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Ski Review 2020

On-piste cruisers


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Stöckli Laser SC [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
Well known to the Proskilab reviewers and often positioned in the top places, the Laser SC from Stöckli is this year's winner of the "Best Ski" medal in the category. Performance is on the programme. The ski is lively, quickly enters curves and easily deforms without excess. Its holding to curves is excellent, the ski grips, is very precise and the "pressure reactions are easy to find". The rebound at the end of curves is tonic, without being destabilising. The ski reviewed this year appeared a little more comfortable in skidding than last year. The fluidity of skid/slip/cut transitions was appreciated by the reviewers. What impressed them most was the stability and comfort of the ski. The SC Laser remains "laid down", in contact with the snow, tracing its curve with serenity and effectively absorbing all the different types of terrain. It evokes a great sense of security and you feel "in control" in all circumstances. It should be noted that it requires little commitment for a ski in this category. On the other hand, at very high speed, it loses a little of its lustre: the ski becomes less clear and the presses less solid. It is an excellent ski for this category where we prefer performance, but especially the pleasure the skier experiences. We advise the Laser SC from Stöckli to a wide range of skiers from good to expert levels.

Liked: General performance Intuitive ski Accessible, easy to handle Slid/skid transition Requires little commitment Stability, comfort, damping of terra...

Disliked: Limited at very high speed...

Head Worldcup Rebels i.Race [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

In this programme that focusses on performance and, above all, the sensations the skier gets, the WorldCup Rebels i. Race from Head did not disappoint the reviewers. They were unanimous in highlighting the sporting qualities of the ski: "incisive at the beginning of curves", "good grip", "demonic in edge-to-edge transitions". It allows you to move quickly "with a great feeling of safety". The ski offers the best of itself when it's on the edge. It then fits very easily into curves and carves with ease. It can take radical angles and makes it possible, according to the reviewers, "to sit down at each turn". The curve holding and accuracy of handling are exemplary. The WC Rebels i. Race is easy to handle and offers a good compromise between performance and accessibility. Its intermediate turn radius between slalom and giant allows it to be quite versatile, provided it stays in cut handling. The ski loves being anchored and taking angles. The slid/skid handling when flat is less intuitive, due to a present and gripping tail. Cruising is not its cup of tea. The ability of the Worldcup Rebels i. Race to take radical slopes, its precision, ease of use and sense of safety allow it to convey great sensations. "Super ski", "very good ski", "a treat", the reviewers' comments speak for themselves. We recommend the WC Rebels i. Race to skiers of a good level who want a sporty carving ski.

Liked: High-level performance Incisive ski, fast trigger, precision Ability to carve, grip and hold curves Stability, high-speed behaviour Accessible ski...

Disliked: Stepping on the edge, not at ease when flat Less at ease in sliding or skidding handling...

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The Speed Zone 12 Ti from Dynastar offers good overall performance and excellent homogeneity. The performance is indeed there. The ski makes it possible to go fast, even very fast. The level of performance was considered excellent and the ski's behaviour is reassuring. The Speed Zone 12 Ti "goes well into curves" even if it is not as incisive as other skis. The supports are solid and curve handling is accurate. The reviewers particularly liked the ski's ability to "loop", that is to say to close the curves. Another very popular quality is the terrain damping, thanks to a very progressive nose and flex. It is a comfortable ski that allows you to ski quickly without getting shaken. Very comfortable and intuitive in "big curves", it requires commitment from the skier to shorten the radii. While the end-of-curve handling is excellent, the reviewers lamented the lack of rebound, which is a little detrimental to the liveliness of the ski. Easy, fluid and effective, the Speed Zone 12 Ti from Dynastar will satisfy a large number of skiers from good to expert levels.

Liked: General performance Accessibility Ski that loves speed and large turns, stability Terrain damping Loops curves well...

Disliked: Tends to remain in its curve radius (monoradius) Unplayful, little rebound at the end of curves Requires speed...

Rossignol Hero Elite LT TI R22 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The Hero Elite LT ("Long Turn") Ti is another ski that is well known to the reviewers, evaluated here with the famous "R22" race plate that can be found on other models of the Rossignol/Dynastar group. The effectiveness and precision of the Hero Elite LT Ti has been tested in previous years. The R22 plate offers an undeniable plus in terms of performance. The ski has power and offers qualities "close to a competitive ski". Its LT name predisposes it to large bends. It is nevertheless "able to turn tightly when needed" even if it's not its favourite task. It is a versatile ski, very homogeneous, able to alternate all types of handling. The behaviour is "sound" but "punchy when you go for it". This mix makes it a very enjoyable ski. You can ride in all-comfort sliding mode, then on a nice deserted slope, launch the ski into a series of carving turns at full speed. The reviewers noticed a slight lack of agility. The ski is very pleasant, efficient and consistent, but it is not very playful due to a slightly slower entry into curves and a less energetic rebound. The Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti R22 is a ski that shines with its mix of performance, accessibility, and versatility. We recommend it to skiers of good to expert levels who want a high-performance ski without it being too demanding, for sports practice rather than oriented towards big curves.

Liked: General performance level Accessibility Quality of curve handling Versatility Sound behaviour Pleasure guaranteed...

Disliked: Rather unplayful, neutral behaviour...

Fischer RC One 72 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The trend is to merge the piste/all-round and even all-mountain ranges with large width variations. The RC One range from Fischer is no exception to the rule with waists ranging from 72 mm to 86 mm! We reviewed the narrowest of the range, the RC One 72 Multiflex, which, let's say right away, did not disappoint us. Overall performance is excellent. Trigger speed, grip, stability, quality of curve handling are all there. The ski is also "homogenous", "reassuring", "versatile". It is able to vary cut, slid and skidded handling, small and large curves at will. Its boost is good, without being explosive. A carving ski par excellence, it is distinguished above all by its capacity to deform and anchor on very significant edge-leaning angles, while bringing a sense of security. You can sink into the bend, the supports remain incredibly strong and the ski doesn't unglue. A "frankly nice" ski, the RC One 72 from Fischer is a ski that we recommend to a wide range of skiers from very good to expert level, who are looking for a ski to do it all, particularly capable in very committed carving handling.

Liked: General performance Able to take and hold very significant angles Curve holding Turn versatility Transition between skid/cut handling...

Disliked: Requires an angle to be fully exploited (but can ski cooler) Requires technical baggage Slightly reduced grip and behaviour at very high speed...

MX67 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The "Best Ski" last year, the MX67 at Kästle keeps all its qualities. What meets the eye (or the foot?) when testing the MX67 is the compromise between accessibility and agility. The ski engages curves intuitively, without excessive engagement. A small lean on the edge and hop, the nose takes, the ski deforms and we are already comfortably installed in a curve, naturally rather tight. An honest rebound allows us to jump very quickly into another turn. The curves follow each other at a high rate with great fluidity. The ski is easy in all circumstances and tolerant; it forgives most positioning mistakes. You can't make it any easier. It's great in tight little sculls or small carving turns on the piste. It is, however, somewhat difficult in very dynamic and high-speed handling. It seemed a little less efficient than the model reviewed last year, while the model does not seem to have evolved. The MX67 from Kästle is an excellent ski that we recommend to good to excellent skiers who want a very agile, comfortable and accessible ski.

Liked: Accessibility Quick and intuitive trigger Easy to deform ski, agile ski Small turns are easy General comfort Good grip General approval...

Disliked: Reduced performance at high speed and with very dynamic handling...

Völk Deacon 74 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The "Best Ski" last year, the Deacon 74 from Völkl appeared more powerful but also more demanding this year. The Deacon 74 is made to go fast, very fast and for big curves. The stability of the ski, the curve holding, and the "powerful" grip are high-flying. "A rail", the reviewers say. The ski just asks for acceleration and a lot of energy. The ski requires adaptation time, commitment and attention. At low speed, entry into curves is more tedious and the ski is hard to deform. We recommend the Deacon 74 from Völkl to skiers of excellent to expert levels, of medium to heavy sizes, who seek performance above all.

Liked: High-flying performance Powerful ski Carving handling Skills in large curves and at high speed Stability Grip...

Disliked: Technically and physically demanding skiing Rigid ski that requires speed and engagement to deform it Requires adaptation time...

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