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Ski Review 2019



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Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti R22 [click]
Type of ski : Slalom
Best performance!Best performance!
The Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti is regularly selected for review by PROSKILAB and is frequently picked among the winners. Reviewed last year (to our great regret) with the general public "Konect" plate, it offered a good compromise between performance, accessibility and pleasure, but was not quite good enough to convince the reviewers eager for performance. It’s back again this year with a much sharper shape and the R22 WC plate from Rossignol. We’ve discussed the impact of plates on the behaviour of skis many times in the past, especially on competition models. The Hero Elite ST Ti is no different and this change has given it an extra dash of energy that’s especially welcome in the Slalom category. Forget about the somewhat insipid and forgiving nature of the model reviewed last year... The Hero Elite ST Ti with its competition plate is now a weapon of war, designed for a truly athletic public. Performance is exceptional, and the reviewers were full of praise: "razor sharp turn entry", "outstanding grip", "sensational exit". The ski is incredibly efficient in every area, including in long drawn out turns. The ski needs focus and a certain number of technical skills, but it’s not exclusively reserved for high flyers. You can ride at intermediary speeds and the ski is even happy to take you for a gentle cruise along the piste. Its overall behaviour, while highly performance-oriented, remains reassuring, and it won't try to trip you up. The Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti, with its R22 plate, is a punchy ski that will thrill good to very good athletic riders, experts and competitors who want to hit the runs flying. Skiers looking for a bit more comfort and forgiveness will probably prefer the SLX Fusion from Elan.

Liked: Outstanding performance Excellent hold whatever the radius, very precise turns A truly dynamic ski with lively rebound Reasonably accessible given...

Disliked: The ski needs good steering and handling skills with correct centre/forward positioning Needs good technical skills to get the most out of it ...

Rossignol Hero Master R22 [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The ski is identical to Dynastar’s Speed Master GS R22: Already a medal winner last year, the Hero Master with the R22 race plate confirms its superior performance this year. This ski, along with the Speed Master GS R22 which is its twin, is head and shoulders above its rivals in this "Giant Slalom" category where we're mainly looking for high-performing but accessible skis for a non-race public. The skis stand out above all for their exceptional performance including at high speed on hard pack. In addition, they grip like glue. Incredibly efficient, the Hero Master R22’s intuitive performance and smoothness is awesome. The ski effortlessly "rolls out the turn" without any special steering needed. It's also very reassuring, grip is faultless and riders are amazed at the speeds they can hit. Obviously, it's a bit more demanding in shorter radius turns, but it's still globally efficient. Featuring the group's R22 plate, Rossignol’s Hero Master R22 and Dynastar’s Speed Master GS R22 are exceptional skis that we recommend for a wide range of skiers. Good and very good riders will discover a superbly efficient and forgiving ski that will help them to improve their performance and hone their technique. Expert riders and athletes will find that this ski gives them a great deal of pleasure, but is more versatile and intuitive than a true "FIS" race ski.

Liked: An adrenalin-boosting machine Exceptional performance Phenomenal stability and grip Reassuring, forgiving and relatively accessible Feisty rebo...

Disliked: It’s only natural, the ski is less comfortable and more demanding (but competent) in tight turns...

Rossignol Pursuit 800 TI [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Best performance!Best performance!
The Pursuit 800 Ti from Rossignol is a very versatile ski. When cruising (as long as it stays in carving mode since it’s a tad less at ease in skid turns), the ski is easy to handle, comfortable, enjoyable and versatile. But it's when you step up the pace that the ski shows its real character… and what character! As you pile on the pressure, the ski seems to just want more. The reviewers were clear: "A super performer and raring to go", "energetic and grippy", "made to carve", "incisive", "just wants to play"... The reviewers couldn't praise it enough. The ski's grip, turn control and ability to take the edge in carving were particularly appreciated. We highly recommend the Pursuit 800 Ti for good to expert riders who want a good one-ski quiver. The ski will also help good riders achieve more technical and more radical turns. Riders who haven't yet mastered carved turns would probably be better off with an MX84 from Kästle.

Liked: Top flight performance Incisive Good grip Great carving qualities Versatile ...

Disliked: Demanding, not as accessible as some other skis Less convincing in skid turns ...

Rossignol Pursuit 600 CAM [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

Rossignol's Pursuit line is a great success. The Pursuit 800 stood out in the Men's "Cruisers" category with a "Best performance" 2019 distinction. The Pursuit 600 CAM (Carbon Alloy Matrix for those in the know) is very well placed in this (already very demanding) selection of the best skis on the market. It's extremely accessible thanks to the ease of rotation, consistent skid turns and slight overdrive effect that will facilitate first turns. It's a tool that anyone can handle, even beginners. The ski is versatile, a good overall performer, and happy in all registers as long as it's not pushed too fast. In effect, at high speed, the tip tends to float and turns are less solid. The passage from skid turns to carving is easy and even intuitive. It's an excellent ski for this PROSKILAB programme that selects accessible skis for the weakest riders, but that can help them progress towards more technical carving. We recommend the Pursuit 600 CAM for a wide range of riders, from beginners getting onto skis for the first time to riders who have mastered parallel turns. They'll all discover an enjoyable, forgiving ski that will help them to make technical progress.

Liked: Accessible Efficient skid turns Forgiving Smooth carving ...

Disliked: Tip tends to float a bit Limited potential for speed ...

Rossignol Famous 10 [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Famous 10 from Rossignol offers an excellent compromise between performance and comfort. Overall performance is excellent and the ski is made for carving. Its behaviour is consistent in all situations and the ski is "easy to understand" and "easy to get to grips with" as the PROSKILAB reviewers put it. They particularly liked the ski’s capacity to alternate relaxed skid turns with more aggressive carve turns. The combination of performance, comfort and reliability made it extremely enjoyable. It’s a "very good ski, "cool", "easy and very nice to ride" according to our professional reviewers. The ski is very smooth but a bit less playful and agile than some of its rivals, despite its short radius (13m). It requires some technical skills, engagement and "vertical pressure" to be steered. It's an ideal ski for good to excellent riders looking for a compromise between performance and pleasure.

Liked: Great performance Comfortable Easy to understand Fun Good rotation Smooth transition from skid turns to carving ...

Disliked: Slight lack of character Needs a little engagement and technical prowess ...

Rossignol Experience 94 TI [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

We've been reviewing Rossignol's Experience for many years now... Our reviewers have frequently criticized the skis for being too focused on the world of the groomers, with strongly shaped designs and radical tips. In January 2018, Rossignol told us it had taken our comments into account (and no doubt those of other reviews too) when it presented us with the new Experience line with straighter shapes and more adaptive tips and rockers. The result of these changes is extremely positive. The Experience 94 Ti has pulled itself up to the top level thanks to the ski's performance both on and off piste as well as its impressive accessibility. It's effectively an "easy ski", "reassuring", "accessible to everyone"... Easy to get to grips with, it's consistent and reassuring, especially for riders taking their first steps off the groomed runs. An "excellent piste ski", the Experience 94 performs well, is grippy, reassuring and can easily switch turns. Unexpectedly (given the size of the model tested), the ski is "very playful" and lots of fun for the rider. The reviewers noted a considerable improvement in the off-piste behaviour of this new generation. The ski is now a real all-mountain freeride ski that's comfortable in all snow conditions, including tricky snow. The reviewers tested the 187cm ski on relatively soft snow (like all the other models in this category). It's therefore logical to expect less performance on hard pack with shorter skis. But the ski's qualities and the progress the brand has made are undeniable. The Experience 94 Ti is a must for all riders looking for a genuine one-ski quiver with a focus on agility and a good deal of performance. We recommend it for all good to excellent skiers of small to average size who're looking above all for simplicity and pleasure. The 187cm that we reviewed would be best for heavier or extremely athletic riders, while the others would probably be better off with the 180cm.

Liked: Versatile both on and off piste Reassuring Very stable Ploughs through the crud Great curve control Great long and short turn control ...

Disliked: Less convincing at high speeds ...

Rossignol Hero Elite LT TI R22 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The Hero Elite LT Ti from Rossignol is an excellent ski that won the "Best performance" award last year in this category, but struggled this year with the R22 race plate. In effect, while the ski's overall qualities are still there, the reviewers were surprised by the unusually poor turn control, considered as "insecure" and the lack of reliability in push-off. We think there was a problem with the model sent for review rather than a problem with the plate that should, in theory, have enhanced its performance. We therefore prefer to reserve our judgment on the ski Rossignol sent us to review this year and which seems to display abnormal behaviour. We would advise interested riders to check out other reviews or to opt for the version with the mainstream "Konect" plate that proved so successful last year.

Liked: Grip Acceleration Easy turn initiation Incisive Excellent stability ...

Disliked: Not very reassuring Needs back positioning when applying tail pressure ...

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