed Charger is shamelessly designed for speed. Stability is exceptional ("as if on rails in long turns") and is reassuring for riders who love ripping across the groomed slopes. An absolute rocket that needs lots of space to get the most out of it on the piste. Once out of its field of predilection (in which it excels), the Speed Charger is a bit more timid. It's less adaptable at slower speeds, a bit more demanding in short turns, and not so smooth on soft snow. While many of the skis reviewed in this category flaunt their liveliness and performance in tight turns, the Speed Charger offers a different programme that puts the emphasis on stability and performance in long arcs. The Speed Charger is a very good ski that we recommend for good to very good riders who live for long turns and speed.

Liked: Exceptional in long turns Great grip and turn control Outstanding stability Acceleration in turns ...

Disliked: A stiff ski that's more demanding in short turns Not very smooth in soft snow Needs good positioning ...

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