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Ski Review 2019



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Stöckli Laser SC [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers
Best performance!Best performance!
The Laser SC from Stöckli is one of the market benchmarks and is frequently selected by PROSKILAB in this category where it always does well. "Best ski" last year, even if it's slightly outdistanced this year by slightly more forgiving skis, it has kept its many qualities, especially its very strong character. Extremely efficient, the reviewer's loved the ski's stiffness, grip and energy, especially in short turns, and the exceptionally energetic rebound in turn release. The ski literally leaps from turn to turn and you have to be careful not to add too much pressure if you want to stay in control. The reviewers' enthusiastic comments sum up the ski's qualities very well: "A stiff and enjoyable ski", "Super ski very incisive, grippy, lively and playful", "Turns easily and strong rebound", "Stable at high speed". Its weaker performance in skid turns and its powerful rebound mean that it's more suitable for a public with good technical skills. The Laser SC from Stöckli is an excellent choice for technically good to expert riders who want a stiff, incisive and powerful ski.

Liked: Exceptional character A lively, incisive ski that's particularly agile in short turns Grip, stiffness Stability Happy in short and long turns ...

Disliked: Technically more demanding than the Deacon 74 or the MX 67 Not so happy in skid turns Very energetic rebound that may destabilise less technical ri...

Stöckli Stormrider 88 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30

Kendo's main rival, the Stormrider 88 lost its "Best ski" medal this year but remains a benchmark in the highly competitive All Mountain ski market with emphasis on the groomed runs. On piste, the Stormrider 88 performs incredibly well. It's a docile, "consistent and enjoyable" ski that makes no demands of the rider, doing what it's told and giving its owners total confidence. It will perform well in every type of ride but is a bit more demanding in sliced short turns. Off-piste, the ski does its job. It will literally go anywhere and is even happy in the crud. It glides very smoothly in powder, giving the impression of riding a wider ski. The Stormrider 88 from Stöckli has once again confirmed its position as one of the best skis in this segment. We recommend it for all intermediate to expert riders who want a smooth-performing and extremely versatile ski.

Liked: Consistent, predictable, reassuring Efficient and nimble Versatile Behaves well off-piste Cuts through the crud Good float in powder ...

Disliked: Lacks agility A good performer but has a slightly neutral character ...

Stöckli Stormrider 95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

Voted "Best ski" last year, the Stormrider 95 lost a few slots this season in the milder snow conditions. It nonetheless remains a reference in this market segment. The ski has effectively retained all of its qualities. Its behaviour is remarkably reassuring both on and off the runs, and it is predictable and surprise free. It's incredibly easy to control and extremely simple to use. Relatively stiff, the reviewers also noted its remarkable stability and its capacity to absorb uneven terrain. Its capacity to adapt to choppy snow and crud are impressive: the ski ploughs through deep snow without losing any of its stiffness. The Stormrider 95 is a great ski for anyone looking for a high-performing tool to take both on and off the marked runs, and will please all good to expert riders (with a nice thick wallet).

Liked: Consistent Versatile both on and off piste Stable Rides well in the crud and spring snow Reassuring, predictable behaviour ...

Disliked: In softer snow conditions, the reviewers regretted a slight lack of punch, especially compared to the more playful Kore 93 ...

Stöckli Stormrider 85 Motion [click]
Type of ski :

"Best ski" last year, the Stormrider 85 from Stöckli remains at the top of the market like its big brothers in the men's categories. The Stormrider 85 stands out on the piste for its excellent grip and outstanding stability. The ski responds powerfully and fast and is comfortable in all areas, especially in long turns. Off-piste, the reviewers liked the ski's ability to cut through tricky snow, to ride happily over the powder, and its easy handling qualities. The ski is exceptionally versatile and it's difficult to find conditions in which it doesn't feel comfortable. Its behaviour is also very solid, whether on the piste or in freeride. The Stormrider 85 is remarkably predictable and reassuring, particularly stable at high speed. On the other hand, even though it is easy to figure out how to use this ski, it is a little more demanding than the other models in this test, and you will need to drive the ski, especially in short turns. The Stormrider 85 is unquestionably one of the best skis on the market and will enchant all good to expert riders who want a ski that's extremely efficient on the piste and yet displays great freeride potential at the same time.

Liked: Excellent behaviour on the piste Very good grip Smooth in long turns Stable Very reassuring Good in the crud Float in powder Easy to handl...

Disliked: Sluggish return from pressure off-piste A bit more demanding ...

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