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Ski Review 2014

Dynastar CR 72 Pro Express 2014

Test results
Overall rating of the ski
Overall rating
Ski-test scores
Initiation : 
Stability : 
Carving : 
Edge Hold/Grip : 
Performance in short-radius turns : 
Performance in long-radius turns : 
Skid control : 
Handling : 
Comfort : 
Contact with the snow : 
Performance in powder : 
The Dynastar CR 72 Pro Express is a sharply incisive ski that's a real pleasure to ride. It's also an invitation to carving. The ski tilts on its edge and glides effortlessly, distilling some amazing sensations in its wake.
The CR 72 has been designed to cut and carve. Unfortunately, the tail tends to anchor in skid turns, reducing its accessibility for less experienced skiers.
Conclusion for the Dynastar CR 72 Pro Express
The Dynastar CR 72 is much too carving-oriented to score well in this category where we're looking for a ski that's accessible above all else. This is a ski for average to good enthusiasts looking for an 'easy' carving tool.
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Overview of the Dynastar CR 72 Pro Express
Characteristics of the Dynastar CR 72 Pro Express
Brand : Dynastar
Model : CR 72 Pro Express
Year : 2014
Type : Men's Intermediate
Retail price : Not available in GBPCurrency :
Size of tested ski : 165 cm
Tip : 125 mm
Waist : 72 mm
Tail : 106 mm
Manufacturer's remarks
You don't need to be an expert skier to get the most out of the CR 72 Pro.
The CR 72 Pro is a truly user-friendly ski that will help intermediate skiers to make fast progress.
The CR 72 Pro is a real 'Player' that's great fun, highly manoeuvrable and easy to use. With this ski strapped to your feet, you'll be confidently linking the short turns and will be carving without even realising!

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