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Ski Review 2020



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Dynastar Speed Master SL R22 [click]
Type of ski : Slalom
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Proskilab reviewers came back from the Speed Master SL tests with huge smiles on their faces! It must be said that the ski offers an exceptional accessibility–performance ratio. This year, the model was equipped with its R22 "race" plate (like its twin from Rossignol). It only takes a few metres to notice that we are dealing with a ski with a well-tempered "slalom" personality. The Speed Master SL shows all the qualities expected in this category: trigger speed, edge-to-edge transition speed, grip, curve precision, rebound at the end of turns. We are not disappointed, or even surprised, by this diabolically efficient ski, "very good and very solid underfoot", that is brimming with energy. Efficient, the Speed Master SL R22 remains very accessible, "easy", "healthy" and tolerant for this category, very pleasant to use on a daily basis. It is also a versatile ski for this category that makes it possible to fluidly alternate very dynamic handling with cooler slid paths, on tight and wide curves. The reviewers nevertheless found that the ski was best skied on the front to allow for a "good closing of the curve". The Dynastar Speed Master SL R22 and the Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti (with very similar, if not identical behaviour) are not the most effective skis on the market. More than weapons to make fast times, they are very sporty skis with an exceptional accessibility–performance ratio. The performance/accessibility/versatility mix makes it a fun machine. The ski seems to be subject to the good will of the skier, comfortable in all circumstances, never putting them in difficulty and giving a lot of sensations. The comments of the reviewers are eloquent: "excellent ski", "biggest favourite among the skis tested this year", "such a level of performance that's so accessible, it's amazing!"… Anyway, this ski excited the reviewers. The Speed Master SL is a very progressive ski. A "leisure" slalom ski par excellence, it will delight a great number of skiers, from the good skier who wants to progress towards the performance of "tight curves" or competitions, to expert skiers who prefer fun rather than pure performance. The edge lines of the Dynastar and the behaviour are so close to those of the Rossignol that we wanted to consider them as one and the same ski. The Rossignol seemed a little more accessible to us and the Dynastar a little more solid on its supports and better performing, but the differences are really minor and may be due to the preparation of the skis.

Liked: General performance Excellent performance–accessibility ratio Curve handling Grip Excellent versatility for a ski derived from competitions Trans...

Disliked: None...

Dynastar Speed Master GS R22 [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
After some difficult years in which the products of Rossignol/Dynastar were poorly rated by Proskilab, it is clear that the group has been able to go uphill and offer products particularly suited to certain market segments. In these performance-oriented categories, the group's models have become essential. It should be noted that their success is due in part to the R22 "race" plate, which boosts the skis' behaviour. The same models systematically lost a few seats when reviewed with the group's "Konect" consumer plate. The Speed Master GS, already "Best Ski" last year, is once again at the top in this category. The ski is "built for performance". The testers noted behaviour very similar to a competitive ski: "a real giant ski!" It is extremely stable and allows you to go at reprehensible speeds with a great sense of safety. The quality of the ski–snow contact, the "monstrous" grip and the accuracy of the handling were also noted by the reviewers. It requires some technique to be fully exploited. On the other hand, it is relatively tolerant for this level of performance. The reviewers describe it as a "progressive" ski, capable of operating with relatively little commitment and giving the best of itself as you accelerate. The ski doesn't boost very much at the end of curves, which is a disadvantage for our professional reviewers, but which will make the less technical skiers safer. The ski is imperial on large curves, at very high speed. It is a little more demanding but also works when the radii are shortened. In short, the Dynastar GS R22 is a high-performance ski that we recommend to all skiers, of very good or even expert levels, who want to discover or rediscover the sensations close to those of a competition ski.

Liked: High-flying performance Sensations of real giant skis Behaviour in wide turns and at very high speed Exceptional anchorage and grip Progressive fl...

Disliked: Some reviewers lamented a lack of boost at the end of curves...

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The Speed Zone 12 Ti from Dynastar offers good overall performance and excellent homogeneity. The performance is indeed there. The ski makes it possible to go fast, even very fast. The level of performance was considered excellent and the ski's behaviour is reassuring. The Speed Zone 12 Ti "goes well into curves" even if it is not as incisive as other skis. The supports are solid and curve handling is accurate. The reviewers particularly liked the ski's ability to "loop", that is to say to close the curves. Another very popular quality is the terrain damping, thanks to a very progressive nose and flex. It is a comfortable ski that allows you to ski quickly without getting shaken. Very comfortable and intuitive in "big curves", it requires commitment from the skier to shorten the radii. While the end-of-curve handling is excellent, the reviewers lamented the lack of rebound, which is a little detrimental to the liveliness of the ski. Easy, fluid and effective, the Speed Zone 12 Ti from Dynastar will satisfy a large number of skiers from good to expert levels.

Liked: General performance Accessibility Ski that loves speed and large turns, stability Terrain damping Loops curves well...

Disliked: Tends to remain in its curve radius (monoradius) Unplayful, little rebound at the end of curves Requires speed...

Dynastar Speed Zone 4X4 78 PRO [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Speed Zone 4x4 range is new from Dynastar. Described as "All-Mountain" by the brand, it is nevertheless very piste-oriented. It corresponds more to what we at Proskilab call an "All-Round" programme, i.e. skis dedicated to the piste but with an "all-terrain, all-snow" vocation. It is available in two waist sizes (78 and 82 mm), with two different constructions: normal and "pro", the latter incorporating a Titanal reinforcement. It is therefore the narrowest version, in "pro" construction, that was evaluated by the reviewers. A very good ski for beginners, the Speed Box 4x4 78 Pro will reassure any beginner. The ski pivots on its own and is particularly tolerant with safe and homogeneous behaviour. The ski is very manoeuvrable and playful. It remains very pleasant in small turns when you accelerate the pace. It is also a good ski to discover the first cut/carving handling on moderate slopes. At higher speeds, its behaviour is out of step with other competing models. The Speed Zone 4x4 78 Pro is an excellent ski for levels ranging from beginner to skier who masters parallel curves. The ski will allow them to progress quickly by making them happy on a ski that gives good sensations.

Liked: Excellent accessibility Homogeneous and balanced ski Manoeuvrable or even playful Taking curves, pivoting Cut handling on gentle slopes...

Disliked: A little more limited in performance compared to some of its counterparts...

Dynastar Speed Elite [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end
Best performance!Best performance!
Last year's "Best Ski", the Dynastar Speed Elite has been dethroned this year by a more versatile and consistent model. However, it does remain a top level ski and with slalom in its DNA, it will keep skiers in the forefront when it comes to performance. Turn initiation, grip and drive through the turn are all without reproach. The Speed Elite deserves its name: it's sporty, lively and "responsive". Made for short turns, it is also capable of increasing radius and is at ease when gliding through large turns at higher speeds. This ski does however require a certain level of technique. Its rigid tail and grip make it less comfortable and consistent when sliding or skidding. The Dynastar Speed Elite is a "very good ski which requires technical skill". It is aimed at strong skiers who can master carving turns and are looking for agile performance.

Liked: Overall performance Highly responsive Suits short turns Excellent grip and performance in the turn Solid, supportive ski...

Disliked: Slightly grippy on the tail which spoils the turn exit and skids Requires a certain level of technical ability...

Dynastar Speed Zone 4X4 82 Pro Konect [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

While the Speed Zone 78 Pro from Dynastar has distinguished itself in the "accessible piste" category, its big brother in 82 mm width is a little more to the point in this category where we find a higher level of performance. Its general behaviour is good. Its stability was particularly noted by the reviewers. On the other hand, its 82 mm underfoot gives it an advantage over soft or varied snow. Despite its "Pro" construction and its Titanal plate, the ski remains relatively flexible, especially at the front. The Speed Zone 4x4 lacks agility. The nose, with little tonic and raised by a rocker, is indeed hard to engage to quickly initiate turns. The boost is not very tonic. For the same reasons, the grip is medium when loading the front. It gets back in action if you recentre yourself and engage large carving-type curves where it proves to be at ease. Although the Speed Zone 4x4 Pro is not the ideal ski to "attack" outright on the housings, it is a good ski for all those who want a model that is comfortable on all types of snow to discover the joys of carving.

Liked: Big bend carving skills Stability at high speed General behaviour Ease in all types of snow...

Disliked: Lack of grip and handling in small bends Slow trigger Lack of rebound...

Dynastar Intense 4X4 82 pro [click]
Type of ski :

The feedback on this ski is similar to that of the Rossignol Experience 88 Ti W. Just as with the Rossignol, the Intense 4x4 82 Pro seems very close to the men's version (the Speed Zone 4x4 Pro) with similar weight and sidecut. The testers of the men's version found it to be quite soft, but the testers of the women's model found it to be stiff and demanding for female skiers. Overall performance is good, on the condition that turns are well-placed, flexing well forward into the boot. As for the Rossignol, we also questioned the servicing of the ski, which was undoubtedly below par. The testers found the skiing to be "irregular", which probably indicates a problem with the sharpening on the test pair. We would like to retest these two skis next year to have a better comparison. Like the Rossignol, the Intense 4x4 Pro is a stiff, demanding, technical ski. It will suit experienced, dynamic skiers with a good ability.

Liked: Good overall performance Entry into the turn Solid support Ease in powder...

Disliked: Demanding ski Needs to be controlled Grippy tail requires careful handling...

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