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Ski Review 2019



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Dynastar Speed Elite [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Speed Elite from Dynastar got this year's "Best ski 2019" award for this category. The ski is clearly designed for performance and its short radius (13m) makes it hard to hide its slalom origins. It's great in all areas, including at high speed. Turn initiation is incisive, with rapid edge to edge, great stability in turns and fantastic punch at the end of turns, making it a very energetic model that will give a lot of pleasure. The ski is not excessively demanding. Its overall behaviour is very consistent and reassuring and experienced riders will get the hang of it very fast. The ski needs to be driven however, with well-dosed pressure (especially at the end of turns where the rebound may be destabilising) and it needs a little engagement. It's perfect for riders that already master carved turns well. Very adaptable, it can help riders move on to more technical turns. The Speed Elite is an excellent ski for sporty riders looking for a very dynamic ski but that's not as demanding as a competition ski.

Liked: Good overall performance Stable and reassuring Responsive Lively and dynamic Great rebound on turn exit An adaptable ski, will help riders to...

Disliked: Requires some technical know-how...

K2 Endless Luv [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Endless Luv is a great surprise from K2. "Easy, simple and comfortable", the ski won over several of the PROSKILAB reviewers. As is often the case with K2, the ski stands out for its balanced flex, its very adaptable character and the judicious balance between smoothness, comfort and user-friendliness. This "very easy to handle" ski is especially docile and reassuring, and accessible to riders with very few technical skills. The ski's comfort and capacity to absorb the terrain with very little engagement required are remarkable. Icing on the cake, the ski is really smooth and fun on soft snow. The Endless Luv is also perfectly capable of stepping up the pace when riders want to put on the pressure. Performance is very good for this category and its turn initiation, grip and turn behaviour is excellent, although not quite up to the standard of the Dynastar. On the other hand, its rebound coming out of turns tends to lack a bit of punch. The combination of performance and user-friendliness makes it an especially enjoyable ski, that's adaptable and will help riders move on to the next level. The Endless Luv is the perfect tool for all intermediary riders who want to progress with confidence, or good riders looking for a particularly docile and comfortable ski.

Liked: Very comfortable Accessible Good performance Needs little engagement Consistent Grippy Highly adaptable ...

Disliked: Timid rebound at the end of turns Slight lack of character compared to some of its rivals ...

Rossignol Famous 10 [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Famous 10 from Rossignol offers an excellent compromise between performance and comfort. Overall performance is excellent and the ski is made for carving. Its behaviour is consistent in all situations and the ski is "easy to understand" and "easy to get to grips with" as the PROSKILAB reviewers put it. They particularly liked the ski’s capacity to alternate relaxed skid turns with more aggressive carve turns. The combination of performance, comfort and reliability made it extremely enjoyable. It’s a "very good ski, "cool", "easy and very nice to ride" according to our professional reviewers. The ski is very smooth but a bit less playful and agile than some of its rivals, despite its short radius (13m). It requires some technical skills, engagement and "vertical pressure" to be steered. It's an ideal ski for good to excellent riders looking for a compromise between performance and pleasure.

Liked: Great performance Comfortable Easy to understand Fun Good rotation Smooth transition from skid turns to carving ...

Disliked: Slight lack of character Needs a little engagement and technical prowess ...

Head Super Joy [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Super Joy from Head is a consistent ski that performs well and is happy in all types of ride, including at high speed. The ski is very responsive. The reviewers felt that it didn't absorb uneven terrain as well as some models, making the ride uncomfortable on bumpy surfaces. It's a high-performing ski that demands a little technical skill. The Super Joy is a great ski for good to very good riders looking for a model that's both efficient and reliable.

Liked: Performance Happy in skid turns and carving Accessible Responsive and fun ...

Disliked: Requires engagement to get the most from it Slight lack of comfort, less efficient at absorbing uneven terrain ...

Kaya Pro [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Kaya Pro from Roxy is an exceptionally user-friendly ski. It's very "easy to ski", forgiving and enjoyable. The reviewers particularly liked the fact that the ski is "without limits" and yet needs little engagement. It's also a ski that will help riders to make progress. You can cruise along with skid turns and gradually move on to more technical rides... up to a certain point. Because it's true that the ski appears to be less comfortable in very dynamic rides at high speed. Turn initiation is not very incisive and turns become more hesitant and sometimes lose grip when pushed too hard. The Kaya Pro is a very good choice for all intermediate riders who want to up their game or more experienced riders looking for facility and comfort above all.

Liked: Accessible Needs little physical engagement An easy, forgiving ski Adaptable, so riders can make technical progress ...

Disliked: A soft ski Lacks bite in turn entry Less convincing in dynamic turns at high speed ...

Atomic Cloud 12 + X12 LTL [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Cloud 12 from Atomic offers amazing performance but falls short when it comes to versatility and accessibility. The ski is extremely happy at high speed, carving smooth long arcs, its area of predilection, where the ski is incredibly grippy and stable and riders can fearlessly adopt serious angles to carve momentous long turns. The Cloud 12 is an excellent ski for making swooping arcs on the piste at high speed. On the other hand, once out of its favourite programme, it becomes more demanding. It's difficult to vary the radius, is not very forgiving, is less stable and more difficult to bend at slow speed. The Cloud 12 is too exclusive for this category where we're looking above all for consistency, but experienced speed freaks and long turn fans will love it.

Liked: Great performance Stable at high speed Loves long turns Excellent carving Fast Grippy ...

Disliked: Lacks accessibility and tolerance at slower speeds Difficult to vary turn radius ...

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