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Ski Review 2020



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Rossignol Nova 14 Ti [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end
Testers' ChoiceRecommended by our reviewers!
For women's skis (just as with men's), in this "Cruiser" category we select skis that have an overall quality of consistency. We are not looking for the most high performance or the most accessible skis on the market, we are looking for those which offer a balance between efficiency, comfort, ease of use and versatility. The Nova 14 Ti is the flagship of Rossignol's Nova range, which fits perfectly with this category. Nova is a new range for the French brand and an equivalent to the men's React, which replaces what was the Famous range. At 699 euros, the Nova 14 Ti, is not cheap but of course you get what you pay for. The first observation is that it scores for performance. Reinforced by a sheet of Titanal, the ski is grippy, gives solid support and is very "stable at top speeds". It's also versatile: it carves or skids under control and is at ease with all types of turn. The Nova 14 Ti is not demanding. The model is "easy to get to grips with" and is not technically or physically demanding. The successful blend of accessibility and performance make it also a very progressive ski which will allow skiers to move up to a higher technical level. "Pleasurable ride", "very nice", the feedback from the testers are in agreement about the ski and the experience of the ride. The testers enjoyed the comfort and playful quality of the ski, in particular, the lively rebound at the end of the turn. An excellent all-rounder, tolerant, accessible and offering a fun ride, le Nova 14 Ti will please intermediate level skiers who wish to evolve technically as well as experts looking for a performance ski which is versatile and comfortable.

Liked: Overall performance Grip, stability, holds the turn Fun, good rebound at end of turn Good for technical progression Pleasurable to ride...

Disliked: N/A...

Dynastar Speed Elite [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end
Best performance!Best performance!
Last year's "Best Ski", the Dynastar Speed Elite has been dethroned this year by a more versatile and consistent model. However, it does remain a top level ski and with slalom in its DNA, it will keep skiers in the forefront when it comes to performance. Turn initiation, grip and drive through the turn are all without reproach. The Speed Elite deserves its name: it's sporty, lively and "responsive". Made for short turns, it is also capable of increasing radius and is at ease when gliding through large turns at higher speeds. This ski does however require a certain level of technique. Its rigid tail and grip make it less comfortable and consistent when sliding or skidding. The Dynastar Speed Elite is a "very good ski which requires technical skill". It is aimed at strong skiers who can master carving turns and are looking for agile performance.

Liked: Overall performance Highly responsive Suits short turns Excellent grip and performance in the turn Solid, supportive ski...

Disliked: Slightly grippy on the tail which spoils the turn exit and skids Requires a certain level of technical ability...

Head Super Joy [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

Acknowledged by the Proskilab testers for its sporty temperament, the Head Super Joy hasn't changed much this year. "Excellent ski", "good ski", "fun to ski"... The compliments pour forth and confirm the fun ride that this ski gives, as well as its potential to improve technique. It's important to note that to enjoy the performance of this ski requires a certain level of ability. The Super Joy likes speed. Grippy, well-anchored through the turn, it stays stable and with solid hold across all terrain. It has quite a short radius which means it launches into the turn decisively. It's responsive and agile with a good rebound/pop at the end of the turn. The Super Joy is quite a stiff ski so does need a good level of skill and commitment to stay over the ski and push forward in the boots to flex it correctly. The ski appeared less comfortable in skid turns than last year. Head's Super Joy is an excellent ski for this category which will satisfy skiers who already have a good technical level, can control carving turns and enjoy speed.

Liked: Overall performance Stable at high speeds Snappy turn initiation Holds the turn "Solid" and responsive Fun to ride...

Disliked: Relatively demanding Requires commitment to be in a correct position Requires speed Less at ease with relaxed skidding and sliding...

Völk Flair SC Carbon [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Flair SC (Slalom Carver) Carbon is defined by Völkl as being "a rigid but light piste ski, made for short turns". The overall performance is good, although not the best in the category. The testers enjoyed the compromise between performance and comfort: "not too rigid" but with a "good rebound". The ski is "easy and fun", especially suited to short turns but capable of wider radius turns when necessary. The Völkl Flair SC Carbon is a good, "pleasurable" ski, suited to short turns, light, but relatively consistent and universal. We recommend it for intermediate to very good skiers.

Liked: General performance Good accessibility Skid/carving turns Overall positive...

Disliked: Split opinions from the testers on the reactivity of the ski. Some testers noted a lack of rebound....

DX73 W [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

Kästle's DX73 W "Vogue" is a women's version of the men's DX73. The testers tried the ski very short (156cm) and would have preferred having a few extra centimetres in edge length. Without a doubt, it is the accessibility of the ski that is its best quality. Put simply, it is excellent. Judged particularly "easy to handle", the DX73 W doesn't need special instructions, you are in control straight away. It behaves consistently, no surprises there. Performance has not been forgotten, and this ski, despite its size and type, surprised the testers with its effectiveness in long turns at sustained speed. However it is a little less at ease on short turns. Potential to improve technique is important and this model will allow a significant number of skiers to progress. Kästle's DX73 W will suit intermediate skiers who wish to progress, as well as good skiers looking for a light, enjoyable, comfortable ski. It is a good deal at 599 euros including bindings.

Liked: Easy to handle Consistent Stable Likes speed Controls long turns Solid and consistent support with speed Skid turns Permits technical progressi...

Disliked: Tested too short Less at ease on short turns...

K2 Anthem 80 [click]
Type of ski : Women's high-end

The Anthem is a new series of women's all round/piste skis from K2. The Anthem 80 is the second widest ski in the range. It's a soft ski, which has its advantages and inconveniences. As it is easy to flex, it's a very accessible ski which is easy to turn and at ease in skid turns. The lightness is also an advantage. The lack of rigidity becomes more apparent when the rhythm picks up. The lack of grip on hard-pack means it doesn't hold so well at higher speeds. There's not a great deal of pop. The K2 Anthem 80 is a very accessible ski which therefore means it lacks the performance to score well in this category. It would be more suited to a "Women's Accessible Ski" category which unfortunately no longer exists here at Proskilab). It's a ski that we would recommend for skiers looking for an easy, gentle ride which is enjoyable at intermediate speeds.

Liked: Widely accessible Not very demanding Enjoyable up to medium speeds Flexes easily Gentle performance level ...

Disliked: Limited on the performance front Feels restrained at speed Not much rebound/pop Less at ease when carving Grip could be improved ...

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