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Ski Review 2014

K2 Charger 2014

Test results
Overall rating of the ski
Overall rating
Ski-test scores
Initiation : 
Stability : 
Carving : 
Edge Hold/Grip : 
Performance in short-radius turns : 
Performance in long-radius turns : 
Skid control : 
Handling : 
Comfort : 
Contact with the snow : 
Performance in powder : 
The most notable features of the K2 Charger are its accessibility and the pleasurable experience it provides. Handling is remarkably easy, and pivoting and other manoeuvres are all but effortless. Comfortable underfoot and fluid on soft snow, the Charger is a sheer pleasure to ride. Versatile and amenable (for this category), it readily accepts changes in turn radius and manoeuvre type.
In terms of performance, our testers found the Charger to be below par compared to the other Slalom skis in this category, particularly the Fisher. As the tip is quite flexible, performance declines rapidly when the pace is stepped up on hard snow. It exhibits hardly any rebound when exiting turns, and is somewhat sluggish in turn-initiation manoeuvres.
Conclusion for the K2 Charger
Although more akin to an Advanced ski, the K2 Charger is nevertheless effective and versatile as A Slalom ski, and makes for a very pleasant skiing experience. We would recommend it for intermediate to good skiers who place a premium on comfort and pleasure, rather than pure performance.
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Overview of the K2 Charger
Characteristics of the K2 Charger
Brand : K2
Model : Charger
Year : 2014
Type : Slalom
Retail price : Not available in GBPCurrency :
Size of tested ski : 172 cm

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