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Ski Review 2020

Men's recreational groomers


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K2 Konic 76 [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
For a few years now, K2's Konic series skis have been reviewed and appreciated by the Proskilab reviewers. Last year, the Konic 78 won the "Accessibility/Performance" medal; this year, the Konic 76 wins the "Best Ski" medal, which is well deserved. The very best quality of the Konic 76 is its very high accessibility. The ski is very "easy to get to grips with", intuitive. You're immediately on it and no instructions are necessary. The first few descents give confidence: the ski's behaviour is remarkably stable, making it easier in all types of ski handling and all types of snow. You can gradually increase the pace until you can take turns at good speed, keeping the ski sound and solid on its supports. Our reviewers (professionals for the most part) had a lot of fun with this ski. It is playful, reactive, especially thanks to its nose, which spontaneously starts the turn. The Konic 76 is a model on which you don't get bored and that conveys a good dose of sensations. In this "Accessible Piste" category, we select skis that are particularly comfortable in pivoting, skid handling with rear pressure but nevertheless able to advance skiers towards cut handling, more towards the front. This is the case of the Konic 76, an accessible ski at the lowest levels and able to take the skier on cut riding or even carving at sustained speed. The potential for technical development at the beginner level is simply amazing. According to the reviewers, the ski allows for "nice progress" from the beginner to the skier who master cut handling. The only downside is that when the rhythm is increased, the nose, which is a little flexible, floats and vibrates at high speed. Playful, "nice and safe", able to advance technically, the Konic 76 is the initiation/improvement ski par excellence. We recommend it to all skiers who wish to progress technically, from the perfect beginner to those who already master parallel curves.

Liked: Easy to get to grips with, accessibility Confidence-building ski Playful, reactive ski Allows for great technical progress of the skier, skills in ...

Disliked: A slightly light nose that floats and hits at high speed...

Rossignol React R6 Compact [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

From Rossignol, the new React range replaces the Pursuit range, already reviewed by Proskilab last year. The React R6 Compact excels in this category, where we are looking for skis that are accessible at the lowest levels and able to advance the skier towards a more technical practice. As far as accessibility is concerned, it perfectly fulfils the contract. The ski, considered "very balanced", "safe", creates confidence "from the first turns". The reviewers particularly appreciated a "perfect pivot" making it possible to put the ski into curves very easily when flat. Skidding is "comfortable", intuitive and "consistent". The icing on the cake is that the ski has a natural tendency to loop the curve, which will appeal to skiers with a low technical level. The React R6 gives you a lot underfoot. It responds when pressed and is even very comfortable in cut handling, large curves at sustained speed, where it remains remarkably stable and gripping. This makes it a "perfect ski to progress" with "an obvious ability to evolve at the first turn". It is, however, a little less at ease and requires more engagement in small turns. A "progressive ski", the React R6 from Rossignol is perfectly placed in this category. Slightly less accessible and more efficient than the Konic 76 from K2, it is aimed at skiers who master the parallel skid riding and want to evolve towards cut riding or carving.

Liked: Accessibility and tolerance Undemanding ski Homogeneous ski Facilitates the skier's technical progress Instinctive trigger Fluency in skidded, sl...

Disliked: A little demanding in small curves...

Dynastar Speed Zone 4X4 78 PRO [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Speed Zone 4x4 range is new from Dynastar. Described as "All-Mountain" by the brand, it is nevertheless very piste-oriented. It corresponds more to what we at Proskilab call an "All-Round" programme, i.e. skis dedicated to the piste but with an "all-terrain, all-snow" vocation. It is available in two waist sizes (78 and 82 mm), with two different constructions: normal and "pro", the latter incorporating a Titanal reinforcement. It is therefore the narrowest version, in "pro" construction, that was evaluated by the reviewers. A very good ski for beginners, the Speed Box 4x4 78 Pro will reassure any beginner. The ski pivots on its own and is particularly tolerant with safe and homogeneous behaviour. The ski is very manoeuvrable and playful. It remains very pleasant in small turns when you accelerate the pace. It is also a good ski to discover the first cut/carving handling on moderate slopes. At higher speeds, its behaviour is out of step with other competing models. The Speed Zone 4x4 78 Pro is an excellent ski for levels ranging from beginner to skier who masters parallel curves. The ski will allow them to progress quickly by making them happy on a ski that gives good sensations.

Liked: Excellent accessibility Homogeneous and balanced ski Manoeuvrable or even playful Taking curves, pivoting Cut handling on gentle slopes...

Disliked: A little more limited in performance compared to some of its counterparts...

Elan Amphibio 16 TI [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers
Best performance!Best performance!
The Amphibio 16 Ti2 has taken a prominent place in the "high end" category, and the Amphibio 16 Ti is now being reviewed in this category. Note that the ski is asymmetrical: there is a left ski and a right ski. Care must be taken not to switch the skis, otherwise the behaviour will be somewhat impacted. The main quality of the Amphibio 16 Ti is its homogeneity. The ski is great in all areas: cutting and skidding, small and large turns. It does not excel in any particular area but it is good in all circumstances. The reviewers liked an "effective" ski, solid underfoot, with a great "pressure rebound". Aimed at a more experienced audience, the Amphibio 16 Ti is also less accessible than the Konic 76 from Head or the React R6 from Rossignol. We recommend this ski to skiers who already master parallel curves and want an efficient and pleasant ski for a versatile practice on the piste.

Liked: Homogeneous and versatile ski Balanced ski Excellent technical progressivity Handling Ski with response...

Disliked: More demanding and physical than some models in the category Limited accessibility...

DX73 [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

From Kästle, the new DX series is designed to attract price-conscious customers with two models, the DX73 and the DX85, both priced at €599 with bindings. "Docile ski", "pleasant and gentle", the DX73 is a delight at moderate speed. The ski's behaviour, very balanced and intuitive, the easy pivoting, the homogeneous skid handling make it a very easily accessible ski. When you press the pedal, it accelerates up to intermediate speeds while offering a feeling of safety and flawless behaviour. Very comfortable in small turns, manoeuvrable and reactive, it allows you to chain turns at a good pace while delivering beautiful sensations. The DX73 is particularly effective and pleasant in small bends, cut or slid handling. Less at ease at sustained speed, especially in large turns, not always comfortable when taking big angles, the ski has a slightly more limited range of progression than some skis in this category. The DX73 from Kästle is, according to the reviewers, a "very good ski". It also offers a very interesting price–quality ratio. We recommend it to good skiers looking for an "easy ski" that is "fun". It is the ideal ski for those who are starting parallel skiing and wish to improve their technique in skid handling, then cut handling at moderate speed.

Liked: Balanced ski, sound behaviour Skid handling Pleasant and gentle Manoeuvrable and playful at low speeds...

Disliked: Limited in terms of performance Poor behaviour in large turns and at sustained speed...

Head V-Shape 4 XL [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

Presented as an All-Mountain range, Head's "V-shape" range (named because of the shape of the skis, which are wider at the front) is rather a range of piste/"All-Round" skis (like the Speed Zone 4x4 range). It consists of five models with increasing levels of performance: V2, V4, V6, V8, V10. The V-shape 4 is available in a much larger XL version, with an additional 11 mm at the waist. This model was evaluated by the Proskilab reviewers. The ski's overall behaviour is good, with a special mention for the ease of pivoting that will reassure skiers with a low technical level. The ski shows itself to be docile, "stable and reassuring", ever predictable. Its width (84 mm at the waist) gives it a head start on varied snow and allows the most adventurous to tease the edges of the piste. The ski is more at ease in cut handling than in slid and skid handling at low speed. According to the reviewers, "it pushes carving", which will appeal to a number of skiers who wish to discover the sensations of cut curves with large edge cornering angles. This gives it, according to the reviewers, "a great margin for progression". "Nice surprise, Head!" writes one reviewer. We recommend the V-Shape 4 XL to a wide range of skiers from intermediate to good levels, especially for those who want to experience the fun of carving.

Liked: Carving skills Accessibility Easy to pivot, put into turns Homogeneous ski Transition between all snow types...

Disliked: Poor behaviour in cool slid, skid handling at low speeds...

Völk Racetiger RC [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

In this category, we are looking for skis that are accessible at the lowest technical levels but that nevertheless let the skier advance. In particular, the ski is expected to be able to pivot easily (i.e. to be turned when flat), the skid handling is progressive and homogeneous, and the ski behaves correctly when the skier is in a centred or slightly rear position. Once these qualities have been acquired, we look at the ability of the ski to support the skier in progressing towards cut handling. Very clearly focused on performance, the Racetiger RC from Völkl is not comfortable in the first part of the programme. Skidding or sliding "cool" handling is not very intuitive. The ski has a natural tendency to anchor and cut. It is not at ease when flat and must be put on the edge with commitment. The Racetiger RC from Völkl is clearly too performance-oriented to do well in this category. It is a good ski, but it is intended for skiers with a very high technical level, who master cut riding.

Liked: Performance Ease and stability at high speeds and in large curves Rigid and gripping ski...

Disliked: Ski is not at ease in skid handling Pivots badly Not very calm behaviour when weakly taking angles...

Salomon Force 7 [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Force 7 from Solomon was not graded because the reviewers detected an instability that suggested a preparation/honing problem on the model given for testing.

Liked: -...

Disliked: -...

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