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Ski Review 2020

Giant slalom


Type of ski: standard ski derived from competition skis
Type of user: competition skiers, good-to-excellent skiers
Main evaluation criteria: performance, suitability for non-competition skiers

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Dynastar Speed Master GS R22 [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
After some difficult years in which the products of Rossignol/Dynastar were poorly rated by Proskilab, it is clear that the group has been able to go uphill and offer products particularly suited to certain market segments. In these performance-oriented categories, the group's models have become essential. It should be noted that their success is due in part to the R22 "race" plate, which boosts the skis' behaviour. The same models systematically lost a few seats when reviewed with the group's "Konect" consumer plate. The Speed Master GS, already "Best Ski" last year, is once again at the top in this category. The ski is "built for performance". The testers noted behaviour very similar to a competitive ski: "a real giant ski!" It is extremely stable and allows you to go at reprehensible speeds with a great sense of safety. The quality of the ski–snow contact, the "monstrous" grip and the accuracy of the handling were also noted by the reviewers. It requires some technique to be fully exploited. On the other hand, it is relatively tolerant for this level of performance. The reviewers describe it as a "progressive" ski, capable of operating with relatively little commitment and giving the best of itself as you accelerate. The ski doesn't boost very much at the end of curves, which is a disadvantage for our professional reviewers, but which will make the less technical skiers safer. The ski is imperial on large curves, at very high speed. It is a little more demanding but also works when the radii are shortened. In short, the Dynastar GS R22 is a high-performance ski that we recommend to all skiers, of very good or even expert levels, who want to discover or rediscover the sensations close to those of a competition ski.

Liked: High-flying performance Sensations of real giant skis Behaviour in wide turns and at very high speed Exceptional anchorage and grip Progressive fl...

Disliked: Some reviewers lamented a lack of boost at the end of curves...

Elan GSX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

Although the reviewers found the same qualities of the GSX Fusion from Elan, already tested last year, they also found the ski a little more accessible this year. While its accessibility is good, it is somewhat lower than other models in this comparison. It is above all the performance–accessibility ratio that surprises the most. With its 21.2 m radius in the size tested, the ski is built for big bends and speed. Curve entry is incisive, the grip is imperial, the curve handling is precise. Anyway, the GSX Fusion is a ski with real giant ski DNA. The compromise between accessibility and performance makes it a ski capable of letting the skier develop technically towards performance or even competition. We recommend the GSX Fusion from Elan to good to excellent skiers who are looking for a high-performance, yet still accessible, comfortable and versatile type of ski.

Liked: General performance–accessibility ratio Does not require a lot of commitment to start working Incisive curve entry Grip Progressive ski, able to s...

Disliked: Performance slightly below that of Dynaster and Völkl Accessibility below that of Kästle...

Völk Racetiger GS [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom
Best performance!Best performance!
Völkl has earned a reputation as a performance-oriented brand on both piste ski and all-mountain skis. We have been reviewing skis for 14 years and it is clear that this reputation has rarely been denied by Proskilab reviewers. This will not be the case of the RACETIGER GS, which stands out as the "performance" ski of this comparison. The ski likes to go fast, wants "to just accelerate" and has the means to do so. The "demonic" grip, the exceptional stability, the quality of the curve handling and the homogeneity of the supports in turns were praised by the reviewers. Very-high-speed stability is exceptional. One of the reviewers wrote "performance over pleasure!" Because the ski is all about efficiency. It requires commitment and positioning, especially at the beginning of curves. Comfort and versatility are reduced to their simplest expression. In particular, cooler, moderate-speed, slip and skid handling is outside its domain of choice. The ski needs speed and lacks agility at low speeds. It is not the ideal ski for cruising or slow-speed riding. The RACETIGER GS from Völkl does not fail the brand's promise. It's an uncompromising ski for efficiency. We recommend it to committed skiers from very good to the expert and competitive levels, from medium to heavy size who want behaviour close to that of an FIS ski.

Liked: Very high level of performance Exceptional stability and grip Acceleration in curves Regularity and robustness of the supports in curves...

Disliked: Technically and physically demanding skiing Uncomfortable at low speed and on short turns Requires being placed Effective ski but unplayful...

Salomon S/Race RUSH GS [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

The GS Rush from Salomon is the least "giant slalom" of the comparison. It is also the most versatile. The reviewers appreciated a ski that is very "homogeneous in deforming", with behaviour that is "sound and predictable". The ski is reassuring and enabling. The ski is accessible at intermediate levels. It does not require a great deal of commitment and is comfortable in all types of handling: cut, slid, skid. In short, we're quite far from an FIS ski, but rather on a sports ski aimed at a fairly large audience. With its 17 m radius in the size reviewed, the S/Race Rush GS is also very versatile, and particularly at ease in intermediate-radius curves. The reviewers particularly appreciated the ski's abilities in carving. It is a delight in intermediate curves with significant edge angles. The ski does the curve with great efficiency and is a source of pleasure. The other side of the coin: the ski is a little less efficient in very high-speed, giant handling. It is nevertheless a ski that can be used to introduce to competitions. The S/Race RUSH GS offers more sensations of carving than giant skiing. It is an excellent choice for all good to excellent skiers who love committed carving.

Liked: Very at ease in intermediate turns Tolerant, progressive, facilitating ski Well-balanced ski, sound behaviour, predictable Versatile Carving skill...

Disliked: Loss of grip and stability at very high speeds...

Head Worldcup Rebels i.Speed [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

The World Cup Rebels i.Speed from Head was reviewed in a little short a size (175 cm for 180 cm requested). With a radius of 18 metres, it is less of the giant type. The ski is accessible, even "too easy" and gives "good sensations". The performance is good without reaching that of the top of the category. In particular, the reviewers appreciated its ability to enter turns, its curve handling and its stability up to a certain speed. The ski is very "cosy", lively, and accessible for this category. It is a ski that naturally invites you to try out carving (cut curves with big inclinations), a discipline in which it excels. The World Cup Rebels i.Speed is, according to the reviewers, a ski "made to go down into the curve with a controllable reaction of the supports". Quite flexible for the category, less of the giant type than its counterparts and reviewed in a little short a size, the World Cup Rebels i.Speed does however make its mark in the field of pure performance. At very high speeds, in very dynamic handling, the supports lose their homogeneity and curve handling becomes more turbulent. A "good carving ski", the Head WorldCup i.Speed is a good choice for good to excellent skiers who like to "take angles".

Liked: General behaviour Performance Ability to change the radius of curves Accessibility Carving skills Fun ski...

Disliked: Not a very rigid ski for this category Poor performance, loss of homogeneity of supports at very high speed...

RX12 GS [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom
Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!Best Accessibility/Enjoyment!
The comments we made last year for the RX12 GS from Kästle are absolutely valid this year. Its overall performance is good. Curve entry, intuitive and incisive, was particularly appreciated by the reviewers. The ski is versatile, able to slow down the pace or even evolve into skid handling, comfortable on all types of curves. Its intermediate radius, cut shape and certain flexibility make it a very efficient and pleasant ski in carving handling. The RX12 GS from Kästle, a flexible ski for this category with a reduced radius (16 m) is not a real giant ski despite its "GS" badge. Its performance at very high speeds is out of line with Dynastar or Völkl. On the other hand, the ski offers a remarkable accessibility/fun ratio. While the professional reviewers lamented a lack of performance, the non-professional "expert" reviewers all said they "loved" the ski. The ability to take angles, the quality of the anchor at intermediate speeds, the versatility and liveliness of the ski make it a sensational machine. We recommend the RX12 GS from Kästle to good to excellent skiers who want to have fun on a sporty ski that is homogeneous and "very pleasant". On the other hand, fans of giant-type curves will turn to a more specialised ski.

Liked: General performance Initiation and entry of curves Playful behaviour Anchoring and grip Versatility Fun Carving skills...

Disliked: Performance below the top of the category Less clear curves at very high speed Less energetic curve exits Radius too short for a giant ski...

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