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Ski Review 2020



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Fischer RC One 72 [click]
Type of ski : On-piste cruisers

The trend is to merge the piste/all-round and even all-mountain ranges with large width variations. The RC One range from Fischer is no exception to the rule with waists ranging from 72 mm to 86 mm! We reviewed the narrowest of the range, the RC One 72 Multiflex, which, let's say right away, did not disappoint us. Overall performance is excellent. Trigger speed, grip, stability, quality of curve handling are all there. The ski is also "homogenous", "reassuring", "versatile". It is able to vary cut, slid and skidded handling, small and large curves at will. Its boost is good, without being explosive. A carving ski par excellence, it is distinguished above all by its capacity to deform and anchor on very significant edge-leaning angles, while bringing a sense of security. You can sink into the bend, the supports remain incredibly strong and the ski doesn't unglue. A "frankly nice" ski, the RC One 72 from Fischer is a ski that we recommend to a wide range of skiers from very good to expert level, who are looking for a ski to do it all, particularly capable in very committed carving handling.

Liked: General performance Able to take and hold very significant angles Curve holding Turn versatility Transition between skid/cut handling...

Disliked: Requires an angle to be fully exploited (but can ski cooler) Requires technical baggage Slightly reduced grip and behaviour at very high speed...

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