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Ski Review 2020



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Elan Wingman 86 CTI [click]
Type of ski : All Mountain 70/30
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
The Wingman 86 CTI proposed by Elan had made a strong impression during pre-selection in January 2019. We included it in the Proskilab review, considering that the ski was perfectly suited to our specifications for this category. We were looking forward to having it tested by a team of professionals in a comparative situation with other market leaders. The result did not disappoint us and the ski (a first in this category for Elan) gets a well-deserved "Best Ski" award. The Wingman 86 CTI is above all an incredibly easy ski: you immediately feel good on it and your first turns are performed confidently. No need for instructions: the ski has remarkably docile and intuitive behaviour. It is "a ski for everyone", "that lets the skier choose", for which you don't need to deploy any big techniques. The behaviour on the piste is simply excellent. The ski is very solid on its supports, agile, with a very good boost at the end of turns. The ski brings gives a lot of sensations and you don't get bored. Off-piste, the ski shines with its ease. Despite its 86 mm waist, its buoyancy is correct in powder. Transitioning to choppy snow is very good and the ski does not allow itself to be deformed in lumps of compacted snow. Capable of cut and skid handling, small and large turns with fluidity, the Wingman 86 CTI is comfortable on all terrains and demonstrates great versatility. No doubt this ski is destined for a long career like the Kendos, Kore 93s, and other celebrity models of this market segment. The Wingman 86 CTI is therefore a success. A "do-it-all ski", intuitive, easy and playful, comfortable in all circumstances that we highly recommend to intermediate skiers up to excellent skiers. Note that Elan offers two versions of the Wingman 86: a "CTi" (green) version reviewed here and a "Ti" (orange) version, less rigid, not reviewed. Both have a Titanal plate, justifying the "Ti", but the "CTi" version also has two longitudinal carbon reinforcing rods.

Liked: General performance Accessibility Lively and agile ski Sound and intuitive behaviour Great versatility At ease on all terrains Pleasant and fun ...

Disliked: Slightly poor performance compared to more rigid models like the Kendo 88....

Elan GSX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

Although the reviewers found the same qualities of the GSX Fusion from Elan, already tested last year, they also found the ski a little more accessible this year. While its accessibility is good, it is somewhat lower than other models in this comparison. It is above all the performance–accessibility ratio that surprises the most. With its 21.2 m radius in the size tested, the ski is built for big bends and speed. Curve entry is incisive, the grip is imperial, the curve handling is precise. Anyway, the GSX Fusion is a ski with real giant ski DNA. The compromise between accessibility and performance makes it a ski capable of letting the skier develop technically towards performance or even competition. We recommend the GSX Fusion from Elan to good to excellent skiers who are looking for a high-performance, yet still accessible, comfortable and versatile type of ski.

Liked: General performance–accessibility ratio Does not require a lot of commitment to start working Incisive curve entry Grip Progressive ski, able to s...

Disliked: Performance slightly below that of Dynaster and Völkl Accessibility below that of Kästle...

Elan SLX Fusion [click]
Type of ski : Slalom

Regularly invited to the PROSKILAB review, well-known to the reviewers and "Best Ski" last year, the SLX Fusion from Elan is one of the skis that we regularly find in the top pack. It doesn't seem to evolve much over time, playing the card of accessibility and fun. As far as performance is concerned, you get a lot for your money, even if a little bit less than Rossignol/Dynastar and Völkl. The accessibility of the SLX Fusion is excellent for this category. The ski makes you "immediately comfortable", remains "easy" and performs "as expected" in all circumstances. The ski works very well in "cool" mode without committing much, even in slid or skidded handling. The small plus is its fun and playful side, without being too teasing. The ski turns in tight radii and deforms gradually. The rebound at the end of curves is not very powerful, but sufficient for energetic boosts. The SLX Fusion from Elan is the ultimate fun slalom ski on the market. A good choice for those who want a lively and agile ski, without being too demanding. We recommend it to good skiers who want to progress in performance and to experts who want to focus on comfort and versatility.

Liked: Very high accessibility Tolerance Sound ski, no surprises, reassuring Good performance Fun, playful ski that turns very tightly Gentle commitment...

Disliked: Performance slightly reduced Rebound a little weaker than the tenors of the category...

Elan Amphibio 16 TI [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers
Best performance!Best performance!
The Amphibio 16 Ti2 has taken a prominent place in the "high end" category, and the Amphibio 16 Ti is now being reviewed in this category. Note that the ski is asymmetrical: there is a left ski and a right ski. Care must be taken not to switch the skis, otherwise the behaviour will be somewhat impacted. The main quality of the Amphibio 16 Ti is its homogeneity. The ski is great in all areas: cutting and skidding, small and large turns. It does not excel in any particular area but it is good in all circumstances. The reviewers liked an "effective" ski, solid underfoot, with a great "pressure rebound". Aimed at a more experienced audience, the Amphibio 16 Ti is also less accessible than the Konic 76 from Head or the React R6 from Rossignol. We recommend this ski to skiers who already master parallel curves and want an efficient and pleasant ski for a versatile practice on the piste.

Liked: Homogeneous and versatile ski Balanced ski Excellent technical progressivity Handling Ski with response...

Disliked: More demanding and physical than some models in the category Limited accessibility...

Elan Amphibio 18 TI2 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

In a category where we are looking for homogeneity, that is to say, a balanced mix of performance, comfort, accessibility and versatility, the Amphibio 18 Ti2 has some real assets to show. There's nothing to say about the performance. The ski, equipped with two Titanal plates, does a great job and remains calm in all circumstances. The grip is excellent; it holds curves well, especially in large bends. Its accessibility is remarkable. The reviewers appreciated a ski that was "easy to handle", "not tricky" and that was docile, sound and predictable in all circumstances. The Amphibio 18 Ti2 is not a demanding ski; it requires little physical commitment and allows you to "ski fast, comfortably". Versatility is also a must. In particular, the ski skids, slides and cuts with obvious goodwill. The only regret is that it lacks a little agility and is a little less comfortable in small curves where it requires more commitment. Note that the ski is asymmetrical (there is a right ski and a left ski). The Amphibio 18 Ti2 from Elan is a true "cruiser", the type of ski on which you can be comfortable on all types of terrain and at all speeds, without having to put in a lot of physical commitment. We recommend it to a wide range of skiers, especially those who do not have the opportunity to ski very regularly and who want to have fun with minimum effort.

Liked: Sound behaviour Grip Ease in large bends Accessible, easy to get to grips with Skidded and cut handling Comfort, requires little physical commitm...

Disliked: More demanding in small bends Not very playful...

Elan Ripstick 96 [click]
Type of ski :

The Ripstick 96 from Elan is well known and appreciated by the Proskilab reviewers. The ski is always "easy and pleasant" off-piste. It "floats straight away" in powder snow, pivots well in all conditions, including in the more difficult types of snow. Transitioning to choppy snow is good. It's a real treat in 20 centimetres of fresh snow. On the piste, its behaviour is good. The Ripstick 96 is playful and safe as long as you don't go too fast and the terrain isn't too hard. If not, it can be more difficult to handle. The Ripstick 96 from Elan is, according to the reviewers, a "super ski" to discover off-piste gently. At 1,680 g per ski, it is a good choice for freeride touring.

Liked: Playful behaviour, agility Get to grips with it right away Off-piste ease/behaviour Buoyancy in powder Easy to pivot...

Disliked: Poor behaviour on-piste, especially on hard snow...

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