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Ski Review 2020



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Salomon S/Race RUSH GS [click]
Type of ski : Giant slalom

The GS Rush from Salomon is the least "giant slalom" of the comparison. It is also the most versatile. The reviewers appreciated a ski that is very "homogeneous in deforming", with behaviour that is "sound and predictable". The ski is reassuring and enabling. The ski is accessible at intermediate levels. It does not require a great deal of commitment and is comfortable in all types of handling: cut, slid, skid. In short, we're quite far from an FIS ski, but rather on a sports ski aimed at a fairly large audience. With its 17 m radius in the size reviewed, the S/Race Rush GS is also very versatile, and particularly at ease in intermediate-radius curves. The reviewers particularly appreciated the ski's abilities in carving. It is a delight in intermediate curves with significant edge angles. The ski does the curve with great efficiency and is a source of pleasure. The other side of the coin: the ski is a little less efficient in very high-speed, giant handling. It is nevertheless a ski that can be used to introduce to competitions. The S/Race RUSH GS offers more sensations of carving than giant skiing. It is an excellent choice for all good to excellent skiers who love committed carving.

Liked: Very at ease in intermediate turns Tolerant, progressive, facilitating ski Well-balanced ski, sound behaviour, predictable Versatile Carving skill...

Disliked: Loss of grip and stability at very high speeds...

Salomon S/ Force 11 [click]
Type of ski : Men's high-end

The S/ Force Range from Salomon is aimed towards all-round behaviour with a slight rocker at the front and slightly larger sizes at the waist, ranging from 76 mm to 84 mm. The S / Force 11 reviewed here is positioned at the top of the range. Note that it is reinforced by a double Titanal plate. In this category, where homogeneity and versatility are sought above all, it is clear that the S/ Force 11 fulfills its part of the contract! Its overall behaviour is excellent, with an emphasis on accessibility. This is a ski that is easy, sound, and reassuring. It responds to what the skier asks of it with great docility. It is a very versatile ski, globally effective in all areas and all types of riding. The "incisive" behaviour on curves was particularly noticed. Its considerable width (80 mm at the waist) and rocker allow it to be at ease on irregular terrains. Homogeneous, the S/ Force 11 has neutral behaviour and some reviewers lamented a slight lack of character expressed mainly in small curves. It is an excellent cross-country ski, meeting the specifications of this category very well. It's a kind of piste four-wheel-drive. It's not the most reactive, but it's comfortable on all terrains. We recommend it to intermediate skiers who are looking for a smooth and homogeneous ski.

Liked: Accessibility Flexiblity in handling and radii Homogeneous ski Sound behaviour, strong supports Comfort Intuitive curve entry...

Disliked: The reviewers lamented a slight lack of character Poor behaviour at high speed...

Salomon QST 99 [click]
Type of ski :
Best performance!Best performance!
The QST 99 ("Quest" 99) from Solomon fulfilled its contract as a good all-mountain ski. A "pleasant and efficient ski", the QST 99 is versatile and comfortable on all terrains. The reviewers appreciated a ski that was overall "easy" and "balanced". On-piste, the reviewers noticed the behaviour of the QST 99, which was considered "sound". Despite its 99 mm underfoot, the ski is very good, gripping and "super stable" at high speed. The ski is very comfortable in big curves. Off-piste, the ski is very efficient. Its width allows it to ensure good buoyancy in powder. In chopppy snow, its rigidity allows it to make its way through the lumps of snow without being distorted. It is, according to the reviewers, a "true big Freeride ski" capable of going very fast on all terrains. The reviewers found that its handling was a little poor and lamented a certain lack of character. This point is particularly sensitive on the piste in small curves. Moreover, at 2,090 g, the QST 99 is the heaviest ski of this comparison. In freeride touring, it will be difficult to envisage very large gradients. More of a Freeride ski than a "freeride touring" one, the Salomon QST 99 is an ideal tool for good skiers and experts who love speed and big curves in all types of conditions.

Liked: General performance Large curve abilities Ease at high speed, grip, stability Ease in powder, excellent buoyancy Quite an easy ski Good piste beh...

Disliked: Effective ski, but lacking in handling and liveliness...

Salomon Force 7 [click]
Type of ski : Men's recreational groomers

The Force 7 from Solomon was not graded because the reviewers detected an instability that suggested a preparation/honing problem on the model given for testing.

Liked: -...

Disliked: -...

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