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Ski Review 2019



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Nordica GT Speed Machine 80 FDT [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The Speed Machine 80 FDT from Nordica is packed with energy. "A fabulous, responsive and incisive ski" according to our reviewers, it’s clearly designed for performance. The grip, stability and turn hold quality were especially noticeable. The ski nonetheless corresponds to the requirement for versatility for this category. It can cover every eventuality, and will alternate carving and skid turns, short and long turns depending on the rider’s mood. One reviewer summed up the ski’s qualities perfectly: "Fantastic! Easy and effective carving and smooth and forgiving carving". The reviewers were full of praise for its carving performance with aggressively edgy angles in turns. They’re very easy and smooth, making the ski really playful and great fun. We recommend the GT Speed Machine 80 FDT for good to excellent riders, especially carving fans.

Liked: Good overall performance Incisive Easy carving Loves long turns Versatile Grip and turn hold ...

Disliked: The ski needs more engagement in short turns although it still performs very well Slight lack of comfort and accessibility for this category ...

Nordica Dobermann GSR RB FDT [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

The Dobermann GSR RB FDT is a tale in its own right. We can guess that GSR means "Giant Slalom Race", we know that RB means "Racing Bridge" but we're still trying to find what FDT means, although it seems to be linked to the plate which, in this case, is the firm's own "Recoil plate”. The ski is efficient and responsive. Edge hold is excellent and the Dobermann GSR RB FDT clings to every turn, even at high speed. After ringing the praises of the skis' qualities, the reviewers nonetheless regretted the lack of accessibility. The ski is both physically and technically demanding and needs to be steered with the right positioning. The Dobermann GSR RB FDT is an elite-level ski geared towards a very athletic expert skier.

Liked: Responsive Stable Great speed performance Excellent grip and hold Superb turn initiation ...

Disliked: Technically and physically demanding Difficult to get to grips with You need to find the right positioning ...

Nordica Dobermann Spitfire TI FDT [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Doberman Spitfire TI FDT spits fire... Maybe a bit too much for this category where we're looking above all for accessible skis that beginners can handle. The ski displays truly high-powered quality. Turn initiation, edge to edge, carving precision and stability are all very good. A "good carving ski", it's literally glued to the turn, even at high speed and doesn't mind being handled on edge. Despite its many qualities, the Dobermann Spitfire TI FDT does not fit into the programme, as its too technical and demanding for beginners or false beginners. On the other hand, it's an excellent ski for riders who already master skid parallel turns and want to move on to carving or to improve their performance.

Liked: Overall performance Slicing arcs and carving Grip and rebound Overall pleasure ...

Disliked: Lacks accessibility Skid turns less conclusive ...

Nordica Enforcer 100 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Another legendary ski, the PROSKILAB 2016 reviewers were extremely impressed by the Enforcer 100 from Nordica which has won a "Best ski" distinction in the past. The ski is frequently selected in the PROSKILAB review and continually does well but it lost a few places this year due to the arrival of new rivals (especially the Expérience 94 Ti) and softer snow conditions. The piste/off-piste mix is still very well-balanced. The ski performs well on the groomers. With good flex distribution, the reviewers noted its easy turn initiation, its turn performance and stability at high speed. In long turns, the ski grips hard and is "smooth and comfortable." Off-piste, the comfortable underfoot width (100 mm) boosts its float and capacity to ride through tricky snow. This relatively stiff ski performs well in the crud, apart from the tip that's a bit too soft and at times tends to brake (we already noted this behaviour last year). Some reviewers regretted a lack of agility due to its weight (around 2.2kg per ski) and noted some fishtail behaviour. The Enforcer 100 is a great choice for intermediary to excellent riders who love long stretched-out turns on both the piste and in freeride.

Liked: Versatile both on and off piste Competent Stable Excellent behaviour on groomed runs Fluid in long turns ...

Disliked: Not so hot in short turns A bit too much flex in the tip which hampers rides through the crud Inertia ...

Nordica Enforcer 93 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30

While the Enforcer 100 regularly does well in the all mountain/freeride category, the Enforcer 93 finds it more difficult to do well in this programme. Its overall behaviour is good, both on and off the groomed runs and it performs well in every situation. We got mixed reviews for the Enforcer 93's behaviour at low speeds. Our expert (non professional) reviewers had a very positive opinion of the ski, while the professional reviewers were less enthusiastic, pointing to a certain degree of inertia. We recommend this ski for fast and sporty riders who want a versatile ski that's extremely happy at high speed.

Liked: Good overall performance Stable and comfortable at high speed Loves long turns Great in the crud ...

Disliked: Lack of response and agility, especially at lower speeds Rotation and skid turns Needs some physical engagement ...

Nordica Santa Ana 93 [click]
Type of ski :

The Santa Ana 93 is the narrowest in the Santa Ana all-mountain and freeski line. On the groomed runs, the ski was notable for its liveliness and the grip provided by the ski's tail as long as you don't ride it too far forward. The ski is relatively snappy for this category and super fun in short turns. Off-piste, it floats easily in powder and cuts through chopped-up snow because it has a relatively wide waist, for this category. The reviewers found the ski soft at the tip and stiff in the tail, which meant that riders need time to adapt to it, and need to find the right positioning. While the stiff tail boosts grip, the softer tip means rides are less incisive on hard pack. The Santa Ana 93 is a great solution for good riders who want a very versatile all-mountain ski.

Liked: Versatile Great piste/off-piste compromise Manoeuvrable, easy turn initiation Comfortable in short turns Good skid/carving transition Incisiv...

Disliked: Inconsistent flex, soft at the tip and stiff in the tail Needs time to adapt and good positioning Floats at high speed on hard pack ...

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