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Ski Review 2020

Men's high-end


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Rossignol React R8 TI [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The React series replaces the Pursuit range from Rossignol reviewed in previous years. The Rossignol R8 Ti, reinforced with a Titanal plate, is at the top of the range. In this "top of the range" category, we select skis offering a balanced mix of performance, comfort, accessibility and versatility. The React R8 Ti meets the defined specifications perfectly… with one big plus: fun. On the performance side, the reviewers were not disappointed. The ski is "playful and incisive". Turns are instantaneous and intuitive thanks to a very present nose. Curve handling is impeccable, especially thanks to an excellent grip and imperial stability. Accessibility and comfort are at the top. The ski is intuitive and does not require special guidelines. You're instantly "on it". It operates intuitively by requiring very little physical or technical commitment from the skier. Its versatility is excellent. The React R8 Ti is capable of alternating at will the types of curves and handling. It should simply be noted that it is a little less comfortable in skid handling (in return for its excellent grip) and in large curves. The reactivity of the ski, which is quite exceptional, the overall ease of use, and the little commitment that it requires make it a fun machine. This is a ski that is perfect for this category. It will offer great sensations to a wide range of skiers, including the less committed. The React R8 Ti is our best choice for skiers of good to excellent levels, who are not necessarily very keen physically, but who want to have fun on a ski that is at the same time playful and not very demanding.

Liked: Very agile ski Excellent grip Instantaneous curve entry Accessible, requires little physical or technical commitment Fun Stability Versatility...

Disliked: A little less comfortable in skid handling where its grip sometimes penalises it Slightly less solid supports in turns at high speed...

Salomon S/ Force 11 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The S/ Force Range from Salomon is aimed towards all-round behaviour with a slight rocker at the front and slightly larger sizes at the waist, ranging from 76 mm to 84 mm. The S / Force 11 reviewed here is positioned at the top of the range. Note that it is reinforced by a double Titanal plate. In this category, where homogeneity and versatility are sought above all, it is clear that the S/ Force 11 fulfills its part of the contract! Its overall behaviour is excellent, with an emphasis on accessibility. This is a ski that is easy, sound, and reassuring. It responds to what the skier asks of it with great docility. It is a very versatile ski, globally effective in all areas and all types of riding. The "incisive" behaviour on curves was particularly noticed. Its considerable width (80 mm at the waist) and rocker allow it to be at ease on irregular terrains. Homogeneous, the S/ Force 11 has neutral behaviour and some reviewers lamented a slight lack of character expressed mainly in small curves. It is an excellent cross-country ski, meeting the specifications of this category very well. It's a kind of piste four-wheel-drive. It's not the most reactive, but it's comfortable on all terrains. We recommend it to intermediate skiers who are looking for a smooth and homogeneous ski.

Liked: Accessibility Flexiblity in handling and radii Homogeneous ski Sound behaviour, strong supports Comfort Intuitive curve entry...

Disliked: The reviewers lamented a slight lack of character Poor behaviour at high speed...

K2 Speed Charger [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end
Best performance!Best performance!
Already tested last year, the Speed Charger from K2 does not seem to have changed much. The Speed Charger's behaviour is sound, with a very progressive flex. It is particularly effective in large curves with the DNA of a giant ski. The ski is incisive, gripping, and solid in curves; it loops very well the ends of curves. The boost is correct without being destabilising. You feel confident, even at high speed. This is a ski that is progressive and docile in its programme. It is a sporty ski, resolutely aimed towards speed and large curves. It is less comfortable in small curves where it requires commitment. A little too technical and physical for this category, the Speed Charger from K2 would have been more comfortable in Proskilab's "performance piste" category. It is nevertheless a good choice for good to excellent skiers, who want a typical "giant" ski to fly down the slopes in big curves.

Liked: Likes speed Sound behaviour Relative versatility Incisive Excellent behaviour in wide turns Docile ski Stability and grip Progressive flex...

Disliked: Sporty ski that requires a certain technical and physical level More demanding in small curves...

Elan Amphibio 18 TI2 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

In a category where we are looking for homogeneity, that is to say, a balanced mix of performance, comfort, accessibility and versatility, the Amphibio 18 Ti2 has some real assets to show. There's nothing to say about the performance. The ski, equipped with two Titanal plates, does a great job and remains calm in all circumstances. The grip is excellent; it holds curves well, especially in large bends. Its accessibility is remarkable. The reviewers appreciated a ski that was "easy to handle", "not tricky" and that was docile, sound and predictable in all circumstances. The Amphibio 18 Ti2 is not a demanding ski; it requires little physical commitment and allows you to "ski fast, comfortably". Versatility is also a must. In particular, the ski skids, slides and cuts with obvious goodwill. The only regret is that it lacks a little agility and is a little less comfortable in small curves where it requires more commitment. Note that the ski is asymmetrical (there is a right ski and a left ski). The Amphibio 18 Ti2 from Elan is a true "cruiser", the type of ski on which you can be comfortable on all types of terrain and at all speeds, without having to put in a lot of physical commitment. We recommend it to a wide range of skiers, especially those who do not have the opportunity to ski very regularly and who want to have fun with minimum effort.

Liked: Sound behaviour Grip Ease in large bends Accessible, easy to get to grips with Skidded and cut handling Comfort, requires little physical commitm...

Disliked: More demanding in small bends Not very playful...

Head V Shape 8 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The V-Shape series takes its name from the shape of the skis, which are substantially wider in front. The V-Shape 8 from Head immediately shows its favourite terrain: carving. A true "carving machine", "reactive", the ski puts itself very "on the edge easily". It feels comfortable and allows you to take important angles. Its flexibility allows it to deform with a minimum of speed and physical commitment. It's a treat on low to moderate slopes: just lean forward, the ski starts immediately and it goes on its own. Its very "cut" profile (with a sharp hourglass shape), makes it more delicate in skidded and slid handling. On the other hand, the ski is less comfortable outside its natural radius as well as at high speeds. The V-Shape V8 lacks a little versatility for this programme. Nevertheless, it will be the delight of a large number of skiers from intermediate to good levels who want to discover the sensations of carving in an easy way.

Liked: Carving skills Easily enters curves Light Requires little physical commitment to be deformed...

Disliked: Lack of stability and hold at high speed Less at ease in skid handling Lack of versatility for the programme...

MX84 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

While the MX84 from Kästle brilliantly won a "Best Ski" medal last year in this category, the behaviour of the model reviewed this year appeared a step backwards. The reviewers found, in particular, that the ski was less precise, "stable and safe" than last year. This difference is difficult to explain because the model does not seem to have changed. Maybe a problem with the preparation of the ski given to be reviewed? Anyway, the MX84 is undeniably an excellent ski and we advise our users to base themselves on last year's review.

Liked: General behaviour Width giving it a plus in soft or varied snow Versatility Pleasant at intermediate speeds...

Disliked: Flexible ski, especially in the nose Lack of liveliness Unclear handling...

Dynastar Speed Zone 4X4 82 Pro Konect [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

While the Speed Zone 78 Pro from Dynastar has distinguished itself in the "accessible piste" category, its big brother in 82 mm width is a little more to the point in this category where we find a higher level of performance. Its general behaviour is good. Its stability was particularly noted by the reviewers. On the other hand, its 82 mm underfoot gives it an advantage over soft or varied snow. Despite its "Pro" construction and its Titanal plate, the ski remains relatively flexible, especially at the front. The Speed Zone 4x4 lacks agility. The nose, with little tonic and raised by a rocker, is indeed hard to engage to quickly initiate turns. The boost is not very tonic. For the same reasons, the grip is medium when loading the front. It gets back in action if you recentre yourself and engage large carving-type curves where it proves to be at ease. Although the Speed Zone 4x4 Pro is not the ideal ski to "attack" outright on the housings, it is a good ski for all those who want a model that is comfortable on all types of snow to discover the joys of carving.

Liked: Big bend carving skills Stability at high speed General behaviour Ease in all types of snow...

Disliked: Lack of grip and handling in small bends Slow trigger Lack of rebound...

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