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Ski Review 2020

All Mountain 50/50


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Rossignol Experience 94 TI [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Two years ago, Rossignol transformed its Experience range from a very "piste" one to a real "all-mountain" one. The shape has become more reasonable and the tips more progressive, to the benefit of their behaviour, which is much improved. The Experience 94 Ti benefits from the various modifications made and is at the best level of a very competitive category. This year, the ski wins the "Best Ski" medal, which rewards the progress made by Rossignol. The ski fulfils its "All-Mountain 50/50" ski contract and demonstrates excellent versatility. It is distinguished above all by its accessibility and the liveliness of its behaviour on the piste. The reviewers praised the general behaviour of the ski, considered very sound, "stable", "reassuring" and that easily forgives small errors of balance. It pivots easily, skid handling is homogeneous. It is therefore an easy ski that can be used with a minimal technical level. Although very accessible, the ski is not lacking in character – far from it. It proves remarkably incisive and playful, carving very correctly on the piste. The trigger is instinctive, the ski enters curves with a minimum of effort. It is easily deformed, without excess. The rebound is good. All of these elements contribute to the feeling of a light ski underfoot that is both easy and agile. One reviewer said "on the piste, it turns like a slalom ski". A rare quality for a ski in this category, which are generally relatively uncut skis that are rather aimed at larges bends. Off-piste, the Experience 94 Ti brings the same qualities. Docile and manoeuvrable, the ski is comfortable on all terrains. A slightly larger waist width would have been appreciated in powder snow, but the 94 mm remain a very good compromise. If the ski deforms easily enough; it shows its limits at high speed. Pure performance is not its domain of choice. Its added value lies in the mix of accessibility, versatility and manoeuvrability. The Experience 94 Ti is undemanding and gives a lot of sensations. To sum up, the Experience 94 Ti is a very good All-Mountain ski, efficient and homogeneous, that provides a lot of fun. It will appeal to a wide audience, from intermediate skiers who want to learn off-piste to experienced skiers looking for a versatile and playful ski.

Liked: Behaviour in choppy snow Excellent buoyancy Excellent versatility Accessibility, tolerance Surprising handling on the piste Terrain absorption I...

Disliked: Limited at high speed...

Stöckli Stormrider 95 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
The Stormrider 95 from Stöckli is one of the references in this market segment. It has not changed and remains a safe bet! The "easy to handle" ski keeps its qualities of accessibility and comfort. Its general behaviour is good, and it is reassuring: the Stormrider 95 is stable and predictable. The terrain damping, as on most skis in the range, is exceptional. Agile, with a nose that engages well and a tonic tail, it is very comfortable in short turns (especially in the size tested). Larger radii suit it as well. A homogeneous and versatile ski, it does the job everywhere. "Cool" slid/skid handling and cut/ carving handling on hard snow are alternated with ease at the skier's whim. Flexible enough at the front and rigid enough at the back, it needs to be properly positioned to take full advantage of all its qualities, especially in the size tested. This size was considered insufficient by the reviewers. For committed skiers, from medium to heavy, we recommend the larger size (going up to 184 cm!) reviewed last year. Off-piste, it proves to be generally effective, even brilliant when changing between choppy and irregular snow. A legendary ski, the Stormrider 95 from Stöckli continues to seduce hundreds of skiers every year. We recommend it to anyone who wants a particularly pleasant and comfortable ski that is versatile and comfortable in all conditions.

Liked: Very good off-piste behaviour Transition to choppy snow Manoeuvrability Terrain damping Sound behaviour...

Disliked: Reviewed in too short a size (175 cm instead of 180/185 cm as requested) Requires a little front–back balancing...

Völk 90Eight [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

While we asked Völkl to put the Mantra M5 in the competition this year, the manufacturer wanted to offer us the 90Eight in this category. It is an excellent ski, but a little light in this rather demanding programme. The Mantra M5 has not changed and we recommend our reviewers interested in a more performance-oriented ski to refer to the test carried out last year. The 90Eight shines when you leave the pistes. Its considerable waist width, its lightness, and its very-well-distributed flex work wonders: the ski proves to be at ease on all terrains, in all circumstances. It switches to choppy snow well, floats in powder, pivots well. It's a delight… On the piste, its behaviour is generally good, but the ski, which is rather flexible, lacks a little manoeuvrability as well as high-speed handling. It is not the ideal ski to attack an aggressive scull on hard snow, but it is comfortable in "cool" handling such as large turns at moderate speed. The 90Eight from Völkl is a versatile ski, capable on all terrains with a preference for off-piste. We recommend it to good to excellent skiers who want a ski that is really at ease off-piste, but also to freeride touring fans.

Liked: Excellent off-piste behaviour in all conditions Ski that absorbs the terrain well Good buoyancy Comfortable on the piste in cool handling...

Disliked: Lack of character; expresses itself mainly on the piste Less responsive than some of its competitors Fairly flexible, limited at high speed on the p...

FX96 HP [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

The FX96 HP (for "High Performance", indicating the presence of carbon reinforcement this season) is a new ski from Kästle, replacing the FX95 HP. It is a very versatile ski, perfectly comfortable in this All-Mountain 50/50 programme. On the piste, it is comfortable in all types of handling, carves well and is quite agile. The reviewers especially liked the gentle way it worked. The reactions are sound and progressive and the FX96 HP perfectly flattens the rough edges of the terrain. It is a "true cruiser" capable of gulping down descents without tiring. The ski is very calm and stable up to a certain speed. Beyond that, the supports become less solid and the ski tends to drift. Off-piste, the ski goes everywhere easily and always behaves very gently. Transitioning to choppy snow does not pose any problem for it and its buoyancy is great in deep snow. The FX96 HP is an excellent All-Mountain ski, at ease on all terrains, very nice and comfortable, and fun to ride. We recommend it to good to very good skiers. Experienced freeriders and skiers who want to go very fast can turn to a more rigid ski.

Liked: Piste behaviour, all types of handling Playful behaviour Stable ski, with gentle and reassuring behaviour Generally pleasing to use Transition to ...

Disliked: The ski is limited at high speed and in committed handling: the supports become less solid and the ski tends to give way in curves...

Head Kore 99 [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 50/50

While the Kore 93 brilliantly earned a "Best Ski" medal last year in this category, the Kore 99 appears to be a much more rigid and performance-oriented ski. The ski is made for high speeds, where it excels on- and off-piste. The stability and ability to absorb vibrations is simply exceptional. The ski wants only one thing: to go fast, and according to the reviewers, it "requires space". In front of such a war machine, lumps of snow in choppy snow should beware! The Kore 99, a rigid ski, attacks them mercilessly. Very stable, it does well in powder, loves slopes; it is the ultimate weapon to hurtle down the slopes at sustained speed. It is a true freeride ski that is not afraid of anything, and especially not speed. However, it must be kept under control and requires commitment to be deformed: "to control it, you have to lay into it". Very comfortable in its programme, the ski however proves to have more difficulty at low speeds. The ski does not pivot well and skid handling is poor. The ski suffers from a certain inertia which makes it unplayful. The Kore 99 needs speed and energy: it is not really the ideal ski for romantic outings on the piste! A rigid, sporty ski, this model from Head is an excellent choice for the committed freeride skier who loves speed and big curves. We recommend it particularly for large sizes.

Liked: Very high-level performance Skills at very high speed Behaviour in choppy snow Ski–snow contact and great ability to absorb vibrations Large bends...

Disliked: Demanding and physical ski Not much fun: inertia, slow to change edges, little boost Skid handling Pivoting...

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